Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well. My tech crisis seems to be ending as (after buying and returning three malfunctioning ones), I finally have a working computer. I am very grateful and that’s perfect timing because Turkey is this week’s totem. We have a lot to be grateful about in the US these days, in spite of the fact it looks like chaos is raging out of control. The Red Wave has officially begun, as Arizona Patriots brought the receipts for the MAGA movement and our Candidates. It’s officially Kari-Zona now, and heads are already starting to roll!

This is just the beginning, so make sure you’re all stocked up and ready to celebrate. I’m re-blogging last year’s Turkey Medicine Article as it seems that much of what I wrote then is beginning to show up in the collective. Great refresher or a little red pill to share with newly awakened ones in your world. As always, thank you so much for being here. It is my honour to be your messenger.

Bird Clan Messenger

The TURKEY SPIRIT ANIMAL Ultimate Guide (Meanings & Symbolism)Turkey is a revered totem of self-sacrifice and nurturance, a bird sent by the Creator to feed the people during a time of famine. People around Turtle Island celebrate the harvest and special times of the year with feasts reminding us to give thanks for Turkey and all the provisions we have been given for our journeys.

Because Turkey doesn’t fly very often, she is a creature of the Red Quadrant on the Medicine Wheel – called the Earth Eagle as well – who reminds us to stay grounded, and to be prepared – especially during the most difficult times.

In an excellent article about Turkey Medicine, Bernadette King writes, “In Native American lore, Turkey helped create the world, showing humans how to raise corn and fight off evil spirits. But Native American Turkey hero legend goes much further.

Once upon a time Turkeys could talk just like humans…

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