Osiyo everyone from behind the Canadian Iron Curtain where Fidel and Maggie’s little bastard continues to do everything he can to make the people here as miserable as possible, and kill as many as he can before he’s taken out.

On top of his bioterror and economic attacks of the past two years, Castreau is now pushing euthanasia for people that he and his frat crowd of “leaders” and “medical professionals” deem to be *mentally ill,* along with troubled youth and the elderly.

Anyone who has read one book about Nazi Germany knows where this is going.

When your government claims the power to determine who lives and dies (with their help), you know your society is in need of a clean up on aisle 7.

A sane and moral society would rise up en massse against a leader showing such absolute hatred of humanity, such nonchalance at the idea of handing a hurting 18 year old a bottle of pills and saying, “knock yourself out.” And meaning it. 

If you haven’t yet accepted that Canada and most nations in the world have been run by people who are literally cold blooded killers, genocidal maniacs who don’t flinch, but in fact celebrate the killing of as many people as they possibly can, then it’s time to wake up and accept this terrible truth.

Because that’s what cold-blooded killers do, and it is one reason Truthers (when did that become an epithet?) call Trudeau, Pelosi, Klaus Schwab, Biden and the rest of the WEF mafia “Lizard People” and “Reptilians.”

The other is that they are descended from an ancient race of Space Lizards – allegedly.

Incidentally, Lizard happens to be visiting us this week, so I’m going to share a bit of what I’ve learned about that very interesting theory. 

But first, let’s talk about the positive aspects of the Lizard Totem.

As with all creatures, there are both shadow and light sides, like every personality has a dark side and a positive side.

Lizard Medicine is about navigating our way through and out of the dreamtime, and implementing the visions we receive into reality.

Different cultures around the world have celebrated Lizard as a symbol of abundance and prosperity, and even holiness. There is no argument that the Chinese year of the Dragon, a Grandaddy Lizard if there ever was one, is the most well known sign in their Zodiac. Lizards, Dragons, Alligators, Crocs are all considered sacred and powerful in Chinese culture. 

Dragons are controversial creatures with some believing they’re only mythological creatures and others who believe that giant winged flying lizards that could breathe fire inhabited the Earth at one time.

Therein lies the essential difference between the sleepwalkers and those who have walked, wide awake, through the dreamtime.

When we are spiritually asleep and imbalanced, leaning too much into the material aspects of life without allowing ourselves dream time, research time, exploration of ideas that are ancient but new and unknown to us – that maybe have been laughed at as “old wives tales” or “conspiracy theories,” or “just myths,” we are less willing to accept anything but what we have been trained to believe. It’s easier that way.

People who are too immersed in the physical world need more Lizard Medicine, a time out to dream and reflect and reconnect with who they are, before they can move forward on their path. 

Conversely, if we spend too much time away in the dreamland, we will not have a very abundant life while we are visiting this place.

So, our mission here on this planet is to learn the fine art of balancing the two without becoming a miserable shade of gray.

The goal of the healing path, as Dr. Carolyn Myss wrote in her amazing book Anatomy of the Spirit:

is to achieve sufficient internal strength to interact comfortably with physical power without negotiating away our spirits.

People around the world are now facing this challenge of how to protect our Spirits while negotiating our way through and around the quagmires of a giant dying beast.

How do you protect your Spirit while in a full on spiritual battle with fascist criminals trying to take complete control of every aspect of our lives, who either tell us that we have no divine spark, that humans are basically animals who need to be culled – or that they (the Satanic cult) want our very souls.

John-Trudell-Quote-Protect-your-spirit-because-you-are-in-theThis is more clear than ever to the people who have stood up against their demands that we take their poison shots, especially since we now know they were developed to destroy the part of our brain/soul connecting us to Spirit.

For many of us, during this time out of time, it feels as if we’re walking through a dreamscape where reality exists within our own heads and personal spaces and our online communities, but bears little resemblance to the world that is still in the process of collapsing around us.

Here in Toronto, when I go out and patrol the territory, run the errands, I see people still in a state of sleep. Wearing masks, using buckets of hand sanitizer, making appointments for the next round of shots. Eighty percent are walking around staring at phones. Some stores are refusing to take cash, and many small businesses are closing.

