wp-1660314585367Greetings everyone from behind the Canadian Iron Curtain where the little dictator’s approval is dropping faster than a stone in a still pond, and I have finally decided to make a run for the border. More details at the end of this post but first let’s get to the gravy!

Canadians continue to wake up to the reality that their “leaders” here, like in every other G7 nation, are nothing more than parasites addicted to the globalist tit of easy money, fraudulent scams against the people who pay them, and in many cases perverted psychopaths who will stop at nothing to protect their own hides and impose their draconian agenda on the people.

Little Ant, who is a great worker and community builder, has crawled into the picture this week to offer us lessons about patience and to show us the personal and social devastation caused by too much “tolerance.”

Western nations around the world are experiencing the horrifying, destructive impact of the “tolerance” pushed by the progressive left since at least the turn of the 20th Century. Every historian worth their salt understands the results of a society running out of control, with no respect for or adherence to Universal law, no law and order equally applied, no accountability for criminals, and unbridled licentiousness and attacks on the most vulnerable.

HopiProphecyWe have raised at least one, if not two, generations of people who have been molded since birth by propaganda in the media and popular culture telling kids that their parents are ignorant rubes who should be turned over to the state, telling kids that they alone can define absolute truth for themselves, they have the power to change everything about themselves right down to their reproductive organs if they “feel” like it.

Historians and those who have escaped from Communist takeovers know this attack on the most fundamental threads of our social fabric is fully intended.

wp-1660314297621A strategic assault on common decency and a shared public morality. You can now change your “gender” once a year on official government documents if you live in Germany. That sounds like a recipe for more social chaos.

The people leading these attacks claim to want to “protect democracy.” But, it’s becoming more clear every day that what they want to do is use mob rule to justify their coup attempt and destruction of Western nations and civilization.

They claim America is a democracy, but that’s not true.

America is a Constitutional Republic, shaped and governed by the rule of law.

Not the latest political trend or whim of globalist puppets who are paid to sacrifice their own children and defraud their fellow citizens in pursuit of their personal ambitions and hedonistic cravings, addictions, and compulsions.

wp-1660314417009In previous generations, people whose lifestyles and values aligned with modern Liberals were called “Libertines” and not generally respected in civilized society.

Libertines were the rogues of their worlds, those who pushed the limits of acceptable behavior and worked to normalize the abnormal, anti-social, anti-God (Universal Law) beliefs and activities that have infiltrated our nations and are destroying our children’s minds.

The devolution of the American left started by controlling workers through infiltrating and taking over labor unions, which were originally intended to protect laborers, especially children from slavery and workplace tyranny.

wp-1660317055885Today’s unions bear no resemblance to the workers’ rights movements that were their origins.

Today’s unions are actually more interested in exploiting child slaves in other countries who are forced to mine lithium for electric cars in rich liberal cities than protecting the people.

Like most modern institutions, they’ve been transformed into giant slush funds for the left, form the basis of control centers used to strip the people of their individual rights, and push the Alphabet agenda onto the public.

Notice how many industries and organizations won’t hire you unless you join their union, which by default forces you to contribute to leftist candidates and organizations/issues like the abortion industry, BLM, “diversity” training (which is really anti-white racism in disguise), and “Indigenous People,” whose land is being sold to the highest bidder in the name of globalism.

wp-1659036351770As they are doing with the Black and Native communities today, the “leaders” of these criminal organizations simply use the people’s issues to market their own political agendas while enacting legislation and policy that ushers in more government control and whose ultimate aim is to continue the genocide and land confiscation they began a few centuries ago.

Patriots in America are being pushed to the limit of their patience by the spawn of these people, watching the Deep State violate a laundry list of Donald Trump and his supporters’ Constitutional rights and this week, enact an FBI raid on the home of a President of the United States to cover their own treason and corruption.

Their playbook is to push for a ground war, a shooting civil war which would kick off the Color Revolution they’ve been working to impose on America since they took illegitimate control of the country last year.

stubborn-pepe-1They still believe that Americans will rise up and storm the capital, and that’s exactly what they want, as we see from the regime’s latest plan to build an armed army of IRS enforcers to assault American citizens.

I have a hunch this plan is a cover to bring UN forces to power because it’s hard to imagine any American agreeing to the job description which requires a 50+ hour work week, on call weekends, and willingness to use deadly force against anyone who won’t cooperate with their latest cash grab.

