Screenshot (524)There’s a lot of good stuff in this week’s Kitchen Party – From Metallica (thanks for the info everyone) to Dylan, Sting, and John Rich . . . and of course, The Doors.

People are waking up and the Grandmothers, Mothers, Aunties – the women – are leading the charge to protect the children, all children.

We’re seeing women of every background come together to stand against the tyranny and protect the most vulnerable.

This Kitchen Party includes clips from the Ottawa Women’s March, with a beautiful speech by an Indigenous Grandmother, and a throwback to Standing Rock, Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People – “Love Letters to God,” that showed the horrors awaiting all of us if we don’t stand together . . . (spoiler alert – we are, and God wins).

Grab yo coffee and a muffin. ❤️

This week’s show is dedicated to my youngest son, Peter Michel, who turned 22 on 9 – 22 – 22. Powerful Medicine. Prayers for all our children.

Read “Frog Medicine – Seeing Clearly in the Storm,”

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Enter Sandman, Metallica
Peace Frog, The Doors,
Shelter From the Storm, Bob Dylan
Have You Ever Seen the Rain, John Rich
Ready For the Storm, Dougie MacLean
When the Shit Goes Down, Cypress Hill
Thunder, Imagine Dragons
Fields of Gold, Sting
Love Letters to God, Nahko and MFTP
Vogue, Madonna
Hazy Shade of Winter, The Bangles

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