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It’s Leo’s month and of course it always gets me thinking about teamwork. If the past several years have shown truth-tellers anything, it’s that we’re much more powerful when we connect and work with others than trying to do everything ourselves. Here’s another look at my article, “Lion and Ant Medicine – The Power of Teamwork,” from last year. Still feels like many of us are in a holding pattern, repeating the same messages over and over. Don’t get impatient. People are waking up every day and are looking for answers. They’ll have a lot of catching up to do and are so lucky to have you by their side.

Bird Clan Messenger

AntThe medicine card totem for this time is Ant, and boy do we ever see a lot of scurrying and scrambling around out there. It can really wear you out if you’re not careful.

The information war – the battle for the human narrative is in full throttle right now as we see cities and forests around the world burning, volcanoes, floods, storms, and the drum beats of war on the ground.

And this is where the wise ants have decided to stop fighting one another and to join forces with his good friend, the King of the Beasts during his reign of August.

The mighty Leo, ruler of the Sun and the protector of God’s Kingdom.

We’ve got a double dose of Leo right now as the new moon is also in the sign of the Lion.

Donald and MelaniaSo – we could say that we have perfect balance between the…

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