By Kandace Keithley – 1/11/21 Toronto

Hawk teaches us about the power of our minds, our thoughts, our words in shaping our experience here on Mother Earth. Everyone I know is really suffering right now as we collectively move through the fourth dimension – the heart level of human healing on our way to higher consciousness. It is a terrible time of pain as people awaken to the dark illusions and awaken to the pain they’ve been suffering. Here is some beautiful Hawk Spirit Music to help with healing and concentration.

Hawks along the MowhawkThe earth has never been in a more chaotic state than it is at this very moment in time. The bioterror attack and the attempted coup against the US government have caused immense separation, pain, confusion, and fear among people who don’t know what is happening. If you are need someone to talk with, I am offering Private Medicine Wheel and Spiritual Companioning sessions. See more here.

Hawk teaches us discernment, and reminds us to listen to people who have courage and the training to stand against lies. The true healers in every nation are beginning to speak out against the fraudulent “pandemic” that globalist pawns have tried to use to enslave the world population. The United States of America Corporation has been dissolved and we will be seeing American in turmoil for the next few months as we have been told the country is being led by a military government.

That means it’s a great time for those of us who aren’t in the military or directly involved in this global operation to focus on what we can control. This is a good time to connect with your friends through alternative forms of social media like Telegram, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Rumble and many other platforms.

This is a gigantic clean out of the Solar Plexus of Mother Earth. This is the time we determine our identity as a planet and a race. One race. The human race. Welcome to the 8th Fire Great Awakening. 

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It is more important now than ever before to focus on learning the truth, to digging into the lies that humanity has been told for generations to find the real reasons behind the lockdowns and political insanity in the US and around the world, brought to us by the very people entrusted to lead our nations and communities.

Research is key on every level. We are raising our planet’s frequency through raising our own consciousness, and that is only done through seeking and learning the truth, making peace with it and walking a healing path.

Each of us has the power to choose between focusing on the suffering or the medicine, the past or the future. Our Indigenous Elders teach us we are one at the very core of our essence. The Cherokee Medicine Man Rolling Thunder taught, 

“Race and language makes no difference; the barriers are gone when persons can come together on high spiritual levels.” – Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

Stay AliveWe understand that the events being played out in the collective are a reflection of our inner state of healing. Those of us who have walked the Spirit Trail for awhile know the terrible truths that many are just beginning to see revealed. There will be great wailing and gnashing of teeth all around us, so it is important to stand strong in the medicine we have been called to learn and offer to others.

Hawk is showing us that what is being expressed on the earth at this time is trauma. The collective release of generations of pain and fear born of delusions and assaults on us, our families, and our Ancestors.

We are seeing such chaos and pain in the collective because trauma wasn’t properly addressed and healed when it first happened. And the events being played out on the global stage are triggering the traumas surrounding our beliefs, where they came from, and the impact they’ve had on our lives.

Healing Generational Wounds

Trauma remains in our memory – right down to our cellular structure. As we begin walking the healing path and taking our healing seriously, we will experience events that trigger those memories and bring the pain back to the surface.

How we deal with the return of that pain has an impact on our healing. At some point in our journey, we will realize we have the power to stay focused on those old memories/pain or to release it and change our thoughts and feelings by focusing on the good and positive aspects of our lives. Our trauma is actually the reason we have come to this planet if we will allow it to teach and guide us.

People who have come here to walk out the PTSD story of intergenerational trauma – abuse, sexual assault, alcoholism, addictions, disease, diaspora – have the ability to be the most powerful healers on the planet.

All of our ills come from the spiritual disconnect we suffered at the point of our original trauma, which then opened us up to be repeatedly wounded over and over again until we discover the source of our original soul wound and begin doing the work to heal it. This means addressing each one of those “cuts by a thousand knives” that were the result of that original wound.

Many empaths suffer deeply because we have an understanding of our own suffering but also that of others and of how our family’s intergenerational trauma will affect our children.

