The Grandmothers have spoken. The time has come.

The Great Mother is calling us to our work awakening her sleeping children and helping them heal, so together we will heal our home and our families.

Today’s Music Medicine is “Machi,” a beautiful song of praise and worship of our Mother Earth and her healing powers by Peia Luzzi, a Shaman and Medicine Woman who  preserves, protects, and reconnects us to the Indigenous healing sounds (Songs) of our people around the world. Many thanks to Peia and the gifts of love and healing she gives to us all. Please visit her website and support her important work. 

Peia explains that “‘Machi’ is a song celebrating the healing power and medicine of Woman, the Moon and the Earth Herself. A Machi is a medicine woman and sometimes also refers to a medicine man.

I am sharing the lyrics and translation below Peia’s video. I hope they help you today.

Machi machi machi – ma. Machi machi machi – ma. Machi cura. Machi sana. Machi cántame una nana.

Machi is curing. Machi is healing. Machi sings me a lullaby.

Machi machi machi – ma. Machi machi machi – m.  Yo no lloro. Yo sólo canto. Con tu encanta. Pacha Mama. Madre Tierra.

I do not cry. I just sing with your love.

Pacha Mama. Mother Earth.


Much love,

swc kandace keithley ma


Toronto ON Canada Turtle Island Gaia

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