Hi everyone from behind the Canadian Iron Curtain where the paid-off lackeys and bootlickers in the Canadian “press” (snickers) have been hiding the fact that the entire world is laughing at the joker running this country off a cliff. From his rabid tyranny to performing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” in a London pub a couple of nights before the Queen’s funeral, Trudeau has once again embarrassed a once respected nation, and the Conservative and Independent media are having a field day with it. True North has crowned the little fellow, “Jukebox Justin.”

il_fullxfull.766089228_wyf8Frog is this week’s totem, hopping into the picture just in time to shower us with the most ridiculous, insane truth from the very bottom of the pond – and to remind us how powerful this movement of Frogs all over the world who have stepped up and joined forces to bring truth to the people actually is.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the insanity happening with that pervert, misogynist and child predator running loose in an Oakville (Ontario) High School where he’s running “shop class,” being protected by the Halton District School Board, buckle up because that’s a huge focus of this week’s Kitchen Party – and was even the lead story of a Tucker Carlson Episode this week.

Remember, truth is a force of nature and we have hit the precipice (“finally!!,” whisper the Wolves and Crows and Hawks) – and nothing can stop what is coming.

This week is busy for me as my own Peace Frog is turning 22 on the 22nd. He’s a mighty and creative soul who has great potential to make an impact on his own generation and those who follow. So, I’m cutting this week’s post short – which will also give the newbies time to catch up.

Pepe Anti-establishmentIf you’re an Anon, you already know that one of the major mascots of the freedom movement is Pepe the Frog, who turned out to be a modern incarnation of the ancient Egyptian God of Chaos, Kek.

You can read all about Pepe, Kek, and How Laughter and Tears are Saving the World in this Frog Medicine article I wrote a couple of years ago – at the very beginning of the Covid assault. 

It’s hard to believe we’re still at this and there are still people completely unaware on the assault against humanity at every level.

But, I look around this site and the work I’ve been doing during my own time of exile, and remind myself that we are definitely moving forward.

Hopefully, you’re seeing that in your own life too.

It’s a busy and chaotic time for all, so I hope you remember to take a break and tend to the things that really matter while the masters of the universe continue to sort everything out.

Peace Frog reminds us that even after enlightenment, we eventually have to come back down.

Have a fantastic week and thank you for being here.

It is my honour to be your messenger.

Mouse Spiritual AWakening