How the Old Man Made People – Miigiizi Makwa Lodge – Coyote Medicine

Ultimately – this week, Coyote is here to remind us about the power of natural law – cause and effect. In the house of Spirit with the Grandfathers this week, he teaches us about the power of our spiritual connections and our sacred responsibilities to our Ancestors and bloodlines.

Turnabout is Fair Play! This week on BCM: Coyote Medicine and the Path of the Holy Scapegoat

Turnabout is fair play in love and war they say. And that is exactly what we're seeing in the Spiritual community, on the geopolitical stage - and for those of us on a healing journey, in ourselves as well. It is no coincidence that this week's totem from the Medicine Card deck is Coyote - the very week we're marching toward April Fool's Day. 

VIDEO! Otter’s Kitchen Party – How to be Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise

OtterMedicine - Happy Friday frens! It's #KitchenParty day on #BirdClanMessenger! This week, Otter - with her powerful feminine energy is sitting in the Northern house of Spirit where the Grandfathers live, and she is joined by Armadillo in the East (mind), Wild Boar in the South (body) and Turkey in the West (emotion).

Skunk Medicine – Respect and the Boundaries of Freedom

As we learn from our Native relatives, it is often the ones who are shunned, ridiculed, and attacked by bullies who have the most powerful medicine to offer. For this is the power of the Scapegoat energy – which drives us away from the collective into the wilderness where we connect with the Great Spirit and learn to call on our helpers and become the creatures we were meant to be in this life.

Kitchen Party 2/12/21 – Snake Medicine, Cherokee Prophecy of the Rattlesnake, & Medicine Card Teachings

This week is a Snake Medicine week in the year of the Great Mother Bear who reminds us that this entire year is a time of introspection and healing. Snake reminds us that winter is a great time to hibernate and focus on regeneration after we have experienced a period of trauma and/or Spiritual growth. We're also talking about Turkey (Gratitude) Buffalo (Stamina, Prayer) Coyote (humor during the time of awakening) and cards from other traditions.

Snake & Coyote Medicine – Hibernation, Alchemy & the Blessing of Time

Snake reminds us that walking the Sacred Hoop is a very long, circular process in which we walk through each house of the Medicine Wheel many times each day. We have the choice about how long we stay in each house, and the quality of our experience while we are visiting.