Lizard-in-dreamHi frens!

Hope everyone is doing well during this week when Lizard is visiting us, reminding us that dreams and visions really do come true and we only need to open our eyes to see it habbening!

More and more people are finally starting to awaken to the truth and we are indeed reclaiming the narrative!

Spiritual Awakening is an exciting experience but is also equally bewildering. As Grandmother Spider taught us a few months ago, “It is difficult and dangerous work to bring the new light, the soul light up from the deep of our unconscious to meet the divine spark. To reconnect with our purpose and take that spark back into our daily lives.”

Creator is listeningDoing the hard and very solitary work to tend to our healing (during this year of the great Mother Bear), and develop our vision into reality is super tough! Bird Clan messengers have been working for years not only to change our own realities, but also to awaken others to the collective changes necessary to clean this place up.

It takes a lot to integrate the healing, new understandings and new ways of being into our realities. Sometimes, learning to live in such a high state of consciousness is downright overwhelming, so Lizard and the creatures – like Horse did last week – remind us to walk in balance. One step at a time, and to have patience with ourselves and others. We’re all venturing into new territory.

As we’re reminded by our creature friends a lot – there is no magic bullet, and as much as we hate to believe it, there is only one way to turn those mind-blowing visions into realities: make a plan, do the work, follow through, make divine connections. 

That is why we need to stand together and support one another’s businesses and projects as much as we possibly can. 

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Joining Lizard this week – helping us bring the dreamtime into reality – are:

Snake in the West with the Grandmothers. The ladies remind us that we are still in a time of healing and regeneration on every level, and that means digging around into those old beliefs and memories – and releasing whatever doesn’t serve us.

Making a way to acknowledge, bless, and release the past removes the blockages that keep us from moving forward.

Badger the Medicine Woman in the South with Wolf, Crow, Coyote and the ground creature crew.

These powerful ones of the earth remind us to pay attention to our physical bodies and to learn the natural medicines that will not only protect our immune systems from sickness, but will heal any affliction we may have.

This is the medicine of the creator and we must be aggressive like the Badger in protecting it – as well as our loved ones.

Fox in the East with the Mother Hawk, reminding us to be clever and discerning in using our powers of observation. Everything is not as it seems, in many areas at the moment.

ExecutionDon’t forget that it’s easy to spend too much time staring out at the world, and not enough time taking care of business. Fox reminds us to take as much time as we need to observe, but to be prepared to act at a moment’s notice.

Lizard also teaches about shadows, and right now, as the sun is doing some wild and crazy dances, the light is exposing the reptiles that have ruled humanity for thousands of years.

Through studying the history of humanity, we know that an elite group of people who are related by their bloodlines have been controlling the planet, rearranging us through wars, famine, and social engineering through “industrial revolutions,” slavery and forced migration and racially divisive policies and activities.

During different time periods, the Indigenous people of the Black, Yellow, and Red quadrants on the Medicine Wheel have all had their turn to be attacked.

This time around, since at least the 1950s, the dark ones are targeting the White skinned people – known lovingly as “Crackers.” Fortunately, Crackers are the most well-armed people on the planet and are gathering the people of all directions to organize, stand together and fight the dark ones for our freedom.

Screenshot (757)One of my favorite crackers is very salty indeed and he leads a fantastic Salty army of patriots from around the planet as he reveals the truth in a hilarious and hard-hitting way that only people with massive crow and coyote medicine can manage.

The Salty Cracker is a former liberal and Special Ed teacher who left the system after awakening to the massive amount of corruption and Marxist indoctrination that has infiltrated all our institutions. He’s uniquely equipped to talk about the insanity of the left and their attacks on America – a country that they claim to hate while continuing to milk the benefits.

Salty is only one example of countless unique people who have awakened to the corrosive and toxic realities of their old systems and ways of being, stepped back and reassessed life, made a plan and gathered the courage and confidence to begin creating a new reality.

That’s what the powerful medicines of creatures like Crow and Coyote do for us – and Lizard just ramps that transformative medicine up a notch. Walking out of the chaos of transformation, knowing the tricks of the dark ones, and beginning to lay down the tracks for the dream life we came here to lead.

Lizard asks, “What are you dreaming of?” 

“What is your dream for the rest of your life?

“What does it look like?”

These are questions that we all need to answer at great turning points in our journeys.

TarotInge writes that in the Tarot, Lizard represents the Knight of Pentacles – the Warriors who protect what is of value: the diamonds of our true nature:

Lizard Spirit signifies the ability to manifest a new and desirable future. You are encouraged to choose the path that honours your true nature. Lizard assists in grounding you to Earth and prompting a change from the inside out, starting with listening to your psychic perceptions.

Lizard Advice

Lizard reminds us that change is never easy, but if we stick with our vision, take care of ourselves, and walk out our plan, there is no way we won’t see results.

We are each unique and perfectly made creatures from the minute we arrive on this planet.

The shadow side of Lizard, and really all creatures, shows us the areas of ourselves and our collective reality that we have pushed down into the dark rather than face the truth so these things can be released and healed.

But, like the tail pops off a little Salamander or Geko when they’re in danger (an ingenious feature Creator gave to these little guys to for protection and transition), we need to have the courage to leave behind the pieces of our own experiences that are no longer healthy for us, that may even be putting us in danger.

Although we are seeing the light of the New Earth beginning to appear over the horizon, it’s important to remember that we are still in great danger. And, even though we work on building our new projects, communities and lives – we will still need to keep a low profile while the war continues to rage around us.

Until more people wake up and begin to stand up for their own right to breathe and make their own medical decisions, until ALL parents are awake and protecting their kids from the multiple assaults hitting from all sides – from the mask insanity, to forced injections of known toxins, from card-carrying Communists in the classroom and governments to murders in the streets, from Satanic whores and pedophiles in the media to massive numbers of criminals storming our borders . . . 

We are still on guard.

We must be on guard if we want to leave a legacy of any kind for our children and grandchildren.

Lizard is known throughout most of our Ancestral cultures as a symbol of abundance, fertility, transformation and faith in our own path. She will show up when we’re frustrated and feeling like we’re at the end of our rope, like we tired of the daily grind and ready for big change.

Lizard asks, “How do we get there?”

Go back into the dreamtime, remember the essence of the little child inside and ask her or him. They will tell you the truth about your most honorable path. And, like hummingbird and frog, Lizard will let you know when it’s time to gather that childlike energy and make that great change.

It is my honor to be your messenger.


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MedicineWheel1The Medicine Wheel is an Ancient teaching tool used throughout history by Indigenous peoples of all nations. Native Turtle Island People use the Medicine Wheel to organize and understand our lives and as a visual aid to help us learn and teach our Traditional Culture.

Because I follow Native Turtle Island and Celtic Traditional teachings, I have found using the Medicine Wheel and its many teaching tools along with daily practice – and especially Medicine Walks in my community – are powerful healing forces that help me demonstrate surrender.

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