Top of the Morn’ Everyone from behind the Canadian Iron Curtain where it’s hard to take your eyes away from the controlled demolition of the old Babylonian system.

Rabbit has hopped onto the scene this week to remind us of the power of fear. How giving into fear is the pathway to personal and cultural destruction.

Rabbit shows us that the best way to deal with fear is to stand up and face it rather than ignoring it or running away.

It’s taken humanity a very long time to learn this lesson, but as this time out of time is showing us, the fear and the monsters will hang around and haunt us until we stand up, face them head on, expose them and stop complying with their lunatic demands.

This medicine can be applied to those monsters running the show “out there” as well as those monsters in our own lives and psyches.

For thousands of years before the Crescendo of the Covid (15 days to flatten the curve) final assault on humanity, people around the world have had their lives disrupted and destroyed by the fear mongers who have placed themselves at the top of our global system and their corrupt agents at the tops of our nations and organizations.

wp-1659013923981These are the people who have caused the wars, the mass migration and human suffering throughout history and that we’re witnessing in spades today.

They’ve even given us the bill for all their crap plans!

These evil ones have treated human beings as pawns to be herded around the global chess board in their never ending quest for power, and now after a few years of exposing the criminals in the “official” governments, we’re now seeing more corrupt Indigenous “leaders” participating in the dark agenda.

It’s important for people to realize that corruption in the Native community is not a new thing and to have the courage to begin standing up and saying so. 

Since standing up to fear is Rabbit’s message for this week, it’s a good time to note that even people who don’t “identify” as Native should rouse your courage  to speak out against the corruption in the Native community as well as to begin addressing the lies of the enemy about “pre-contact.”

We’ve already identified the current Marxist assault which is on the White race this time around, and right now the left would have you believe that before the “evil whitey” came to pristine Turtle Island, this place was a utopia where everyone sat around braiding each others’ hair and singing Kum Bai Ya around the campfire.

Not true.

War, slavery, corruption, human sacrifice, infanticide, and all kinds of human foibles were as rampant in the pre-Contact days as they are now.

In fact, it’s the “woke” activists’ own bosses and masters who have been behind most of the human suffering we’ve experienced over the last few hundred years – and are definitely behind it today.

It’s well documented the Trail of Tears was the result of collusion between dirty tribal leaders who claimed power that was not theirs and the same globalist system attacking us right now.

Same with small pox. How do you think those blankets got into the communities?

Rabbit’s lesson about fear reminds us that what we focus on the most will come to pass in our lives. This is what we are seeing in the Native and Urban Leftist communities that are entirely focused on the politics and identity of fear and division.

This is a fearful time for all of us, even if we understand this difficult process of transition. We’re watching the institutional church fall prey to weak leaders who have allowed Satan to come right in, take a seat and teach the kids about drag.

The darkest pieces of the Native prophecies are coming to pass as we see Native Elders sleeping and corrupt, participating in the continued destruction of their own people because they have refused to learn their own sacred history, their own prophecies, and abide by the teachings of the Ancestors.

For an example of what some of these “elders” in Toronto have done, check out the repulsive decidedly NON-Indigenous interpretation of what an “Indigenous Hub” in this city is going to look like – another concrete tenement with appropriated cultural icing and “urban gardens” to keep the people isolated from the larger community and dependent on the Indian Agent system of poverty and government aid.

The government has learned the best way to control people is by keeping them all housed in tenements and dependent on government agency services. And because of their desire to have material riches and personal success, these corrupt and sleeping elders have led their own people right down into the pit.

I believe we are watching the outcome of the Fifth Fire prophecy that was foretold in the  Anishinaabe (Ojibwe/Chippewa) Prophecy of the Seven Fires:

“In the time of the Fifth Fire there will come a time of great struggle that will grip the lives of all Native people. At the warning of this Fire there will come among the people one who holds a promise of great joy and salvation. If the people accept this promise of a new way and abandon the old teachings, then the struggle of the Fifth Fire will be with the people for many generations. The promise that comes will prove to be a false promise. All those who accept this promise will cause the near destruction of the people.”

