Horse Hawk Eagle SquirrelThis week, Horse is at the top of the Medicine Wheel, but rather than writing a new post, I have been feeling pulled to update this article I wrote last year.

It’s interesting. This teaching has been on my mind lately, and lo and behold! – Hawk has shown up in this week’s Medicine Cards and she is sitting in the Yellow Quadrant on the Medicine Wheel – the House of the mind – which is all about our perception.

There is so much anger, anguish, confusion and grief flying around right now, I just wanted to share and update the core messages of the original post to remind you high flyers that it’s going to be okay. And maybe encourage myself along the way.

This month, (September) we are in the 6th sign of the Zodiac, so that puts all of us at the bottom of the Medicine Wheel, the Red House where Crow hangs out just waiting to irritate us into another round of transformation, and then dance us up to the Grandmothers in the Black House of the Heart where Squirrel is sitting reminding us to get ourselves organized and be prepared! Snake is the keeper of the number 6, which is the bottom of the V – the turning point, the place of hibernation, rebirth, and regeneration. It’s incredible, but this Snake Medicine post was written on 02/08/2021 – which in numerology is a 6 day.

And we are seeing a lot of Hawk and Crow action all over the world as people are awakening to the folly of the imposter regime in DC, and beginning to understand the depth and breadth of the evil that has gripped humanity for thousands of years. 

Eagle – the messenger of the Great Spirit – is visiting Crow in her southern home this week, bringing us shocking truths about those who have claimed to be our “leaders” – while proving themselves to be nothing more than parasites and psychopaths hell-bent on killing as many of us as possible.

Joesph White Eagle Chief Crazy Horse 2Horse is in the North – in the White House of Spirit – where the Grandfathers live and help us understand the mysteries that connect us with the Creator.

Horse offers us a holy mix of the medicines strength and sensitivity to guide us through this perilous time in balance. And for that medicine, we can look to the visions and prophecies of our Elders and Ancestors like Chief Crazy Horse who foretold this time many years ago. 

As you have probably noticed, we’re going through a very bumpy time on our way through 4D – the time of sorting the wheat from the chafe – up into 5D, which is the ascended level of consciousness all people on the Spirit path are now moving toward in a fantastic way.

We know that we’ve chosen to come here for this time of great prophecy, but I don’t think any of us expected it to be as – um, “Biblical,” as it’s turning out to be.

I was really hoping for a quick and dirty battle between the forces of light and the forces of dark and though we would be well on our way to creating the New Earth by now.

But apparently, things here on Planet Earth move a lot slower than Hawk people like to go, and that includes those who continue to cling to outdated beliefs, memories, and habits usually because they’re too scared (or apathetic – which is another form of fear) – to face the process of change.

Rabbit reminds us that our fears will come to us if we focus on them, so that’s why it’s important to focus on what we want rather than what we don’t. That’s why it’s important for us to summon the courage to continue walking our paths with balance and stamina.

So – hang in there. It’s tough right now, Bird Clan – but we’re stronger than anything the dark can throw at us. Take a break if you need to and check in to see where you are on your spiritual path.

If you want a break from the chaos, check out this early teaching about the 144K that has been read more than 100 thousand times by people around the world. There has been much discussion about who and what the 144,000 are, and many people who are new to the Spiritual Community mistakenly believe that this initial calling is an appointment which confers immediate status.

But, this is not possible here on this planet where we all arrive as fallen angels and must return to our Selves only through spiritual practice, following our Elders’ wisdom, staying close to the child who lives in our heart, and walking softly with our people.

Those who feel called to this idea of the 144,000 are among the best healers, communicators, artists, ministers, teachers, and warriors on the planet.

In classic Crow fashion, the Great Spirit uses that early call to tempt us into all sorts of crazy adventures and challenges here while we are visiting our Mother Earth. These are all designed to teach us to overcome the many wounds that we have agreed to experience during our human lives. (I am greatly blessed (lmao) to carry a great deal of Crow Medicine, and I have shared my powerful awakening experience in this post. Sharing in hopes that it may offer you strength and inspiration along your way.) – kk

The Free Ride - A rare sighting..
Photo: Seabeck

Crow’s child-like joy in the things of life considered “small” by popular culture appears as mental illness by those who aren’t awake. This truth is shared in all prophecies about this time.

