Snake Medicine – 2/08/21 – The Year of the Great Mother Bear, Month of the Hawk

By Kandace Keithley

Snake is a powerful feminine symbol of regeneration and rebirth. The most primordial teacher of the life-death-rebirth cycle on planet Earth that some religious traditions view as evil, as they are afraid of death.

Cherokee Rattlesnake Constellation Prophecy - James GilraySnake comes to remind us, at this time UnTime – which is the time of the Rattlesnake Prophecy of the Cherokee people – that true rebirth only comes from growing through the difficult process of death – whether it comes in the form of the death of a loved one – or the loss of a home, community, job or even our own identity as we walk through the many cycles on the Sacred journey of life.

Over the past several months, we have all experienced terrible feelings of loss, grief, isolation, fear of being alone, anger and powerlessness over the tyranny that seems to be taking over our world and our own lives. Millions of people around the world have been disenfranchised not only of their right to participate in a free and fair election process, but of their rights to speak out against the corrupt machine that is trying to take control.

Millions have been “DE-platformed” off of the social media giants – that were created using US Taxpayer dollars. Content creators have lost billions of dollars through being disconnected from their audiences, customers and followers without notice. Private companies working to offer alternatives have been shut down by the globalist machine that is threatening all of us.

Regeneration after crisisMillions of people with different political beliefs around the world have now been removed from Twitter and Facebook and YouTube for challenging the prescribed “great reset” agenda – for sharing the truth with the people, and this has also cost us our contacts with family members and friends around the world.

We see literal terrorists tweeting “death to America” and calling for the assassination of President Trump are still on these platforms while folks who share information about truth and real medicine are removed and censored. We see natural doctors being targeted and even murdered. We see satanic rituals being performed in a Superbowl filled with segregationist and racist language and policies. We see people being “rewarded” with a sticker for accepting a chemical cocktail into their bodies that is untested, unapproved as a vaccine, and is now sickening and killing the people who take it.


It really looks as if the dark is winning and the psychopaths are steering this ship straight into a glacier. People who are interested should do a quick research spin into the connection between the Titanic, the Federal Reserve, and the Rothschild family.

It is a very dark and difficult time for all of us. In the recent months, I have worked to resurrect my social media following after being thrown off FB and Twitter a couple of times since the August purges. Instead of going back on, I probably should have listened to the Ancestors back then. But . . . no. I had to take another kick at that can.

Since I got back on Facebook lasts month, I had begun (again) feeling so overwhelmed, creating more content and learning new medicine every day and feeling increasingly impatient and anxious. The energy is so hot and chaotic out there right now. People are confused and impatient and, it is difficult to unplug from a situation like that in what seems to be the middle of a huge crisis.

Screenshot (186)It was taking a great deal of time and attention to rebuild my social media following to what it was only a few months ago – more than 40K friends and followers across three platforms. I was finding that I was spending far too much time on social media trying to rebuild that part of my life, instead of beginning the process of building something brand-new. Instead of focusing on my regeneration and rebirth into a new cycle of life.

You know when you know. And the niggly feeling that I needed to refocus and reset my priorities was increasing every day.

And guess what happened this morning? I got tossed off FB again and lost all those contacts again. So – here we go again rebuilding on this imperfect, yet far reaching platform. Slowly.

Snake Crone GoddessAnd this is probably the toughest part of Snake Medicine – surrendering to the process of death in order to truly focus on building the new, the rebirth.

The Ancestors have been reminding me repeatedly that we can drive ourselves crazy searching for answers that we know lie within us.

This is the great teaching of the power of faith. If we have done our research, have gained wisdom through experience, and are using our good minds, then there is no need to seek external validation for what we believe is to be true.

Many of us have been waiting for SOMETHING BIG!!! to happen to resolve the terrible conflict and chaos in the Republic of America and around the world that seems to be getting worse every day. Many of us have been working with and sharing the Q information for nearly five years, and this has cost us a great deal – our credibility, our old identities, our families and friends who think we’re crazy.

We run from outlet to outlet on social media trying to find some tidbit of information to ease our anxiety. Some little morsel of light that will allow us to move forward again. And it becomes clear that we may be spinning our wheels while many things are being done outside our conscious awareness.

So it is at this point in which so many of us are overwhelmed and anxious, that it is good to remember the lessons of Snake – who happens to be hibernating at the moment. And because Snake is hibernating like the Hanged Man in Tarot, she is giving a great deal of this message over to the teachings of Coyote – because that is the energy we’re walking through at this moment in time.

BearHugsWe’re in the year of the Great Mother Bear – and she reminds us that the situations before us will take time to resolve and the best thing we can do is tend to our own healing, our own planning for the future, and taking care of our daily lives with faith and hope. Don’t get ahead of yourself because we’re in a time of limbo. There’s plenty of time.

Snake reminds us that walking the Sacred Hoop is a very long, circular process in which we walk through each house of the Medicine Wheel many times each day. We have the choice about how long we stay in each house, and the quality of our experience while we are visiting.