INTERPRETATION: This part of the prophesy refers to the coming of the missionaries and the trader- merchants who set up a system of barter and trade, and began recruiting souls to organized Christianity. At first, the Anishnaabe embraced the new items available…

believing they could use what served them without impact on their cultural ways and practices.

Screenshot (855)

It’s never a good plan to sell out your culture for money. The concrete “Indigenous park” at the globalist hub in Toronto reminds me of the giant afro pic statue they’ve erected in New Orleans to “honor” Black Americans. Cultural traitors there too. They make mockeries of the people whose cultures they steal to build their ugly projects while continuing to pollute and destroy the land. I wonder if that concrete came from a CEMEX operation. If you know, you know.

wp-1659013924054We are seeing the results of the Fifth Fire prophecy in Toronto in the “Indigenous Hub” Smart City being built on contaminated land by “Native” fraudsters and their allies, globalist real estate predators, and a venture capitalist hell bent on getting everyone in Canada hooked on sugar through doubling Coke sales.

It is really hard to believe that the native population of Toronto has been suckered by these crooks – in the name of preserving their culture and health.

But, fear and isolation (which is a huge part of the Native experience in Toronto), will do that to you.

And, when you have an intricate system built by your captors intended to continue the genocide of your people under the guise of “advocacy and support,” it’s easy to see how most get caught in the same scary mess they were trying to leave when they came to the city.

And, we know the fear porn comes straight from the top of the political power structures here in Canada and around the world.  We have seen the head of the snake this week through a disgusting appropriation of Native peoples’ pain and trauma for a UN PR stunt intended to boost Trudeau’s numbers during an election.

At this most convenient time after a year of burning churches (on which the “Pope” stayed silent), they’ve all trotted out before the cameras to once again pander to the people without actually helping them.

This week, the criminals running the government trafficking rings and internment camps known as “reserves” have awarded a known Satanist and human trafficker a Sacred Eagle Feather War Bonnet – a Headdress usually passed down through generations, and only given to the most honored warriors and leaders.

Screenshot (858)The man who claims to represent the best interests of Natives in Canada and who awarded a Sacred Headdress to the human trafficking Jesuit Pope, Chief J. Wilton Littlechild, is a career globalist with a net worth believed to be in the millions.

It’s sickening beyond belief to watch the North American Native leaders join brainwashing, plunder and genocide against their own people.

But, like all the Sunshine Club NINOs, as a career employee of the UN, Willie’s job is to help hand over Turtle Island and all the people here to the United Nations to be controlled by his globalist elite masters, where his own people would be reduced to eating bugs and worm dogs, like they’re test marketing at the Calgary Stampede.

wp-1659013924083Remember, Klaus Schwab and his WEF agenda intend to have us owning nothing and eating bugs by 2030. It’s Well documented.

I wonder how the Cree people feel about having a known pedophile, child trafficker and globalist who is now telling people to stop eating meat to save the planet and pushing Al Gore’s climate change hoax, as an honorary member and tribal leader – with a Sacred Eagle Feather Headdress to boot.

I wonder if Francis is getting a status card.

While the Jesuit Pope’s apology did bring great healing and hopefully closure to many of the innocent victims of this horrific, multi-generational crime against humanity, it was clear to the people who are awake to the many scams that once again, the people were treated to a hollow ceremony filled with trinkets and costumes rendered meaningless through their bastardization.

The words reflect the ceremony: insincere, and meaningless as MPP Sol Mamakwa noted in this article from

“We’ve heard that over and over as Indigenous people, governments will do that, institutions will do that — acknowledging the oppression, but not the colonial policies that continue to be in place…He talked about some of the abuses, but he never acknowledged the sexual abuse. He did not apologize on behalf of the whole Catholic church, he never talked about the Doctrine of Discovery.”

wp-1659013850304Sudbury.Com reports that “Mamakwa travelled to the event in order to pass along a birch bark scroll, signed by residential school survivors, including himself, asking for the repeal of the so-called Doctrine of Discovery.