And, while our visits with Crow are like a great storm while we’re in their midst, afterward – when we receive clarity – we can often laugh at them, and at the very least have compassion for ourselves and the others involved in the experience.

This is the great transformative medicine of the Crow, who teaches us the power of our folly – first to destroy and clean out all that is no longer part of our journey, then to begin the transformation up to visit Hawk who offers us her wisdom.

8thFire ProphecyAnd this week, as mentioned, Eagle is visiting crow in the Southern Home of the physical – reminding us that we have chosen to come here at this time to help bring “heaven to earth,” and only the leaders who understand the prophecies of this time and are walking in alignment with the teachings of the Ancestors are trustworthy. 

As history has shown us time and again, humanity is easily misled by false teachers and corrupt “leaders” who prey on our good nature and innocent trust.

But remember – every “leader” in the current system is a product of that dirty and psychopathological system.

This will unfortunately include many of our own parents, teachers, “doctors,” ministers, tribal leaders and chiefs and other elders who grew up in a system that disconnected them from the Great Spirit and led them into the darkness of cultural Marxism – the path to death.

The path of the 7th Fire.

The teachers who understand what’s going on and are challenging the narrative are being attacked, ridiculed, exiled, and terrorized by those who are desperately trying to cling to their power. Selling one’s soul for fame and fortune is a real thing, and people in ALL industries and cultures are susceptible to temptation.

All great spiritual traditions teach about the importance of discerning wisdom from folly, and that is what  Eagle and Crow are working together to remind us.

Ecclesiastes-7-7-1 - ExortionIn the great prophecies and teachings found in the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes, Chapter 10, we find the following teachings:

  • 1As dead flies bring a stench to the perfumer’s oil, so a little folly outweighs wisdom and honor.
  • 2A wise man’s heart inclines to the right, but the heart of a fool to the left.
  • 3Even as the fool walks along the road, his sense is lacking, and he shows everyone that he is a fool.

HawkAndCrowWhile these warnings are valid because as we have all seen, a little folly goes a long way, it is important to point out that those on the Red Road will learn to use folly to their advantage.

For it is within the realm of folly – the Red Quadrant on the Great Medicine Wheel – that we find Crow and Coyote and all sorts of wonderful creatures who use their trickster medicine in different ways.

The outcome of these adventures is determined by whether or not there is any perception borne of wisdom – Hawk Medicine – in the mix.

Hawk is the keeper of the Eastern house – the house of our mind, which aside from our connection to the Great Spirit and the Ancestors is our most important weapon against the dark narratives of this time. Change always begins with a change of our OWN narrative, and as we who have been through huge and transformational change understand – it’s a slog. And we definitely need strong helpers like Horse to get us through.

People on the spiritual path understand the great truth about Horse – balance is always necessary to move through turmoil in a sane and healthy way. This week, Horse is showing us how the strong perceptions of Hawk, combined with the great truths of Eagle (especially now while we’re in the time of Crow and Coyote) and the organization of Squirrel (who is sitting in the west with the Grandmothers) will give us the balance we need for times such as these.

People who are drawn to the ideals of being one of the 144,000 live from the heart – and when we live from the heart (which is on the left side of the body) – it is ever more important that we listen to the voice of wisdom in our right ear.

For this is the voice of our Mother Hawk, always watching over us and screeching out her lessons. People who have had a mother with Hawk medicine know exactly what I’m talking about.


When we are on a heart-based Medicine Walk, we begin in the East and walk the circle to the right. We do this so we can visit the house of the Great Spirit and the Grandfathers first.

It is here that we receive our highest teachings for the moment in time, and are given the provisions for our journey through our prayers and faith.

We begin our walk with Grandfather Bison in the North who helps us remember what is happening to our relatives around the world, throughout history, and in our own lives.

