We are living during an incredible historical moment: the point of transition at which human beings around the planet are beginning to awaken to the lies and destruction of an evil Elite that exploits people and kills people, wrecks our communities, and ravages the environment.

We’re awakening and demanding an end to economies based on manufactured wars; an end to political systems that use race, gender, culture, and spiritual belief to divide us; and, an end to governments that exist only to serve the global elite, rather than the people who elect them.

Many of us who research and write about women’s experience throughout history and in modern society believe that the global community is now moving into a new era founded on the ancient and life-giving aspects of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, perfectly balanced and walking in power together on behalf of future generations.

Rather than a new system being imposed on us externally, this transition begins inside each of us individually.

People who walk a Spiritual path understand this transition as the coming of the New Earth which has been anticipated by prophets for centuries.

In the political realm, we are seeing the rise of populist ideology – both conservative and progressive – and increasing programs offering a basic income, healthcare, and services. Renewable energy infrastructure is quickly replacing petroleum dependent systems, and America’s military has once again begun fighting true enemies of the people, rather than being mere pawns for greedy, exploitative power-mongers.

People are leaving cities to return to small towns. New communities are developing that eschew cash, and operate through barter, exchange, and sharing of labor, skills, and tools.

As each of us awakens and begins the process of change, our communities experience a comprehensive transformation of belief, thought, word, and activity that expands and stretches to reach around the world.

As with any healing and growth journey, this transformation requires us to review and, when necessary, re-frame our history, explore and interpret our current experience, and to cultivate deep hope for our future.

Wise Woman Rising offers content intended to reclaim the narrative of the People’s history, experience, and spirituality from Neo-liberal radical feminist agendas.

We’re interested in telling the stories of “Every Woman,” and not just the “winners” of history; in resuscitating traditional women’s knowledge about healing, food production, nurturing families and feeding community.

And, we’re dedicated to sharing information and links to sites that will help our readers understand and manage the multiple topics and issues related to building the New Earth.

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