The Doctrine of Discovery comes from a series of Papal Bulls (formal statements from the Pope) and extensions, originating in the 1400s. It made it legal for explorers to claim lands for their monarchs who felt they could exploit the resources of the land, regardless of the original inhabitants.”

Though [Mamakwa] said the event was too strictly planned for him to have a meeting with the Pope, and the event featured heavily armed security, drones and helicopters, he passed the scroll along to Indigenous leaders to pass along.”

“There’s a great number of Indigenous people across the country that were expecting some type of repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery, but it never happened.” Mamakwa said that shows him the true heart of the church.”

MPP Mamkwa speaks the truth about the church, but he also needs to acknowledge the role that corrupt Indigenous leaders and their agency puppets are still playing in the continuing assaults against the people and the land.

So basically, the victims received an apology in exchange for giving the most evil and corrupt Pope in history a Sacred Headdress. No mention of human trafficking, the drug trade, or the “doctrine” which gives the globalists continued carte blanche to plunder this continent.

It is ironic beyond belief that those who preen and dance for the cameras in the name of human rights are pandering to a Satanic Pope in the name of Truth and Reconciliation while the most horrific human trafficking crisis in human history is going on at the Southern Border of America. All of it involving women and children of color.

And they haven’t said a word about it. 

Fear will do that to a corrupt puppet.

MasksSlaveryHere in Toronto, ALL the agencies that were created to keep the Native population dependent on the Poverty industry are still pushing PCR tests, masks, and the experimental “medicine” to people who are already facing serious health issues, even though there is massive documented evidence showing the tests are fake and actually harvest DNA, masks don’t work and actually make you sicker, and the “medicine” is actually meant for depopulation.

These people who claim to be “healers” either know this and don’t care, or don’t know it and have no business in their jobs. 

What is it that keeps people locked in this hoax?

Why do the young people who come to these places to learn their culture and medicine fall into the system and its fear and division based programming? Why do the people who work in these places either become manipulative bullies or get forced out – often more damaged than when they began?

Fear of striking out on our own, finding our own way against the current is the toughest thing any of us will ever do. It is people’s fear of being alone, of being exiled and without community or friends (again) that is at the heart of this corrupt system. I learned this the hard way, thanks to the church, the seminary, and the folks at Anishnawbe Health Toronto and its fraudulent foundation.

The Anishnawbe Health Foundation, presided over by a white liberal woman, its board filled with leftist big shots and bankers – few of whom are actually Native – is a full on participant in the globalist “Smart Cities” initiative.

These folks bought a piece of contaminated land in the Toronto harbor several years ago for a wildly inflated price (guess who got a little kickback, eh Joey?) where globalist developers decided to turn the waterfront into a “Canary Wharf” kind of thing. In addition to high rise tenements, they’re building a new “Indigenous Medical Centre” – apparently for the natives who manage to survive the repeated death jabs.

Screenshot (854)Once you understand this system is being run by fake and very compromised “healers” who are pushing depopulation and anti-White Marxism on the (captured) Native population, crooks who are involved in fraudulent land deals, and have given  globalists control of a Native “healing centre” in the middle of a “Smart City,” then you realize WHY the location of this new clinic is about as difficult, expensive, and impractical for the Toronto Native community to access than any place in the entire city.

Why O Why would the “leaders” in Indigenous health care and community outreach in Toronto choose a contaminated site far removed from where the community is already living?

Well, my friends, look no further than who is behind this project.

wp-1659013924116This Smart City “Native Medical Centre” is literally being developed by (1)  globalist real estate vultures who are buying up huge parcels in Ottawa and Western Canada as well as Toronto  (and are also involved in WIND FARMS that kill millions of birds every year, destroy the land around them and of course, aren’t recyclable), (2) a predatory real estate villain who has clearly stated his intent to keep the Millennial generation as renters who spend all their money on consumer goods (like Yeezy sneakers), and a sleazy financier deeply involved in buying professional sports teams and who, in 2018 vowed to double sales of Coca Cola in Canada.

