By Kandace Keithley

Skunk is a Feminine symbol who teaches us about the importance of Respect – and that respect begins with respecting ourselves, knowing our boundaries, and being prepared to protect ourselves if it becomes necessary.

Screenshot (295)This week, Skunk is sitting in the Northern house of Spirit where the Grandfathers live, and she is joined by Moose in the East (mind), Mouse in the South (body) and Squirrel in the West (emotion).

Although Skunk is in the North with her feminine medicine teachings about self-respect, the overall message of this week’s totems and Medicine Cards is about the value and lessons we can learn from the Divine Masculine – by learning and appreciating the many roles that men have played in human history, and that they continue to play as teachers, warriors, spiritual messengers, and community leaders.

Skunk sits with the Grandfathers this week to remind us that in many tribes and nations throughout time, women have been great spiritual leaders and many societies even have a female as their most powerful cultural prophet, like the White Buffalo Calf Woman who brought the Seven Sacred Teachings, the Sacred Pipe, and the Sacred ceremonies to the Lakota people.

Skunk Medicine CardSister Skunk’s beautiful black and white coat reminds us of duality, and her colors reflect the feminine energies of intuition (black) and spiritual connection (white).

Duality reminds us of the most basic Universal Law – the Law of Free Will – which allows us to choose a “black or white” mentality based on surface level understandings of truth…

…or to spend time with the paradox of Skunk Medicine that teaches us truth and reality are discovered within the shades of gray – in the nuances of the dusk and the dawn.

The Universal Law of Free Will is the essential natural law that allows our eternal souls to shape our own experience and choose every situation we will encounter along our way, every friend, relative and stranger we meet. And Free Will gives us the right to make choices every day that will further our growth and evolution or divert us for a little while longer.

For everyone who is on a healing journey during this lifetime, realizing that everything in our lives (our clothes, the food we eat, the people around us, our children and families, our homes, our work) is a result of our choices can be incredibly freeing and daunting at the same time.

Skunk Magic

As you look at your life, where you are sitting at this point, are you feeling happy and content? Or are you feeling anxious and dissatisfied? Is your home in the place you want it to be? Or do you long to be far away from where you are at the moment? Everything around us is a reflection of our own choices.

Moose Medicine CardThe most essential choice we make as we walk along our journey is whether or not we will learn and begin to respect (fear) Universal Law, for the Law was given to us by the Creator of all. We are given free will as sovereign beings, but we are reminded that there are always consequences for every choice we make.

Skunk is in the North with the Grandfathers where Moose usually lives. Moose, like Buffalo represent the Grandfathers who reflect the Male figure as the one who is best equipped to lead and protect the family and the community.

Moose, who usually sits with the Grandfathers in the realm of Spirit, is sitting in the East this week reminding us to remember our history and traditional teachings. And this is very important for people in North America to understand right now because traditional manhood is under great assault by those who know that once you feminize a nation’s men, it can no longer protect itself.

All faith traditions and societies are established on a body of laws or teachings meant to maintain respect of persons and their belongings, and help the people live together in love and harmony. This includes Native tribes as well as all the nations of our collective Ancestors.

Modern society is currently experiencing a phase of “deconstruction” of the old in which those who are not operating in the best interests of humanity and encouraging young ones to believe that ANY imposition on individual freedom is indoctrination.

But they aren’t teaching that every act of Free Will has consequences. And that is also Universal Law.

There is a meme going around of a young blonde woman with her finger over her lips – like shhhhh – with the caption, “If you accept restrictions of free speech for any reason, it means you didn’t have an education, you had an indoctrination.”

At first glance and on the surface, this looks like a great Patriot appeal to the ideal of Freedom of Speech as protected in the Constitutions of most civilized nations throughout human history. But, when you think about it in a deeper context, this message is much more than a call for freedom of speech. It is a manipulative nudge toward anarchy like we have just witnessed in the Democrat controlled big cities in the US this past summer.

Free Speech Discussion

Certainly, every sane person would agree that Freedom of Speech is an innate human right. But like every other right we have been given during our journey on planet Earth, Freedom comes with responsibility. There are always consequences for our thoughts and words and actions. This is shown to us through The Universal Law of Cause and Effect – otherwise known as Karma.

People who push the concept of “freedom of speech no matter what” are supporting the rise of hateful, communist doctrines through the media, the propagandization of our health care systems to sell product and imprison the people, and the destruction of self-respect and dignity of human beings.

“Freedom of Speech no matter what” is the basis for the explosion of child sex trafficking and child porn, child snuff films, and child prostitution – a vigorous industry that relies on the internet.