Most people still have no idea their entire country is under attack by the people they trust and their way of life being pushed to the point of extinction.

It’s like living in a strange and very different reality. One in which the dreamers are actually awake while the ones who are so engaged with it all are actually asleep.

In most Native traditions, Lizard is a healer with powerful medicine to ward off malaise and other ailments of the spirit. Lizard medicine, like snake offers lessons in rebirth, regeneration and the need to connect to the sky, the true place where our dreams live, in order to realign ourselves. The Mayan people believed the earth was created by a Lizard god and many today still connect lizards with cosmic power that transcends time and space – the dreamtime.

Jess Hagan, who writes a fantastic blog called, “Otter on a Rock,” explains the power of Lizard Medicine in expanding not only our own consciousness, but the consciousness of all things:

Lizard Spirit Animal Totem holds the power of vast abstraction. Lizard enjoys the process of asking questions but he understands that answers only lead to more questions and it is your questioning mind that expands the universe.  We live in the third dimension and we have five senses with which to experience life.  But sometimes the answers we are seeking are just outside our capacity of perception. How do we open to new concepts beyond our limited understanding?  There is no inquiry too small or unimportant to explore.  Whatever your interests, you expand the cosmos with your investigations.  

One Native story tells how Lizard taught Snake the difference between sleeping, which is what the folks still lining up for jabs and wearing those God-awful masks are doing – and dreaming, which is that magical place of imagination, spirit, hope, where we use all our gifts and talents to see visions for our future and that of our people and begin putting those strategies in place.

Wolf N Crows DancingOf course, for the Wayshowers who only arrive at this point through lifetimes of suffering and pain, moving from that place where we’re sleeping to a point that we can even begin to have a good and positive vision for ourselves and the future is always a tough and long process.

This is where good Lizard medicine is very helpful and brings to mind the book, Man’s Search for Meaning, by Viktor Frankl.

Dr. Frankl was a POW in Auschwitz who wrote about how it was his hope and faith that carried him through that nightmare and the way he used his own torture to help and heal others once he was freed. If you haven’t read it yet and are on the path of a healer, you may find it very useful in understanding these times and the power of hope in the face of unspeakable evil.

And, that unspeakable evil has returned full force and is being driven by the same people who nearly murdered Viktor Frankl and slaughtered millions of innocent human beings under the Nazi flag. 

If you haven’t checked out this week’s Bird Clan Kitchen Party, you can watch here and see the clear Nazi symbolism in everything the US and other governments are doing.

The depth of depravity and the web of criminality that has wound itself around humanity and this planet like a giant python is shocking to realize.

It takes a long time to grasp the truth that the people running this place are intentionally killing people and especially children, because that is what their religion and bloodline programming demand. They are cold blooded, like reptiles.

Receiving and integrating this knowledge about our world and the people we were taught to look up to is one of the most shocking and difficult things any of us will go through.

We’re talking about a complete flip-flopping of most of our beliefs and that is like walking through a veil into the unknown – the dreamtime of the not sleeping where, if we are very lucky and very very strong, we will receive the knowledge and visions that we planned for our original purpose here.

Walking that path from sleeper to newly awakened in a strange world, walking through the dreamtime and coming out brighter than a button is a tough one. And many choose an easier route, living their lives in gray places and end up eating canned soup alone.

Lizard reminds us that our consciousness is the key to walking out of the gray zone and learning to balance shadow with the light of our visions. But, it is only the key. We are the ones who have to walk through the door and make those healing, positive choices every day that will move us toward our vision.

As I wrote in a previous article, “It takes a lot to integrate the healing, new understandings and new ways of being into our realities. Sometimes, learning to live in such a high state of consciousness is downright overwhelming, so Lizard and the creatures – like Horse did last week – remind us to walk in balance. One step at a time, and to have patience with ourselves and others. We’re all venturing into new territory.”

As we’re reminded by our creature friends, there is no magic bullet, and as much as we hate to believe it, there is only one way to turn those mind-blowing visions into realities: make a plan, do the work, follow through, and make divine connections. 

That is why we need to stand together and support one another’s businesses and projects as much as we possibly can. 