For people claiming to care about Native people’s health issues, land BACK(!), and saving their own culture from consumerism, the folks running the Anishnawbe Health Foundation’s little globalist grift on the Native community aren’t really living up to their supposed values.

I personally witnessed and was greatly damaged by the criminals and their illegal activities in this organization several years ago when I uncovered the truth about the new “health complex” as well as their misuse of government funds.

At that time, I had no idea how enormously globalist the Toronto Native “medical centre” project truly is or how utterly contemptuous the people in charge are – even though when I left their employ, I rightly told them they had been overtaken by demonic spirits and that they’re a bunch of crooks and frauds.

wp-1659013924027In the years that have passed, I have come to understand that the very people and organizations the Native community here have trusted to teach us our culture and medicine, to share in community feasts and friendships, careers, and visions for the future of Turtle Island have proven themselves corrupt and working to kill their own people and give globalists control over all the land and resources.

Their entire existence depends on the continuation of the fear and isolation of Natives and the perpetuation of victim status. For, if Natives were encouraged to become carpenters, farmers, and entrepreneurs rather than social workers and activists, there would be no jobs for the Indian agents.

And so – lo! Anishnawbe Health Toronto’s fake “healers” drive around in a (gas powered!!) van with a Medicine Wheel on the side trying to influence Natives on the street to line up for fake tests (which gather DNA for more bio weapons research), paper masks (which pollute the very land they’re supposed to be protecting), and death jabs (to continue the genocide they claim to be fighting against).

Do these “front line” health workers not know that Indigenous people are targeted for complete eradication by the globalists who pay their salaries?

The ignorance, hypocrisy, and deceit among these people is world class, and especially sickening since we know Trudeau makes bank with every test and jab “sold” in Canada using taxpayers’ own money.

wp-1659013761261It’s a real shock and shame to see since the Indigenous people are supposed to be the first line of defense in standing up against Imperialism, but instead have pushed their children into becoming full blown Marxists, bent on eradicating private property and turning all the land over to their criminal bosses through pushing globalist hoaxes including Land BACK!, Anti-Colonialism, CRT and BLM Marxist indoctrination in schools and youth centres, the gay agenda intended to destroy the family and human reproduction, and of course continued medical experimentation and genocide.

But, no matter how shocking and discouraging the truth about these diabolical assholes may be, we are blessed to be living in this time of great revelation – an Apocalypse of historic proportions – as every day we see more of the ugly truth being illuminated. The corruption and fraud I have personally witnessed in the Toronto agencies is jaw-dropping.

Speak The TruthAnd it is scary as hell to stand alone and face down bougie Native criminals and demonic “men of the cloth” who care more about their own ambitions than for truth and serving the people.

But I did it, and like the others who stood up before me, I pay the price with exile from a contaminated swamp with pleasure. This is what happens when you grab hold of your fear of not being accepted and stand in your own truth and power before evil people.

At this point, it appears the only way for the issues facing all the Natives who will remain after the latest genocidal purge to be resolved is for these organizations to be gutted and everyone involved in defrauding the public removed and arrested. Told you to grow a pair, Joey.

It’s overwhelming indeed to be aware of the corruption on the ground around us, being perpetrated by those we came to trust while also watching the world around us descend further into chaos.

It is probably the most fearful time that most of us can remember, and certainly a great time of trauma and distress for all of humanity. Remember that when you’re frozen and overwhelmed with fear.

The multi-pronged attack by criminals who have taken over our countries and communities – and have been working hard to control every aspect of our lives – hits every one of us in the most personal ways possible.

And, rabbit reminds us to be aware of that intensity, because it’s all enough to cause us to freeze in fear and want to stay cozy down in our rabbit holes…or just stand in place and scream so the thing we fear most will eventually come upon us (not the best solution as our Toronto Native leaders are showing us).