This is a very intense time for people who have been walking the healing path for awhile and are reaching into the lower level of 5D consciousness. We are at the point in which we are aware of everything around us. Every thought. Every noise. Every feeling in our body. We can now sense the deep nuggets of fear that remain in the depths of our hearts, and it is up to us to give ourselves permission to truly release that fear and accept the feeling of peace that we need to continue healing and creating our new world.

Remember, we can only share what we have learned. Each of us has chosen our own path and has our own journey. It is so hard to watch people flail in the darkness due to their own choices, but this is what has to happen so they can make the choices they need to learn and grow.

Hopi Prophecy 2Truth doesn’t need anyone to argue for her. If you are having trouble with people around you who are fighting to stay asleep, just tell your truth and then make some space if necessary. Boundaries are important when we’re dealing with people who are still sleeping.

Take care of yourself and your babies and Elders first. Listen to the old ones and learn the old ways about plants and the human immune system. Uncover your face and BREATHE! Your life depends on learning the truth. Here is some advice offered to those who are just beginning or are in the murky swamp of the Spirit Trail. A’ho.

Hawk Advice for this time:


  • Breathe. Realize and accept (again and again) that you have chosen to come here at this time, in your place, and for your own purpose.
  • Believe in the teachings of the Great Spirit and the Ancestors as they have been passed down to you through generations and generations of your Elders. You are the result of the love of thousands of people.
  • Learn your family history and the history of your people. Knowing the truth about your history will help you understand your own life as well as current events.
  • Enjoy the peace and blessings of solitude. We can look at this time as imprisonment or as sanctuary given to us as time and space to do our healing work. Begin by giving thanks for everything you have been given – even your breath to begin a new day.
  • Find a way to express your feelings – the happy ones and the sad ones in a tangible way. Art, Writing, Video, Performance. As we express our emotions in tangible ways, we create a picture of our inner lives that helps us understand our experience and how best we can make changes to bring healing and balance.
  • Clean up your home and remove everything that isn’t sacred, beautiful, or useful to you or your family.
  • Plan for your future. Take a look at your finances and look at all the places you mindlessly waste money. A $4 latte every day adds up to $120/month. That is $1,440 per year that could have been put into savings. Make sure you’re stocked up on food and essentials to last a couple of weeks.
  • Find ways to connect with loved ones in person. And if you can’t be with them in person, spend time writing letters – tangible historical family documents that can’t be tracked through cyberspace.
  • Accept the gift of time to dream your dreams for your life. For it is in our dreams that we find our true purpose for coming here at this time. Spend 17 minutes focusing on your dream each day (minimum). As we focus on our dreams, and begin finding tangible ways to turn them into our realities, we will find many helpers and opportunities on our path. It only takes 17 minutes, and thinking about how to turn those beautiful visions into action.
  • Don’t forget to take good care of yourself. You need a healthy body, heart, mind and spirit to be here in order to initiate and implement your plans. Never forget that your family needs you. Your community needs you. Your country needs you and all the people of the earth need you.
  • Visualize the life you’d like to have and begin to walk it out in your daily life. If you want to be a wife, be the kind of wife of a man you’d be proud to be married to – and vice versa. Be the mother you always wanted. Be the auntie or uncle that the children in your family need. Vision your home, your family and the future generations surrounding you to celebrate life, joy, peace, and love.

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We are blessed with this gift of time and given many choices throughout each day. Start the day in prayer and connecting with the Great Spirit and the Ancestors – and they will help you through each day with love and kindness for yourself and for others. When we start our day connected to God, we’re better able to think right thoughts. And it is our thoughts and perceptions that change the world.

I believe a change is gonna come frens. #Justice for all.

It is my honour to be your messenger.

11111 namadaki aandeg miimiiwe gekek kwe

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Kandace Keithley is a writer and the publisher of Bird Clan Messenger, a descendant of Trail of Tears Cherokee people who teaches and shares Traditional wisdom and medicine. She lives in Toronto.Toronto, ON, Canada