Cloud Spencer Eaglebear – The Value of Our Spiritual Practice

“Anpetu kin le waste kaga (Make today a good day). Spiritual blessings, the burning of our beloved sweet grass reminds us the harmony we must have to be humble enough to forgive and let those unseen beings who share in the perfume smell of that great essence, to build our connection which stores good medicine to our strong belief system to be the foundation of all antidotes.

Cure all who we come in contact with to bring a brighter understanding to our future which are our Children who carry our traditional traits to the very end of time.” – Cloud Spencer Eaglebear
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Plant Meds: Sacred Cedar

The Ancestors will use songs, words, numbers and animals to get our attention. They will show us the lessons they’re asking us to learn by repeatedly reminding us of an animal, bird, plant, stone, element or other Sacred gift of provision that Creator has given us for our journey here with Mother Gaia.

In this particular Medicine Walk, I have found some lessons about Cedar and am happy and honoured to share with you.… Read More Plant Meds: Sacred Cedar