But, like the pee tape, the Russia hoax, the failed impeachments, and the January 6 clown show, this latest slap in the face to the American people and our duly elected President will turn out to be another failed operation, and another go round of the dying beasts’ flailing and gnashing of teeth.

wp-1660323079355The historians of the future are going to have an absolute blast writing about this.

Patience is indeed a great virtue. We don’t have to rise up and come to arms while the desk jockey clown show in DC is floundering around and exposing themselves at every turn.

The FBI has crossed the Rubicon some are saying, and great Patriot leaders like Rep. Paul Gosar and the next Governor of Arizona, Kari Lake are calling for the FBI and all the alphabet agencies (controlled by unelected bureaucrats) to be dismantled.

And, as absolute CHAOS(!) seems to be the deep state players’ game plan, they’re now being forced to admit the truth. This MEMEtastic(!) Medicine Show is from last March and was banned by YouTube for “disinformation” about masks, because it includes the WHO’s statement that masks don’t work! We’re now seeing this prophecy by Kim Clement come to pass before our eyes.

We’ve been told to expect this chaos as the traitors are fighting for their lives and doing as much damage as possible on their way out.

wp-1660314297539The people who are still clinging to the old narrative must wake up and begin to accept that our governments are not our friends.

The people holding the power in the west are not and have rarely worked on behalf of the people who pay their salaries.

Only when the people accept this fact, will the truth become clear and this crazy world will start to make sense. Ugly sense.

But, it’s a starting point.

Ant lives on the ground and underneath, patiently doing his work and working with his team mates to complete his mission, provide for his community, and protect his leader – who in the Ant world is his Queen.

wp-1660316328565The woman who is the beloved “queen” of the Patriot movement, Melania Trump, must be incredibly tolerant, as the entire world now knows that rogue FBI operatives ransacked her underwear drawer, assumably in search of “classified documents” The Donald supposedly spirited out of the White House.

How much more of a violation into a woman’s personal life could there be than digging through her most intimate apparel and belongings?

What on earth could they have been looking for among her bras and panties?

What kind of weirdoes and freaks are really working for the FBI (established by a Democrat President to “protect” him from dissidents)?

This attack on Melania really hits the bottom of the barrel and forces us all to face the most basic, primordial issues challenging our society.

wp-1660314297567Ant lives down at the bottom of the Medicine Wheel in the Red Quadrant, the place where we see the most fundamental aspects of life playing out.

The roots of our lives and our societies. The values we hold dear like personal privacy, the right to our Constitutional freedoms against illegal government search and seizure, the way we treat the good people who have served our nation vs what the evil ones are allowed to get away with documented treason, massive abuse of power, and the imposition of psychotic predatory beliefs onto our children.

We have been misled by corrupt leaders on both sides of the aisle, and now we have no choice but to discuss these issues and decide how we want to proceed as a nation.

And the ants have gained critical mass.

The people are finding their courage, and they’re starting to stand up and speak out against this tyranny, regardless of their political affiliation – which is a welcome change.

The American people of both sides are now speaking out against the increasing heavy-handed, tyrannical overreach by an illegitimate regime hellbent on destroying our country and taking out our President any way possible.

And, with every exposure, the crackpots in the fake Biden regime keep turning up the heat.

wp-1660314297595They’ve even accused Trump of leaving the White House with Top Secret “Nuclear Intel,” which goes beyond the pale of ridiculous.

Because, if Trump DID do such a thing, it would expose the Alphabets as incompetent boobs who allowed it nearly two years ago. And, if it’s false (as we know it is), it exposes them as the liars and traitors we’ve known them to be since at least 2017. Many of us have known for far longer.

There’s no doubt whatsoever that these people are trying to bring America down to the level of a Banana Republic where the incoming “President” throws his opposition in prison.

Is this the precipice? Are we watching Trump and the Patriots lay the ground work for mass arrests of the traitors in our government?

How much “tolerance” do these leftist weirdoes expect will be afforded to them at the ballot box this November? They know they’re done for because we’re all watching as they scurry around and try to lay out their system to cheat their way back into power this November. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for America, there are too many Patriot eyes on their every move and boots on the ground, some people camping out to guard ballot drop boxes from their paid mules.

The people have had enough of Democrats’ version of “tolerance.”

wp-1660318787619Decent people are appalled and enraged at the blatant efforts to groom children into sex slavery and pedophilia by the “pride” movement.

Every day, we’re now seeing news reports of pedophiles embedded in the school system being arrested for raping or molesting children in their charge, or blatantly supporting the trend to “change the gender” of school children.

