By Kandace Keithley, M.A.

Osiyo frens from downtown Toronto – the beautiful Land of the Dish with one Spoon that our Anishinaabe relatives are sharing with us at this time.

This week, Elk (stamina, gentleness, silence) is leading us from the Northern place of the Grandfathers. Joining him this week are Raven (transformation), Squirrel (organization, focus), Owl (wisdom, strategy). These four are supported by the energy of the Great Mother Bear, (healing, protection) Hawk (truth, perception) and Wolf (leadership, solitude, humility).

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All of the cosmos is singing great Hallelujahs as the Mighty Cloud of Witnesses, the Ancestors cheer on humanity’s teamwork, cleverness, humor and love in retaking the Garden of Eden for the forces of the light.

For years, many people around the world have been fighting for truth and justice to rise in the face of the most insidious and deadly attack on humanity this world has ever seen. These are people who have lost nearly everything to bring this information to the world and we are so happy to report to all our truth-tellers, way showers, anons, prophets and teachers that justice is coming.

The truth is rising and, truth-tellers who have been attacked as lunatics, conspiracy theorists, diseased, and dangerous are being vindicated as it is now being revealed to the masses via their chosen form of information/education (television/media) that we have been telling the truth. Only the most blind and foolish will refuse to understand what has happened in the days to come.

I am seeing a lot of teachings and messages targeted toward the Way Showers – the leaders of the global Truth and Spiritual Ascension movement – which are encouraging us to remain calm, pace ourselves, take breaks, dig deep and find the stamina to continue.

For the mass of  Mother Earth’s people – the largest numbers are now beginning to walk through the valley of the shadow of death – and they will need us to help them. We have all been well prepared for our role in helping others walk through the process of learning the truth.

Reprogramming takes a lot of time and gentleness, hospitality to ourselves and to others. And that is what the lessons of this Elk week are about. Learn about Elk and Hawk Medicine here. You can learn about the other totems in this weeks reading as well as a lot of other great stuff by typing the subject into the search bar up to – i.e. Squirrel Medicine, Bear Medicine, etc.

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It is my honour to be your messenger. Chi Miigwetch.

namadaki aandeg miimiiwe gekek kwe

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Kandace Keithley is a writer and the publisher of Bird Clan Messenger, a descendant of Trail of Tears Cherokee people who teaches and shares Traditional wisdom and medicine. She lives in Toronto, ON, Canada.