And many are stepping up, creating new services and products, networks and communities that are running parallel to the psychotic society surrounding us. 

Many are still in the dreamtime state. Processing the awakening experience and envisioning a new path forward. Jamie Sams and David Carson explain that in many Native traditions, “Lizard medicine is the shadow side of reality where your dreams are reviewed before you decide to manifest them physically.”

And it’s usually in the shadows that we see the not so great aspects of Lizard Medicine – too much airy fairy, chasing windmills and not enough follow through.

One of the more difficult aspects of growing up during the era we have is that we’re all primed to make knee-jerk reactions, spontaneous purchases, and “act NOW!!” decisions.

But our Ancestors and all the creatures understand the power of allowing nature’s cycles to take their course. The process of bringing a vision into reality, no matter how small is a heroic undertaking and heroic undertakings take time and a lot of sweat.

If you’ve gone through a major spiritual awakening experience, you’re going to be raw and tender for quite awhile. So, use this Time UnTime, if you’re able, to continue your healing, and start to flesh out the details of your vision instead of thinking you can be like Zeus and create them fully formed from your thoughts.

That is a pretty common stumbling block for dreamers and visionaries.

People with Lizard medicine, and especially if they’re also Bird people can get caught up in the vision boards, the dreams and goals and plans, the R & D phase, and put off doing the actual work to manifest those goals.

The story of the Little Match Girl warns us of the dangers of spending too much time in dreams and wishes without a strong foundation of support and action. Often this is because we’re blocking ourselves due to old wounds, causing us to freeze up, sabotage ourselves and keep our goals from moving forward: 

“When a woman is frozen of feeling, when she can no longer feel herself, when her blood, her passion, no longer reach the extremities of her psyche, when she is desperate; then a fantasy life is far more pleasurable than anything else she can set her sights upon. Her little match lights, because they have no wood to burn, instead burn up the psyche as though it were a big dry log. The psyche begins to play tricks on itself; it lives now in the fantasy fire of all yearning fulfilled. This kind of fantasizing is like a lie: If you tell it often enough, you begin to believe it.”

And we are all seeing the results of generations of constant lies and manipulation by leaders and media which see us all as nothing more than consumers, targets to be controlled, or “voters” to cover their obvious con games. This is how we’ve reached this point of no return for humanity.

We tell ourselves lies too. That we’ll get to that project, article, visit with family tomorrow. That we aren’t good enough to make a difference. That if we just take one more booster, everything will go back to normal. . . .it’s all enough to leave us feeling very frozen.

And, this is why so many people suffer from malaise. Not being able to move forward, feeling stuck in “I wish” land instead of “knuckle down, buckle down, do it, do it, do it” land.

Lizard shows us how to deal with the imbalance of low spirits too. Many lizards have the ability to release their tail when they’ve been captured. Sacrificing the tail allows them to run free.

So, if you’re feeling too stuck in dreamtime or frozen in fear of whatever paper tiger is stalking you this week, think about cutting that tail off. Drop the baggage and get moving into the sun.

To that end, I’ve really gotten things moving around here the last few weeks and have the Bird Clan Kitchen party up on several platforms. I will be sharing more information on the blog about where you can find everything in the next few days. But for now, I’d like to share with you the “Welcome” post for the site that I just produced. 

I’ve named it “Thunderbirds – The Power of Bird Medicine.” Perfect timing for it too during this week we’re looking at these ancient reptiles and the people many believe have reptilian bloodlines, since we know birds have been around since dinosaurs and are powerful messengers. There is no way you can watch this and not believe in dragons. Following this video, I’ll give you a little rundown on the very dark side of Lizards on planet earth – the human/alien kind (allegedly). 

Video courtesy of the BBC “Earthflight.” Music: “Wolf Totem,” The Hu

Whew! I love that mix so much. Think I’ve watched it a dozen times since it was finished. It really sums up the work we’re doing through this website and network and the long term vision for the New Earth that so many of us have. We’re calling in all of creation, fighting against the great evil and are working together to reclaim and clean up this place – starting with the narrative, bird clan.

But first we have to win this fight and that starts with knowing our enemy. Part of my dream time experience has been wandering far away from the seminary path into the realm of the Gnostic Gospels and the ancient sacred books of history and teachings that were intentionally left out of the Bible when the Romans took over the church.