The spiral dance around the Sacred Hoop requires us to use all of our senses and to walk in balance.

  • White – Spirit, Air, The Grandfathers, Eagle

  • Yellow – Mind, Fire, The Mothers, Hawk

  • Red – Body, South, The Fathers, Crow

  • Black – Heart, West, The Grandmothers, Owl

Following a great time of surrender, sacrifice, and loss – like after a terrible war, family crisis, or even major life transition or spiritual awakening —  we need to be kind and gentle to ourselves more than ever. And the Ancestors have made it clear to many of us that it is time to focus on developing and building the businesses, programs, and projects that we have come here to create for the people.

We can only do this by letting go of the negative influences in our lives. And we do this by surrendering the things we’re doing that waste our time and make us even more anxious because the answers we seek haven’t shown up in the world yet.

Those of us who walk with the Great Spirit understand that we are in this world but not of this world.

And that means it’s important for us to gauge how much of ourselves – our time, energy, and attention – we are giving to worldly activities that disconnect us from God, our own creativity, our families and our communities.

Medicine WheelThe Medicine Wheel offers us a guide for how to create balance in our daily lives and the bird and animal totems have come to help as well.

This week, along with Snake in the North, we have Turkey in the East, Buffalo in the South, and Coyote in the West.

Snake – North, White, Air, Spirit, The Grandfathers

Snake reminds us that we have the power to determine our own time of rebirth. Each day as we awaken, we are born again and Snake reminds us that we should give thanks to the Great Spirit for another day of our life, thanks for our Ancestors, our Elders, and parents who brought us to this place. Just the act of giving thanks when we first awaken will shape the character of our day ahead. We understand through the power of Chi Miigwetch, we expand our blessings.

It is the practice of Spiritual Masters and seekers throughout human history and around the world to Begin the day with mindfulness – prayer, meditative homemaking, medicine walks, and self-care.

Turkey – East, Yellow, Fire, Mind, The Mothers

On the Red Road, after our Spiritual time, it is so important to start the day in our Good Minds and remain aware of staying there throughout our day. Study, Research, Writing, Art, Devotionals are all great ways to help us bring heaven to earth through our thoughts, words, and actions.

Turkey is still visiting us this week. He was in the Southern house last week, reminding us to pay special attention to the food we eat and being grateful for all that we have been given.

Wild TurkeyThis week, Turkey has flown up to the Yellow home of our mind, reminding us that things don’t always look as they seem. Many people don’t know that the Ancestors of our Thanksgiving turkeys could fly – and their wild relatives still can.

Turkey is visiting the home of Hawk, who is the keeper of the Eastern doorway – and the sharp observer of the world. Turkey is reminding the high-flyers, those who have been on the spiritual path for a while, to beware of flying too high for too long on solo flights. Figure out how to go visit your family once the lockdowns are finished and start thinking of ways to make that happen.

We need our privacy to heal and learn and grow, but Turkey reminds us that community is essential for a healthy and happy life.

Turkey reminds us that both daily and long-term commitment and discipline to our personal rituals and ceremonies will ensure that we walk a happy and productive path. Our own rituals and ceremonies include everything from the process we use to get up and get ready for the day to sitting down to do scheduling, planning and organizing for the week.

Buffalo – South, Red, Earth, Body, The Fathers

Grandfather BuffaloGrandfather Buffalo has come down from his traditional home in the North to offer us his wisdom and stamina through the tough times of our journey. Like a Grandfather, he encourages us to become aware of our habits – bringing our Good Mind to review our behaviors and habits, the unconscious actions we take that are bad for our health and well-being. And make new choices.

This is hard work – particularly for people who are being triggered by old trauma and wounds (which is basically most people on the planet at the moment).Grandfather Buffalo – reminds us that we are walking through a time of great prophecy for the people of all faith traditions and that the chaos is global, it is not just in our own lives.

This wise Grandfather encourages us to disconnect from the world and focus on what we’re doing. When we’re anxious and scattered, we don’t pay attention to our immediate surroundings, and this can cause us to make mistakes or even put ourselves in danger.

Take this blessing of time and look at ways to bring more love and grace into your life, your home and the people close by.

Grandfather Buffalo is joined by his old friend Coyote, who the Cheyenne people believe saved the people from starvation through working together. Read this great story, Clever Coyote here.

Coyote – West, Black, Water, Heart, The Grandmothers

Coyote with Grandmother BearCoyote, as well as other reflections of the Holy Fool are sitting with the Grandmothers this week and that is not only creating chaos in the external world, but during this time of Mercury Retrograde, we are also seeing lots of communications and technical issues affecting us.

Coyote is a powerful trickster and creator who comes to remind us not to take ourselves so seriously. To “lighten up” as my mom used to tell me.

And this is good medicine for me right now, as I can become completely paralyzed by indecision and apathy that comes from seeking perfection in myself and the approval of others. This is the blessing and the curse of the Hawk Mother. And we all carry this medicine to some extent whether it came to us through being criticized by a wounded mother or through (also) beginning to realize that we could never live up to the perfect mother archetype that has been pushed on women for many decades if not since the beginning of time.

