By Melissa Teague

An Awakened Mystical woman will be broken open through love. She will experience the worst of the worst, all that is NOT love.

The Abuse, neglect, betrayal, and the deceit that befalls her will be what opens her eyes to the blinding light of the TRUTH.

Spiritual-Awakening Melissa Teague

She will be tried and tested beyond her belief and threshold. But she will gain an inner strength as strong as a solid oak. She will become a mighty fortress, a flowing river of higher knowledge and deeper meanings. Upon her pain, that which takes her to the darkest depths will also be what takes her to the highest mountain peaks- but she will not see that while drowning in her darkest depths of despair.

She will not see that while questioning herself worth and value or why she is here, the reason such pain was bestowed upon her.

She will only SEE the truth, the real reason WHY once she centers herself and picks up the fragments of her broken self. She will not see why her struggles and pain are so important. Only upon self reflection and a seeking will she realize why her emotions reach the highest of highs and the lows that are deeper than the deepest valleys.

Spiritual Awakening Melissa Teague 4

She will begin rushing forward like raging rapids breaking upon the rocks until she finally becomes a gentle stream. She will begin seeing the light she searches for. The hope. The belief in a new day. She will throw herself upon the mercy of the Universe. Her light will then becomes as bright as the most brilliant of stars.

She will reclaim her world just as Mother Nature reclaims the earth. She will begin to understand that her storms are only temporary and after the chaos there will be peace.
She will reflect and learn of her true self just as the sun light reflects and finally sees itself shining upon a still water. THAT is her.

Hope not only for her but for those that harmed her heart and soul.

For she will see their true purpose in her life. They were meant to shatter all she was not. They were meant to burn away all that she didn’t love about herself and all that she allowed that was not for her highest good.

Her eyes will finally open and they will become the doorways to a life beyond the pain and self deceit. She will finally SEE.

🌺 She will find grace in her heart and forgiveness in her soul because she can finally FEEL.

🌺 She will gain vast wisdom and deep knowledge- an understanding that can only be embodied through experiences of heartbreak and pain.

🌺 She will see the truth of human nature, the tortured souls of man, the brokenness of humanity and the darkest sides of the world. The selfish broken sides of what is suppose to be love. She will see all that’s wrong and the worst that can exist within oneself.

She will ask “why me”, what did i do to deserve such as I received? Why can they not see what stands before them and how broken they have become?

Yes, she will experience pain so deep and vast that it takes her outside herself – but only so that she may be free of it. It will peel back the hidden layers within herself. It will destroy all that is not her leaving on the truest, most pure loving light. A light of truth and wisdom.

Spiritual Awakening Melissa Teague 5SHE WILL BELIEVE
She will finally believe that she is so much more than she thought. So much more than the broken person she once was. Her final tears will wash away all that she was, like a gentle rain on a cool spring day. The rain will wash upon the rolling hills and deep forests that exist within her.

She will realize she deserves more, she is worth more. The old life doesn’t deserve another moment of her time or love.

Her karma is finally paid in full from lifetimes past.

🌺 She will bear witness to all that is wrong with man so that she can embody all that is right.

🌺 She will gain clarity as clear and bright as the brightest of suns.

🌺 She will see she sacrificed herself so that all could see.

Her sacrifices go beyond herself. They feed a collective- healing others through her love for them and her shared wisdom. All those that come behind her will come healed into the dawn of a new day. An new way of being, of loving.

A transformer of beings and of worlds that most can not even see. She spends straw into gold for she is a creator of a new world.

She uses the past to create a new present. Her self sacrifice has been for the greater good for she is a magical being, an angel upon earth, a goddess, high priestess, a Shaman of sorts. She wields great power that she finds within her through her pain and loss. A magic exists within her and her rituals of self discovery will transform not only her world but all who are lucky enough to fall upon her light. Her sword of truth. Her light will illuminate all that needs to be healed within all those she bestows her love upon.

She is a Transmitter, a transmuter of energy. Her ability is natural, a part of her very being. It moves through her and from her like rainbows of every color and vibrancy. Her light feeds the souls around her, seeding them with their own truths and potentials. It transforms others through their own pain into the best versions of themselves.

At first they may not gaze upon her true beauty and wonder but there will come a time in which they see the value and magnificent heart that they once held within their hands.

They will remember the softness of her heart, her endless forgiveness, her real and unconditional love. They will see the woman for who she really was – the woman who wanted to take their secrets, lies, betrayals and own pain and transform them into joys, wonders and love beyond their very understanding.

They will see her deepest romantic side – the one who saw them as their knight in shining armor, as the best of friends, all that is good in the hard cold world.

They will see she only wanted happiness with them, a love story beyond all love stories. The type of love poems are written about.

They will see she was real. She was all they wanted but they were too blind to see, because they could not see beyond themselves to what could be.

The truth of who they really are versus who they could be will fall upon them. It will come forth bursting into being like a falling star appears in the night.

It will come for them because it simply can not be any other way.

Their fate is sealed and she sees this. She knows karma will take them as her victim just as it did her. For she knows with all that she is now that the deepest wisdom can only be gained by the hardest of falls.

All will be thrown upon the rocks like the ocean waves, they will be broken and snapped like the limbs of old trees within a hurricane. She knows that without the destruction there can be no growth.

All must be illuminated through the breaking open of the falseness of self. The lies we tell ourselves must be shown. The truth of our behavior towards others must be felt. We must be broken in order to be transformed.

Sister+EarthAn Awakened Mystical woman knows this, embodies this, accepts this. She has awakened to the TRUTH.

She sees the richness and vastness of pain. She looks upon it as if she is gazing upon the rising sun across the deep ocean.

For she is Creation and Destruction, the perfect paradox, the most enlightened Teacher.

She is Grace embodied.

She is love itself.

Melissa Teague is a Spiritual messenger and teacher, a psychic who uses Tarot as one of her major teaching and healing tools, and an animal rescue hero living in the United States.

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We are deeply grateful for Melissa’s contributions to Bird Clan Messenger and to all of humanity. A’ho. – #BirdClanMessenger 

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