Romans see the lizard as a symbol of death and destruction while the Mayans worshipped a lizard god and practiced child sacrifice outside pyramids exactly like those in Egypt.

If we expand our search for humanity’s origins and God’s truth beyond one strongly redacted and repeatedly retranslated book that has been marketed to us by the Romans themselves for all these years (except when they didn’t want people to have it and killed them for it), we start to see the connections between these ancient civilizations that transcend geography and culture, and have a common theme: that the earth was visited by space aliens who took the form of lizards, and who the humans came to worship as “gods.”

And they were very destructive.

It is interesting to see all the connections, the similarities between the beliefs and practices of the Sumerians and the Mayans and other ancient civilizations.

Native American hieroglyphs depict lizards in the cosmos. So, it’s clear there has been something going on with Lizards and outer space for a very long time.

The ancient Sumerian stories, swept into the dustbin of “mythology” by scholars who really should know better, tell the story of how humans were visited by space aliens who decided to set up shop on earth and enslave the people to serve and work for them.

Remember, there were no grocery stores on the street, so this enslavement was absolute – from producing their food to mining the copper they needed for energy.

Now, don’t you think that sounds familiar? Who even does this?

Apparently, people who aren’t fully human and so are genetically deficient and unable to access the spiritual side of their beings.

These were the Nephilim, space aliens who had sex with human women and created a hybrid species. Many scholars believe this is actually what the Garden of Eden story is about, told through symbolism rather than literal words.

The Book of Enoch, which was not included in the Bible, tells this story which is referenced in the Book of Genesis.

Remember, God created humans specifically for relationship with Him. He created Man and Woman. We have always been his beloved, and here we have the story of how outsiders (the Snake) slithered into his Garden (the Earth) and contaminated the divine connection humans had with our Creator through genetic manipulation between intergalactic beings.

If you are familiar with the book of Job, you would be able to see how profoundly dark this act was for it contaminated the beautiful design of the Great Spirit.

It placed the agenda of a created being over the Creator’s plan for earth and humanity – exactly like the lizard people are doing today with their genetic modification and manipulation of biology.

At the heart of this theory is the true concept of sin – the unnatural mixing of the cosmic with the material which, in accordance with Universal law will always produce bad fruit, as seen through the story of Cain and Abel.

Cain, the progeny of Eve and the Snake (the woman and the space lizard) murdered his brother Abel, the son of the true human man and woman. The symbolism here as it pertains to our current situation is hard to miss.

Now, we can look at this as the improper mixing of the spiritual with materiality in our own lives, which always leads to a train wreck.

Or, we can go into extracurricular spirituality mode and consider that this means the improper breeding between creatures from different planets. Some people believe the Nephilim were Angels. Others believe they were lizards, space travelers from another planet.

I have a very hard time believing that so many Angels would mutiny against God, so I’m going with the space alien theory.

Regardless of your particular belief on this point, there’s a consensus among the folks who have dug beneath the back cover of the Bible: the entire problem of Original Sin wasn’t because Eve ate a forbidden apple.

It was about the unnatural mixing of the genetic structure of human beings with aliens from another planet, or spiritual hierarchy if you follow the Nephilim as Angels theory.

It is widely believed that prior to the arrival of these space aliens, humanity was living in a hunter gatherer existence, most similarly to the few Indigenous tribes left untouched by “progress” today. That means the entire planet was the Garden of Eden, not some walled off place over in the Middle East.

The Lizard people brought their technology and “civilization building,” agriculture, urbanization – and their plan was to colonize the earth. Sounds familiar again, doesn’t it?

Now, I just want to take a pause and note that not all of our sky relatives are destructive and nasty toward humans. There are many reports of loving, positive entities coming to visit as well. So, we’re talking about a specific group of cosmic gangsters here.

The ones we call reptilians, some have referred to them as Draconians and believe they come from a planet called Draco. It’s no surprise then that the Greek “Draconian Laws” were known for their harshness, even said to be written in blood.

The folks running this place are believed to be descendants of these original cosmic mobsters, and now – during this historic, prophetic time, God has pulled the plug on them.

