For decades, the Spirit-led have been teaching that humanity and planet Earth are ascending into higher dimensions – ushering in a new era based in love, compassion, sharing, and peace.

Millions are awakening to the Truth that we earthlings are undergoing the Ascension described in prophetic writings like those in the Biblical book of Revelation and in the prophecies of Indigenous Shamans, Medicine People, Healers, and Teachers.

But, instead of people being lifted off the ground and bodily taken into heaven, we’re experiencing a mass awakening of people around the world. A rising of consciousness that has the power to change our natures, our beliefs and practices into a new way of being.

As individual and collective consciousness is elevated, we begin experiencing life in a different way. As our vibrations rise, they are more easily matched to those that exist in higher, more loving and peaceful dimensions.

As we connect with the love and peace in these higher dimensions – which most of us have mis-understood to be “heaven” – we open ourselves to spiritual surrender, healing, expanded comprehension of mysteries, and much more compassion for ourselves, other people, our animal and bird relatives, and our Mother Earth.

Spiritual leaders and healers have taught about this elevation in consciousness in the language of their own times and places. Jesus of Nazareth taught that there were “many rooms” in his father’s house (the universe).

The website, “From the Stars” has a great explanation of Fourth Dimensional experience. Check it out here.

Wise Woman Rising will continue to publish articles and updates about the Ascension of humanity’s consciousness and the Ascension of our beautiful planet, herself.

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— kandace