When we’re agitated, we can’t settle down and allow ourselves to simply BE long enough to listen to our intuition – which is the doorway to our creativity, the doorway to our future. When we’re agitated, we can’t see the way forward and are trying to function with that little naggy voice at the back of our heads telling us, “you’re not doing it right” every step of the way.

This is a powerful attack and a great tool of self-sabotage which is usually the accumulation of generations of the same pattern in our families. When we are spending too much of the time focusing outward, rather than grounding ourselves, doing our work, sitting with the Grandmothers and following our spiritual discipline – when we are out of balance – the niggles come back to bug us. This is when we need the strength of Grandfather Buffalo to set our feet back on the ground and remind us where we come from. He reminds us of our innate worth. Our dignity.

And so, after we’ve been through the great Cosmic blender for another round, we crawl back into the cave to remind ourselves that it’s really okay. It’s okay not to be perfect. We don’t have to have a clip-board and an itinerary for every activity of the day, for every thought we think. Grandfather Buffalo encourages discipline and structure, but Coyote reminds us to leave some wiggle room for magic, for miracles and answered prayers.

Coyote AlchemistCoyote is the Alchemist who comes to sit with us in the Cave of the Grandmother Bear, to tell us stories and sing us songs. He’s like our crazy uncle who shows up to Thanksgiving and cracks everyone up with his ridiculous jokes.

And like the Fool in all Royal Courts, Coyote – the court Jester – tells stories and jokes that are actually embedded with secret messages for the King and his allies. So the Fool in our Psyche, the Coyote, the Joker represents the cunning and clever aspects of our wild souls. The part of us that is deeply connected to nature and the energy of the Wolves, the part that tells us to hold on, hold out and chin up. There’s magic in the air!

That is where we are at this point in our journey together. We will see many instances of transformation, of magic and miracles in the days ahead. We will see many Coyotes turn into Bears and Wolves, and maybe even Bird Clan Messengers.

Coyote, patron Totem of the Scapegoats of this world brings us the Medicine of Chi Miigwetch – the Replicating Superpower. When we are grateful for everything in our lives, beginning with our very breath and the woman who served as the portal to this planet, for our Ancestors and our family history (no matter how difficult) then we return to balance. We remember that we choose everyone in our story while we’re still in the Spirit world. And we know that gratitude and love are the magical cocktail that will save us. Every time.

Coyote reminds us of the old ways of our Ancestors who are forever looking over us as they are stars in the sky – and it is this understanding of our connectedness to all that is and ever will be in the universe that we are best able to put our own fears and hurts into the perspective of a small part of our eternal soul journey.

When we are in our human form, we can put so much energy and attention into material things and popularity among the people, that we neglect our own work. We neglect our own healing. And we neglect our own personal mission. Right now, Coyote is also showing that there is an imbalance in their world as they are beginning to attack little dogs. That would suggest that there is not enough food around for them.

Pigeon MedicineWe must be mindful of the creatures in our neighborhoods, as the reduced activity has impacted them as well. We should be feeding and looking after our urban bird and creature relatives because their food supply has been so disrupted by human settlement. If you feed the creatures, please make sure you’re giving them food that is good for them. Seeds not bread. Birds love salad greens and apple cores too. Anything you’d dump in the compost bin, you can put into a bag and share with the animals and birds when you go outside on your daily errands. Get into the habit of packing a lunch for the critters every time you get ready to go out and about on your day. This is an easy way to show love and kindness.

This year, we are sitting with the Grandmothers – taking time out to rest, review our own health and think about what medicines we might need to learn about. Sitting with and releasing old emotional wounds. Practicing the art of forgiveness. Singing and dancing in prayer and ceremony, doing our art . . . these are the medicines of the Great Mother Bear. And she recommends we get back to using them. Unplug and get going!

Snake Medicine 1Snake – the symbol of the Divine Female principal, the primordial energy of Mother Earth’s creator energy – offers this medicine during a sacred time of rebirth for all of humanity.

If you’ve been flying ahead and are feeling frustrated, the message this week is chill out. It’s going to be fine and dandy. If you are reading this, there can be little doubt that you have managed to get yourself through the crazy time of Spiritual Awakening, of leaving behind old ways and beliefs, of walking far from people that you love because this is a solitary time of spiritual growth and healing. And every single person that chooses it will spend time in the wilderness.

And that is just fine. We are right where we need to be at this point in the great Cosmic dance, the tipping point of rebalancing and the return to a just and fair world for all.

Let the political people do their thing. The world needs the Way Showers to get going, to develop those programs and get organized because opportunities will be opening up for us in the future and we need to be prepared.

Have a wonderful week.

It is my honour to be your messenger.


Kandace Keithley is a writer and the publisher of Bird Clan Messenger, a descendant of Trail of Tears Cherokee people who teaches and shares Traditional wisdom and medicine. She lives in Toronto, ON, Canada.


Chi Miigwetch!

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