The Apocalypse means “revealing” – the time when everything hidden will come to light. That is what we’re seeing now on every level, and perhaps the weirdest and most disturbing piece of it all is this space alien thing.

cropped-bluecrowwoman2.jpgI mean, talk about being called a weirdo if you brought this up at Thanksgiving.

But, once you grasp the concepts and the massive amount of lies and cover ups we’ve been treated to over all these years, the space alien theory brings everything happening here today into perfect focus.

The dark side of the Lizard totem is being revealed to us through the activities and behaviors and words of those who claim superiority over all humans on planet earth, the Lizard People or Reptilians.

And the concepts of their cannibalism and child sacrifice make much more sense if we understand that they’re not fully human, they know they aren’t human, and that they actually see humans as livestock.

Jesus knew about those lizard people who were controlling the Israelites and he even taught many lessons about them. He called them out repeatedly, and they murdered him – like the evil caretakers of the vineyard did to the King’s son in his parable. . . or was it a prophecy?

They are the families who consider themselves to be the rulers of the world, the “Bluebloods” (which really is blue according to researchers), whose lineage has been traced through the Royals of today through the Merovingians into Old Testament times all the way back to ancient Sumer. That’s why it’s always a huge problem for a Royal to marry a “commoner.” 

According to researchers who work outside and well beyond the strictures of the approved academic and theological narratives, these bloodline cultists’ bloodlines go all the way back to ancient Sumer, and are the product of aliens hooking up with human women. 

They aren’t entirely human through their genetic structure, and that is why they’re able to blow millions of people to bits, force people to take known poisons in exchange for “freedom,” steal untold trillions of dollars from the people they claim to “serve,” and even murder their own family members for power – without batting an eye. I don’t believe true humans are capable of such barbarism.

This is wild material that I call “extracurricular spirituality” – because learning it will blow the doors off your understanding of the Old Testament and the institution of Christianity. And not just in the shallow, Marxist “All Christians are bad, let’s burn down churches” way. 

We’re talking about a complete and intentional misrepresentation of human history by the institutional Church itself. This doesn’t even begin to touch some of the heretical crap being pushed as “doctrine” these days.

The institutional church has put the blame for “the fall of man” onto the shoulders of Eve (the woman), who was in fact a victim of intergalactic, interspecies rape as recorded in the book of Enoch. That sure explains a lot, doesn’t it?

Since the 1940s, when the Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient Gnostic texts called the Nag Hammadi Codices, were discovered, investigations into the true origins of the human family really ramped up.

Thanks to modern technology, travel, and a well-educated body of researchers who operate outside the theological and academic establishment, we now have a huge body of material that is far more likely to be the truth than much of what we’ve been fed for thousands of years.

The material that has been discovered makes a very strong case that the Bible we now use (like all our history) was edited, manipulated, and carefully selected to force a particular narrative onto humanity.

Now, you have to wonder why the “powers that be” would do something like this while claiming to represent God.

The only answer that makes sense is that they’re all a part of the group whose purpose it is to colonize the entire planet and continue their genetic experimentation on a much reduced control group.

That’s why it’s so important we take them out once and for all. How cool would it be to see that happen while we’re here?

So often during this Time UnTime when I’ve been hanging out with Lizard a lot, I think of a teaching my Mohawk Medicine Woman, Geraldine Standup gave to me about how we all write our own stories in the spirit world before we come to Earth.

I love this teaching as it is great forgiveness medicine, but I wonder if it also applies to the lizard people. Did they write the part they came here to play in this grand process of disclosure?

Do reptilians have free will?

Maybe they don’t, and that’s why they want to strip it from us.

It will all be interesting to see how it plays out, and I hope we see the exit of these creatures during our lifetimes.

In the meantime, if you’re still reading, thank you very much. This has been a much harder post to write than I expected, but what a wild story!

Lizard who operates in the dreamtime and shadows of our consciousness while also living close to the ground is a great helper to travel with us through a process like this.

So, during this great purge of the other-worldly reptilians from our societies and institutions, let’s not forget that we also need to take back all our symbols from these marauders – including the spiders and snakes, iguanas and horney toads.

And dragons.

Imagine dragons.

It is my honour to be your messenger.