This week, Horse is sitting with the Grandfathers – reminding us how important it is to walk in balance.

There are many who claim to be spiritual teachers who are focused only on the things of heaven – of mysteries and mysticism – but who aren’t applying or sharing their knowledge with those on the ground. This was the essence of the early Christian debate between faith and works.

Intergenerational Trauma HealingWhen we have “too much heaven” on our minds, we are ultimately of less service to the Great Spirit than we have the ability to be because spending all our time in the Spirit world with the Grandfathers leaves us vulnerable to attacks in real life. It also disconnects us from all the people we have chosen to be in our stories.

Often, when we have been traumatized by life, we will disconnect as a way to protect ourselves from further pain. This is always a good thing to do when we’ve been hurt and while we are healing. But disconnection is definitely not a healthy long-term strategy.

Ultimately, Horse shows us how we can achieve balance through being conscious of our strengths combined with sensitivity. Sensitivity first to our own needs, our own strengths and achievements, and to our continued healing.

Learning to apply strength with sensitivity will serve us well as we walk with those who need help.

There are many people who are waking up to the truth about our world and those who have been working to exterminate most of humanity. Some of them are waking up after taking the dark injections and are scared. These folks will need all the support we can offer in the weeks and months – maybe even years ahead.

Horse’s Strength with Sensitivity prescription is very important medicine as it serves to bring Heaven to Earth through our physical bodies, the choices we make, the words we speak and the thoughts we allow into our consciousness.

Grandmother BearAfter walking through the house of the Great Spirit, we move into the Grandmothers’ House, the place of Bear Medicine and Owl Wisdom of the Grandmothers and the Ancestors. This is where we honour our heart wounds, feel the pain and bless and release it.

Remember, this is the year of the Mother Bear, who reminds us that we are one, we are one people, one race bound together by common ancestors that reach thousands and thousands of years into ancient history.

Mother Bear is also the keeper of the medicine – the great healer who reminds us to pay attention to our health now more than ever before. And, she reminds us that the Creator has given each of us a perfectly functioning immune system and has surrounded us with all the plants and natural medicines we need to stay healthy during our journeys on earth.

There is no need to inject toxins into our bodies. 

Screenshot (734)Mother bear reminds us to remember our ancestors and the ones who have fallen this year, and most particularly to remember the Americans who have been lost because of the tyranny and incompetence not only of the “Biden-Harris” imposter regime that has taken over our government, but all their puppets in government on every level as well as in the US Military.

Please watch and share my Tribute video to the servicemembers we lost last week.

The people who voted for these criminals are beginning to realize that Patriots have been telling the truth. That we are not the terrorists. The people they support and trust are, as they have always been.

Mirror SquirrelSquirrel is siting with the Grandmothers in the West this week, reminding us that it truly is important to be stocked up, organized, and prepared for the lights to go out.

And Squirrel along with the Grandmothers reminds us to take joy in our work. To be grateful for our provision.

For gratitude helps us to see all the blessings we are surrounded with and once we are able to see our own abundance (no matter how humble the world may consider it), we are able to feel that Peace which surpasses all understanding and the Joy that comes from walking in alignment with Spirit.

Whistle while you work. Listen to that heart and your intuition, and remember to play like a little child. When we reconnect with and nurture that little child who still lives inside of us, our creativity pours through and we are better able to see which path to take.

Most people are still awakening to the fact that we are literally living through the third great war of this era – and it is a battle for the narrative. The dark ones are working hard to take control of the banking system, food safety and distribution, and even our water supplies. Learning the art and history of war is crucial for people to understand these times. 

In this counter-clockwise move around the Medicine Wheel, after we have visited the Grandmothers, we move into the house of Red, where the Wolves, Coyotes, Crows, Sparrows and other creatures of Mother Earth are standing by with more lessons about play, humility, community, our physical bodies – the only vessel we have to do the work of the Great Spirit on Mother Earth. Red also represents our roots, and reminds us to support all our men who have suffered so much.


