Greetings everyone from the Great White North where, to the chagrin of our little dictator, the climate isn’t changing but the weather is beautiful. Wish you were all here.

Antelope is this week’s Totem and I was surprised to learn that I haven’t yet written about these powerful teachers. As I was researching this post, it became clear that what many people need right now is a big dose of Antelope Medicine:  keen observation, quick action, and the willingness to sacrifice for the good of others.

That’s what every truth-teller I know has had to do in their own lives, and as we move forward into the absolute Storm of the Century, the folks who are just now waking up will come to realize that nothing can stop what is coming.

Antelope offers a great recipe for getting through it and helping others.

Being observant of our surroundings at all times is a message for everyone right now, as we watch the flailing about of a gigantic ancient monster hitting rock bottom.

We’re seeing the deep state players starting to bang on about “domestic terrorism” with only weeks before the midterms in which they’re predicted to have their assess handed to them.

They know that when the Republicans take control of the House and the Senate, they will all be removed from power and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for treason and sedition.

That’s why they’re ramping up the false flag attacks around the world right now.

Please be careful out there as they’re really working to push the fear and chaos. Yesterday, in the GTA, a Toronto Police Officer was murdered by a criminal in a shootout, and there are mass shootings happening every day it seems.

My sources are reporting that they’re gearing up to launch more fake “patriot” attacks in their efforts to paint anyone who doesn’t agree with their Communistic takeover of the west as “domestic terrorists.”


With these latest insane and divisive assaults on more than 70 percent of the people on this continent – and probably the world – these idiots have crossed the Rubicon, that point of no return and all we can do is buckle up, stay alert, keep our loved ones safe, and enjoy the show. We know this is a controlled burn and the military is in control.

While this old beast is busy exposing and destroying itself, it’s always good to know the truth about what’s going on now; and to do that we need a good understanding of how we got here.

Have a look at last week’s post, “Off to See the Lizard: Walking Between Dreamtime and Reality,” to get all caught up.

The story of Antelope, like Buffalo, represents an important chapter in our history, as through these beautiful creatures’ story that moves from abundance to near extinction, we can see the impact of the demons’ contact with every country they invade: commodification and exploitation of all the resources, extermination of animals, people, and plants, and the replacement of God’s natural world with ugly, pollution spewing factories to continue enslaving and poisoning us all.

You can find some form of Antelope in countries around the world, and if you do some digging, you’ll learn that the original Turtle Islanders knew Antelope as the Pronghorn, which was once as plentiful as the Buffalo, and treated to the same vile mass extermination the Monarchy’s agents have been using to depopulate this planet for generations. The Pronghorn is unique and indigenous to Turtle Island.

The Native Ancestors of this place understood and honored all creatures for the lessons they offered and even their sacrifice of their own lives to help the people survive the last major cycle of change which brought the era we know as “the ice age.”

One Native story tells about how Antelope (a teacher of action and clear observation), volunteered to give his life so the people could move from their vegetarian diet and have the meat protein that helped them survive the cooling period.


Through looking at the teaching stories of the Ancestors of this land, we can see the enormous difference in respect and gratitude the Native people had for all of God’s creation – as compared to the Queen’s agents who came here to exploit and commodify literally everything, whether animal, mineral, or vegetable – like they’re still doing today.

I wrote about the imposition of the colonial (Babylonian) monetary system a couple of years ago in “Life Before Cash – Barter and Exchange”:

It’s hard to believe that only a couple of hundred years ago, there was no cash on this beautiful place we call Turtle Island. The Native people traded goods and services with one another and the forms of currency were valuable resources that the people understood had been given to them as gifts from the Creator to help them on their journeys.

buffalo_skulls-youtubeMost of us learned about the horrifying, commercial “buffalo hunts” of the past that saw opportunists and “sportsmen” joining in the mass slaughter of herds of animals from train cars and other vehicles, using weapons that had never been seen on this continent to wipe out the primary food source for people who had been living here for thousands of years.

Like the bison, millions of antelope fell before both market and sport hunters. Tons upon tons of pronghorn meat filled trainload after trainload bound for the East and West coasts. Even when people couldn’t eat all the meat, pronghorns were still slaughtered. So many pronghorns were killed that the sheer quantity of meat glutted the market, making it almost worthless. In Denver during the 1860s, just twenty-five cents could buy three or four entire pronghorn carcasses-a single coin for hundreds of pounds of meat. Sometimes hunters couldn’t even give the meat away. Despite this, pronghorns continued to be routinely shot by the thousands and the carcasses simply left on the prairie to rot. Ranchers feared they would take away forage from their sheep and cattle, not realizing neither eat the plants that pronghorns do. Like the buffalo, within just a few decades, hunters, farmers, and ranchers virtually wiped out a species that had been a part of the North American continent for nearly 20 million years. By the early 1900s the pronghorn had vanished from most of the West.