Over the past several decades with the rise of the media and entertainment propaganda industries, we have witnessed the twisting of the ideals promised by our innate freedoms into a weapon intended to degrade humanity and keep us divided, weak, and dependent on the system of the dark.

As I wrote here, what we are seeing through the lifting of appropriate broadcast standards and standards of conduct for people in general over the past two decades is an explosion of filth. Vile, destructive and soul-stealing, garbage content being spewed into people’s homes 24/7 and into the public square as well.

Leave People alone

What we are seeing through people believing they are exercising their “rights” without facing the truth about the manipulative system we’re living in – is promotion of face-coverings and an entire industry built around the demoralization of humanity that is based on satanic ritual, masks, PPE at work.

The back-and-forth “regulations” of tyrants who are using their freedom to destroy small businesses are causing countless deaths by suicide, overdoses, isolation, and lack of medical treatment – while at the same time, they are attacking and penalizing individuals from exercising their right to express an opinion against the globalist narrative, and even their right to accommodate their own physical needs through personal choices like not covering the face – which is known to create more sickness.

Mouse Medicine CardMouse has joined Skunk this week, and she is sitting in the South with Crow, Coyote, Wolf in the place where Skunk usually lives.

These creatures all deal with the power of transformation, and right now as humanity sorts truth from deceit, light from darkness, there seems to be no escape from the black and white thinking. We are being assaulted by an immature interpretation of truth that has assaulted humanity via the media and the handful of elite corporations and billionaires who are invested in keeping the people confused, divided, and in fear.

Mouse has come to remind us that chaos can be made peaceful through our own efforts of sorting, research and organization. Because she is in the South, she represents organizing the physical aspects of our lives, for our surroundings represent the state of our soul. 

Mouse reminds us that having structure in our days, putting our best selves forward, and organizing our lives are excellent strategies for building our sense of self respect.

As we walk the spiritual path, we learn that the need for self-respect is the basis for our expectation that others will respect us. And Skunk shows us that learning to respect ourselves – our own inherent worth as individuals created by the Great Spirit – is much more difficult than simply making egotistical demands that everyone agree with us.

Human beings – since the beginning of time have had to learn to communicate with one another and that requires boundaries to shape our understandings of our world. There have to be rules to our behaviors – and that includes the way we use our words, which is one of the Universal Laws (cause and effect).

Medical IndustryThere are many ways that people destroy one another through the use of words and language as we are seeing in the media this very week. The manipulation of truth is claimed to be “freedom of the press” and protected by the 1st Amendment but look at the damage it’s doing to the country.

The Trail of Tears was caused by a group of unofficial Native leaders who used their “Freedom of Speech” to sell out all the lands east of the Mississippi to the same people who are destroying our nation seven generations later. Today, we are watching corrupt politicians of all parties selling out their people and their nations to foreign enemies.

And look at the damage it’s doing to people’s relationships with others and our communities. Freedom comes with responsibility, and Skunk reminds us that there are always consequences to unbridled words as the blogger, Dracomis notes:

People connecting through the internet many times act the same way [as skunk].  They are living their lives, doing amazing, weird, whacky, and wonderful things.  Then someone says something they don’t like.  Maybe it’s hurtful, maybe it’s angry, or maybe it’s just a comment from someone who sees things differently.  But they don’t like it and instead of waiting to see what is going on or why, they let go a stream of ugliness and anger that is flaming.  That’s skunk medicine.  It’s black and white thinking.  “Either you are with me or you’re against me”.  “Either you like me or you need to shut up”.  “I’m doing this for me and nothing you say makes any different so go away”.

Squirrel Medicine CardSquirrel sits with the Grandmothers in the West today, and along with Skunk he reminds us that there is a reason we have laws surrounding certain speech. That is why screaming “FIRE!!” in a crowded theatre is against the law. And why accusing innocent people of “insurrection” as a ploy to defraud a country is considered treason.

Squirrel Medicine reminds us that there must be limits and balance to our freedoms – and that is what we’re seeing now. All rules aren’t “indoctrination.” Indoctrination is used by systems that don’t require you to think for yourself, and in fact punish you for doing so. This is the basis of the perverted, twisted “rules” of cancel culture which should be against the law.

Squirrel reminds us of the need for organization and to be prepared, and to have faith in our own unique inner child who knows the way forward in times of chaos.

The mob-based mentality that believes it’s appropriate to expose and destroy another human being because you disagree with their truth is a terrible practice born of a generation brainwashed to the point of having a cult mentality.