Finally, we return to the East where Mother Hawk and our other Bird Clan relatives are waiting to help us process all of this energy & emotional cleansing so we can organize it, understand it, and integrate the lessons back into our  psyches.

Remember, the healing process takes a lot more time than any of us want to believe. We may have a huge awakening experience in which we’re shown the errors of our ways,  misinterpretations of our own realities that are limiting us, and dark truths about people we have loved and trusted – along with great visions about what we have come to do and how life could be in a more ideal situation (if everyone would just do as we want!).

But – getting from point A to point B – seeing the truth – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and learning to make the right decisions, develop the strong and good habits that will help us manifest those beautiful visions takes a lot of time and hard work.

We may have to find a completely new tribe to replace the ones we have grown away from or lost along the way. We may need to take timeout to figure out WHERE exactly we need to be to do our work, based on the amount of support we have by the people around us and for a lot of people, that means making big changes. And Horse gives us the stamina to hang on, carry on, do the work until we walk out of that web of fate and begin creating our own destiny.

If you have ever ridden bareback on a pony with only her mane to hang onto, then you know the glorious feeling of freedom and surrender – and deep connection with another creature.

Sacred Red Road Cloud Spencer EaglebearThe relationship between Horse and Humans is very ancient. Horse appears in the histories and ancient mythologies of all cultures around the world, and the relationship between us and these beautiful animals is best built through sensitivity and strength.

Knowing when to use these holy medicines allow both us – and the Spirit Horse – to surrender to one another so that we can run like the wind into our next chapter.

As we release our selves to the Great Spirit first and seek protection to do this work, we feel safe enough let go of our pain & forgive ourselves and others.

The work is never done, and Horse shows us the best way to move through the bumpy times of awakening – either in our own lives or as a collective – is to humble ourselves and do our best to walk with healthy people who are also committed to doing this sacred work.

Philosophers throughout time have asked, “are we riding the horse or is the horse riding us” – i.e. who’s really in charge here? 

Joseph White Eagle teaches that this is the old paradigm, as the Ancestors tell us we must learn to think of ourselves as team mates with all creatures – good stewards of all of creation in order to walk humanity into the time of the 8th Fire.

The Spirit Horse may carry us, but it is our own consciousness and choices that determine where that horse is going. Are we going in circles because we haven’t yet learned to ride? Haven’t learned the tools of our craft? Or do we have a plan, a map, and are trusting horse to carry us to the places our hearts and minds working together will take us?

This is how we restore balance. And it is balance that leads us on the path to the spiritual ideal of the 144,000.

There are not very many humans who feel called to this ideal, who can interpret scripture and public sources about this group of beings, apply the spiritual to the political, make their own decisions about it and ultimately walk the path as a Divine messenger.

It is a mountainous path, filled with dips and curves and detours. A rich and beautiful path but a real challenge for those committed to rising ever higher spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally in order to be of service to their communities and indeed, the entire world during this time of profound transition.

If you are reading this, if you have made it this far on  your walk, I salute you. Keep walking and sharing the light of Truth and the love of the Great Spirit with everyone around you. The war is far from over and there are going to be some tough times ahead for all of us.

But walking in balance, maintaining our connection with the Great Spirit, and continuing our healing work while keeping our eyes and ears open, and being ready for literally anything that the dark ones have ready for us, will go a long way toward getting us and our loved ones through in one piece.

It is my honour to be your messenger.


Bird Clan Messenger 

The Medicine Wheel

MedicineWheel1The Medicine Wheel is an Ancient teaching tool used throughout history by Indigenous peoples of all nations. Native Turtle Island People use the Medicine Wheel to organize and understand our lives and as a visual aid to help us learn and teach our Traditional Culture.

Because I follow Native Turtle Island and Celtic Traditional teachings, I have found using the Medicine Wheel and its many teaching tools along with daily practice – and especially Medicine Walks in my community – are powerful healing forces that help me demonstrate surrender.

If you’re interested in learning about the Medicine Wheel, Totems, and how these tools can help you understand and better organize your life, contact me.

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