Read more at:

The WEF’s latest hoax, the “Climate Crisis” is just another wave of the incessant cycles of destruction, death, and social engineering these parasites who claim to be “elite” have been imposing on all of us since they got here.


They won’t survive the exposure about their Ancestral history and the evil they’ve all brought to this world, the damage they’ve caused to countless human beings during their reign of terror. We all know this hasn’t been limited to the resources of what they called, “the New World.” It’s happened everywhere they go.

Fortunately, fantastic and courageous truth-tellers like YOU(!) are here to spread the truth using the technology they actually created to completely enslave us all. We’ve taken their weapons and are using them, fueled with the fire of Truth and the power of the Holy Spirit, to eliminate them once and for all.

September is a time of great transition, and indeed the totem for this month is the Butterfly.

Thanks to the positive use of technology and the growing army of truth-tellers around the world, more people than ever are standing up and speaking their own truth about what and who they believe caused the 911 attacks, which led to the greatest confiscation of civil rights in human history.

If you don’t believe we’re fighting off the beginning of the globalists’ “Great Reset,” being called by economists as The Fourth Industrial Revolution, then heed Lizard’s call and take some time out to catch up. You’ll find some great articles here on Bird Clan Messenger with links to other resources that will get you started.

Join the Bird Clan Patriot Chat on Telegram for up to date information and great, adult (troll free) commentary.

History shows us that the Monarchy, the Vatican, and the Military (via corrupt officials in DC) have been using this process of industrialization to “enclose” (remove from public access) all the land, steal the resources, exterminate as many as possible, and enslave the rest for thousands of years.


Remember, Jesus was murdered by these children of Satan for calling them out during a period of occupation by this same empire: Rome.

And, that is the medicine of sacrifice that Antelope shows us.

Every one of these cycles has led to a spiritual awakening that has moved humanity’s consciousness forward until we have reached this point of the precipice.

Johnathon Edwards the First Great Awakening

Read here about the First Great Awakening led by Johnathon Edwards and John Wesley that started in mid 18th Century England following a round of enclosure and urbanization, which they brought to the colonies just before the Revolutionary War.

These revivals are the basis of modern spiritual awakenings, all based on the Illumination Jesus brought more than 2000 years ago in which He showed the people that we have a direct, spiritual and bloodline connection to the Creator of the Universe.

The Communists who have taken over the church would have us believe the whole, “Jesus, Jesus, meek and mild” narrative to the very death of the institution itself. But those of us who walk closely with Him and understand why he came, know that Jesus of Nazareth was a Religious Revolutionary who brought the greatest spiritual awakening in the history of this planet to humanity.


We have the reached point our Ancestors and prophets have told us is coming for a long time.

It takes keen observation, sacrifice, and determined action to help move humanity and our planet out of this ditch we’ve been stuck in. Take a look back at what the Patriots in Canada did last winter to ignite the Great Awakening in this country:

This month has always stood for new beginnings as we head back to work and school after summer vacation. The ancient records even indicate that Jesus’ real birthday was September 11, which would explain the Satanists’ fascination with blowing humans up on this day.

This week’s MemeTastic(!) Medicine and the Kitchen Party include some great truth bombs about 911 and the other hoaxes the dark ones have been behind our entire lives, and through the lives of all our Ancestors.

YouTube has censored me twice this week, so if you want to watch the Kitchen Party videos, check out Bird Clan Messenger on Brighteon, Rumble, or Bitchute.

Or listen to the podcast here or on Bird Clan Messenger’s Mixcloud Channel:

Understanding that we are all facing the same enemy is the first step to uniting the people.

Antelope encourages us to open our minds to a different interpretation of reality, and observe the actions of those who have pushed the lies. They’ll all be putting on a great show for us in the weeks ahead as they pull out all the stops to keep disclosure of their crimes against humanity from coming out any further.

Fortunately, they’ve lost control of the narrative and all that remains is for us to continue on our journeys, stay aware, and be ready to make a move at the drop of the hat.

Whether you choose to believe it or not. We are at war for the future of humanity and our beloved Earth.

Understand and accept these tough truths, and you’ll be well equipped to help the others around you.

If you haven’t watched it yet, check out my new MemeTastic(!) Medicine Show, “Thunderbirds – The Power of Bird Medicine,” that I’ve pinned to the top of the site as a welcome.

Really tells folks we’re we are and what we’re about. Hope you like it. Thanks as always for being here.

It is my honour to be your messenger.

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