Many of our Elders who have escaped communist countries and socialist revolutions or have lived on Native reserves will tell you that indoctrinating the youth to become mobs against those who challenge the government is a well known tactic that anarchists and revolutionaries use during a coup. We have watched these tactics as the evil ones murdered millions of our Indigenous Ancestors and locked them on concentration camps (reservations), and that is what these same people would do to all of us if not for the work of some very powerful and good people.

These changes – in which the youth are weaponized against their Elders and their own cultures and traditional teachings – have been foretold in the prophecies of all people. This indoctrination has brought humanity to the point that the youth are attacking the very people who stand against human trafficking, child sex slavery, pedophilia and all kinds of corruption. And this is because of their ignorance and indoctrination.

That is why it is so important for everyone to learn about and truly understand the organizations and causes they are getting involved with. Many of these are no more than programs intended to indoctrinate youth to serve the globalist elites as they always have and divert them from focusing on their own growth and healing.

We will never find our own unique essence in the middle of a mob. And this is a powerful teaching of Skunk – as well as of the Great Mother Bear who is the symbol of healers and protectors.

Lioness and cubs

Skunk teaches us that as beautiful, sovereign daughters and sons of the most high Creator, we are here to walk out what that means to us. To be conscious of the messages and energy we are putting out there through our words, through the pictures and videos that we post of ourselves online. Through the clothes we wear and the choices we make in the marketplace.

Are we putting too much emphasis on looking sexy, doing the duck face and suggesting our only value lies in our beauty and sexuality? Are we misleading people to believe we’re available and interested in them but are actually only needing attention and someone to feed our ego because we feel alone and afraid of doing our healing work alone?

Skunk, like all the Great Mothers who are walking in alignment with the Ancestors and the Great Spirit, reminds us that our inherent beauty and worth lie in our authenticity. In being honest about who we are and what we are looking for as we forage around on planet earth.

My friend and great healer, Vanessa works with women who are victims of domestic violence, and one of her greatest teachings is, “You don’t get the guy until you get yourself back.”

And this is Skunk Medicine at its finest. We are known by our reputation and our reputations are built through the words we use and the actions we take. And if we want a good reputation, we’re going to have to learn the tough lessons of self-respect.

Self-respect – learning to truly respect ourselves – comes to us during the night – the time of darkness. And that is where we are at the moment. During this year of the Great Mother Bear, we are encouraged to work on the heart-issues defining our own concept of self-worth for it is in exploring and healing this wound that we will recover the seeds of our own self-respect.

skunk-spirit-animal-webAs we have been warned, there are many false prophets in cyberspace and on the ground at this time. These are the people with the flashy websites and channels on social media who attack other truth-tellers, especially those who are military, veterans, or connected to the intelligence community. It’s important to check the background of people you follow. If you can’t find a bio, or any information about their personal background before they appeared on the scene, it might be a good idea to ask some questions.

Paradoxically, Skunk shows us that while there are many people who will keep their distance and believe our medicine to be “stinky,” – there are always people who will love and accept our medicine. There are many humans who actually LIKE the smell of skunk spray – from a distance of course.

But, Native healers knew that Skunk offered powerful medicine and mixed the stinky spray with water to treat toothaches and sore throats.

Skunk offers powerful medicine through her own body. The Micmac of Nova Scotia mixed skunk grease with squirrel grease to induce vomiting in people suffering from whooping cough, and there are many other reports of our Ancestors using Skunk oil to heal respiratory problems, depression, and induce vomiting.

As we learn from our Native relatives, it is often the ones who are shunned, ridiculed, and attacked by bullies who have the most powerful medicine to offer. For this is the power of the Scapegoat energy – which drives us away from the collective into the wilderness where we connect with the Great Spirit and learn to call on our helpers and become the creatures we were meant to be in this life.

It is important to listen to the messages of the Great Mother and all her helpers as they teach us to listen to our intuition when it comes to discerning whether a person or a group is in alignment with our energy and teachings and beliefs; and to know how to quietly keep our distance from those who are not able to hear our messages.

It is important to show our personal medicine to others in a way that honors our Ancestors, our families, ourselves, and the Creator. Rather than just going along with what all the “popular” kids are doing – Skunk encourages us to make friends with the dusk, the dark, and the dawn.

For it is these quiet solitary places that she likes to go which give us the peace and quiet, the time and space we need to meet the skunk in our own lives – and learn what her presence means to us.

It is my honour to be your messenger.


Kandace Keithley is a writer and the publisher of Bird Clan Messenger, a descendant of Trail of Tears Cherokee people and Oklahoma homesteaders who teaches and shares Traditional wisdom and medicine. She lives in Toronto, ON, Canada.


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