When we combine Hawk’s (Bird Clan) far-seeing vision, mental strength and deep connection to Great Spirit’s chief messenger Eagle with the grace, strength, stamina and sensuality of the Hoof Clan leader Elk, then we not only create order from chaos but also a pathway to a beautiful, conscious dance of love, peace, joy and generous hospitality.

Order out of chaos begins when we have reached the point on our healing journey in which the spiritual light has overcome the spiritual darkness enough to allow in the positive thoughts, dreams, visions for the future.

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Bird Clan Messenger

First Nations people of all cultures believe in the power (medicine) of the animals, birds, and other creatures of the natural world as our relationships with these relatives connect us all to the Creator. The medicine of any creature or plant refers first to its energy, then the lessons we learn through observing it in the natural world, and finally the benefits each bird, animal, creature, plant and tree offers to humans and the world through its physical being.

There are many times during our journeys here on Planet Earth in which we need many helpers. One of the times that we will need many helpers is when we begin to make order out of the chaos of our lives and our world.

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