Rabbit 4Last year, I wrote about Rabbit and rising above fear, mostly as it affects our personal lives:

“Rabbit is a great teacher in all our Ancestors’ cultures and shows up either as a foolish character who is so lost in his own fearfulness that he draws the very thing he fears most into his life – or as a messenger of good luck and rebirth.

When we look at all the teachings together, we will see how Rabbit shows us that recognizing our greatest fears is the first step toward a life-changing journey that will demand every ounce of courage, patience, wisdom, willingness to accept help and the Grace of God.”

When I wrote about these aspects of fear last year, I was working on facing the many fears in my own life that have caused me to make poor choices over the years.

When we’re walking the sometimes confounding healing path, we expect everything to fall into place quickly and effortlessly once we’ve hit a deeper level of understanding.

But these last few years have shown us all the power of patience, as there are still so many dangerous people and events that are beyond our own control. That’s why using this time wisely for personal growth is such a great and powerful strategy.

Because the external (the political) really is affecting the internal (personal) aspects of life here on planet earth.

We are beginning to see terrible news about some of the people who participated in the big pharma global experiment, and we know that the “new” versions of “the virus” are actually being pushed to cover the side effects of the jabs.

And that’s another wave of fear that we’re all going to have to process.

The “Monkey Pox” *pandemic* the lunatics have begun to push is not airborne. It is only being reported in gay communities (the month after “pride”), and is affecting gay men – except for two toddlers who were infected after being in the homes of gay men.

wp-1659013761376This disease looks very much like smallpox, the same disease the elite parasites used to eradicate most of the Native people here in North America a couple hundred years ago. That disease was passed through physical contact and infected blankets.

It is also being reported by independent researchers and doctors as a possible side effect of the Covid jabs, which are causing a frightening and wide range of health problems for those who were foolish enough to take them.

And we are better able to see every day which of our public SERVANTS are still trying to kill their own employers (us) through pushing new chemicals and another round of mask mandates ahead of the upcoming elections.

Much easier to identify and run them off with every new stupid decision they make.

So my friends, what we’re seeing out there is a lot of fear and the results of centuries of fear based programming coming to the surface for illumination and release – in every community.

Shunned for TruthAnd, we’re watching people around the world come to terms with this fearful reality, face their own fears and take off the masks for the first time, choose not to take any more of those jabs, and begin speaking out against the machine.

We’re seeing Black men in leftist cities that have descended into third world shitholes beginning to buy guns and learn how to protect their own communities from the rampant gang warfare the Democrats have instigated under the culturally appropriated banner of “black lives matter” – a known Marxist operation.

We’re seeing entire police forces resign in protest of corrupt leaders who were installed by George Soros and other globalists whose greatest desire is to see America destroyed.

Most people have now completely thrown off their fear of their corrupt governments and political leaders and are in full blown revolution against the death cult and its plans to starve as many of us as possible in the years ahead. 

These are but a few beautiful signs that the people are standing up to the fear mongers and bullies. Every day, there are new reports of the establishment and its corrupt operatives being exposed and falling apart thanks to all of our efforts in spreading the truth to people. 

What we’re seeing in America is a great model for the people of the world to follow as America First Patriots have seized control of the narrative and are exposing the criminals and their many crimes through the new media networks we’re creating.

We have been told, and I’ve been writing for a few years now – Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming, and the arrival is neigh.

With the complete crash of the stock market, we will see the removal of the fake Biden regime and eventually Trudeau will fall – if he’s not arrested first.

We have perfect intel that the dark ones have lost the war, and all that remains is for us to get through the regional skirmishes as they fight to avoid their inevitable arrests.

So, fear not my friends. Even though dismantling an Ancient death cult is taking much longer than any of us would like, there’s no doubt it’s happening.

And again, we will still need to be standing by to help the ones around us as they either awaken or sicken in the days ahead.

It is this fear of the yet unknown that keeps us in hangtime.

It is this time out of time that blesses us with the space to face our fears.

And it is facing our fears that gives us the power to stand up and speak our truth.

It is my honour to be your messenger.




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