By Melissa Teague

Negative ions KILL viruses , bacteria and pathogens naturally in the home and body.

Negative ions are basically floating oxygen molecules in the air with an extra electron attached and produced through water. They are charged with electricity. Highly charged negative Ions exist in nature in many places like the beach, waterfalls, mountains, springs, rivers and pine forests. They are also produced after thunder or lightning and storms. You can feel the air is somehow “charged” after major storms and that is because of the highly charged negative ions!

Negative ions are very beneficial to the body and home as they clear the air of pollen, molds, allergens, pet dander, viruses, bacteria and smoke. The negative ions bond and cling with these impurities found in the air they occupy. They then purify the air and kill the germs.

In the body, negative ions put the body into a super healthy alkaline state where viruses, bacteria, fungus and cancer cells can not develop. They increase the level of oxygen to the brain and body resulting in better health, higher alertness, less drowsiness/fatigue, depression and give you more mental and physical energy, help you  feel less stress, anxiety and let you get better sleep.

Negative Iots 2Spending too much time indoors, in closed office spaces, on airplanes or areas that recycle “dead air” have few negative ions which can result in headaches, fatigue, low attention spans, jet lag, and a general sense of feeling unwell.

Dead air is why people get that afternoon fatigue in in the office and jet-lag after flying. The more sensitive you are the worse you will feel. Working around computers, electronics, and/or under fluorescent lights all day will reduce negative ions, resulting in similar symptoms.

Many American and Russian scientist have studied the effects since the 1920’s and have found that negatively charged fresh air directly affected and treated people with depression and ADHD by increasing the Serotonin (Happy chemicals) levels in the brain. This treatment worked 100 times better than any drug ever invented. It was also found to literally sterilize the air in indoor spaces, where you are more likely to catch colds and viruses because of the dead recycled air.

Fluorescent lights were found to cause a high level of positive ions that can be directly linked to children having ADHD symptoms and negative behavior. Synthetic materials like polyester have  also been found with high levels of positive ions that created a high static electrical charge that resulted in low serotonin, headaches, lethargy/chronic fatigue and negative behavior or feelings.

You can increase negative ions in the home to sterilize the air and give you a more alkaline state with heated Himalayan Salt lamps and various mechanical ionizers, surrounding your home with plants such as Coconut palms, Chrysanthemums, Bamboo palms, Gerbera, Peace lilies, Spider plants, Snake plants, etc. Adding an indoor water fountain will also help.

himalayan-salt-lamp-in-shape-of-bowl-1296x728Himalayan Salt lamps that have a light inside is one of the best ways to increase negative ions in your home as they also counteract the electronic vibrations & excessive positive ions caused by electrical devices. The heated salt attracts and absorbs moisture in the air and then evaporates it after the salt mixes with the water molecules, which then produces negative ions. Having one per room will keep your entire home charged with negative ions, killing all germs and keeping all inside more healthy and happy.

*** A VARIETY OF IONIZING ITEMS CAN BE FOUND ONLINE. Costs greatly vary. Lamps can run $10 and up, Personal Pendants run about $7-40, mechanical ionizers-$25 and up.
All are a great investment to your health and make it possible to avoid toxic sprays and sanitizers, etc.

💜💜💜 Melissa

Melissa Teague is a Spiritual messenger and teacher, a psychic who uses Tarot as one of her major teaching and healing tools, and an animal rescue hero living in the United States.

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