Happy Monday everyone from behind the Canadian Iron Curtain where you can’t get a job with the “Native Clinic” unless you’ve had a “full course of Covid vaccinations.” Seriously starting to wonder how many of these folks will be left. But, in the meantime, I’m keeping busy producing stuff to keep my wonderful friends and followers informed and entertained.

To that end, The Kitchen Party is up and ready for your review!

This week’s show includes a look back at the Canadian Convoy in February where I believe the 8th Fire that has been prophesied about was lit for the world, along with a rowdy look at the dirty Royals, lots of comments from MAGA King, DJT, videos, clips, and some great Memetastic medicine showing the hypocrisy of the elite left at Martha’s Vineyard.

Includes “Promontory – Last of the Mohicans,” Dougie MacClean, “Hold On, Hold On,” Neko Case, “Fire and Ice,” Jesse Villa, “Wolves,” Sam Tinnesz, “She’s so High” (Pelosi Parody), Stephen Crowder, “That Smell,” Lynryd Skynyrd, “Ghetto Gospel,” 2Pac & Elton John, “Money for Nothing” Dire Strats, “One Day,” Matthew Paul Miller.

Thanks to Scotty Mar 10, the Salty Army, and Patriots everywhere for the fantastic clips, pics, memes, and video content.

Videos at:

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Read “Antelope’s Recipe for Defeating Tyranny”

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Here’s a link to DJT’s fantastic rally in Youngstown Ohio Saturday night. He’s dropping truth-bombs like crazy and his message that the 2020 election was stolen is resonating with more and more people. He’s calling for the death penalty for drug dealers and exposing the radical left Democrats as the ones behind the lawlessness in America, the border crisis, the corruption. It’s all been by design as part of the enemy infiltration of America. Now that the people know, the mid-terms are going to be a Red Wave.

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