If you find this shocking, remember that pedophiles, like all predators, naturally gravitate to where their prey spends its time, so of course the government school system (which gets paid to mandate “diversity), is prime hunting grounds for the most evil among us.

But, we all know that pride comes before a fall. One of the seven deadly sins. And the dark ones know this too.

Never doubt they know our Bible and Sacred teachings much better than most “normies” do and they’ve used them to bully and manipulate the spiritually illiterate into supporting a literal Satanic agenda in the church, schools, government, and the public square.

We’re seeing the results of too much misplaced cheek turning in the “Sanctuary Cities” of North America, where Universal Law and absolute truth are ignored in the name of “personal preference” and peer group accolades, allowing literal criminals to run free and perverts to stalk and groom children in the classroom.

It’s amusing to see how “tolerant” these Marxist leaders really are when they’re hit with busloads of the illegal immigrants they were planning to use to destroy Conservative border states. Now, DC’s Mayor Bowser has been calling for the National Guard to help and NYC’s Eric Adams is demanding they be sent back.

Unfortunately, the good people of Sanctuary Cities are experiencing the pain of consequences. They’re learning first hand how too much tolerance, misplaced tolerance can get you killed and your home destroyed. Especially when the personal preferences and peer groups of those running the show are based in unfettered corruption, deceit, and a plan to depopulate the planet,

Tolerance and patience are two values that all great Spiritual teachers, including Jesus have taught about, and one of the most well-known but misunderstood of all Jesus’ teachings is about “turning the other cheek.”

wp-1660318787531For years, even decades, “progressive” Christians and libertine leftists have taunted truth-tellers and Patriots, telling us that to be like Jesus, we must “turn the other cheek” in the face of their repeated violations of the law and the social contracts that keep us all together and safe.

Anyone who has escaped a relationship with a narcissist or abuser understands the futility of turning the other cheek if it isn’t done with an understanding of this teaching and based in the spirit of defiance to their claims of superiority.

For the essence of Jesus’ teaching is about showing our equality to those who would lord over us by calmly standing up to their attack and putting them in a position to show their lack of humanity. Not to meet evil with evil. Patriot leaders are warning the people not to allow the latest round of insults to goad them into taking up arms, playing into the insurrections’ hands.

Like many people, I wrestled to understand this teaching as it applied to my own life because turning the other cheek seemed to turn me into more of a doormat for more abuse than a person who was defying the evil through passive non-resistance and prayer.

Corey Farr at Red Letter Christians explains,

“the offer of the other cheek was actually a way to unmask the power play, to non-violently subvert the system by playing right into the ridiculousness of it all. And this is not cowardly. It takes great courage. This subversive act flips the power dynamic. By turning the other cheek instead of cowering or striking back, the wounded party brings uncomfortable embarrassment and shame on the aggressor. The oppressive system has been caught with its pants down, and it doesn’t know what to do.”

This is the strategy used by the great Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior during the Civil Rights movement as he led people to simply stand up and assert their fundamental human rights in the face of the Democrat KKK’s assaults on their lives, families, and homes.

The resulting films and photos brought enormous shame on the perpetrators and on the nation. While the Democrat party is working hard to erase any connections they had in embedding and infusing systematic racism into American culture, history shows the truth of their hatred and bigotry.

We’re all watching a great example of “never interrupt your enemy while he’s in the process of destroying himself” unfolding every day in real time.

wp-1660318787321Progressive preachers have used the Turn the Other Cheek teaching from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount to coax Christians into allowing (and even cheering) drag queen performances in Chapels, promoting the alphabet agenda which is entirely based on the plan to destroy human reproduction through gender confusion, hyper sexuality, and maiming children from birth, and to ensure “church” compliance with the WEF/Davos agenda.

The “pastors” who are allowing this evil to infiltrate their congregations are actually worse than the wolves outside the door.

They’re traitors to the mission of Jesus and criminals who have sold their own people to globalist psychopaths in exchange for a pulpit and a tax break.

But, as we know, the criminality doesn’t stop with the institutional church. All around the world, entire governments are resigning under the weight of their own criminality. Corrupt leaders are being exposed, some in great danger from mobs of infuriated people who trusted them and were robbed, attacked, and had loved ones killed by their treasonous policies.

Screenshot (856)Here in Toronto, we’re learning which “leaders” (including tribal and agency heads) are dirty globalists who are involved in the effort to put Natives in urban concentration camps, set apart from the heart of the city and dependent on the globalist “services” and “medicine” their Imperial controllers are planning to implement. 

These “leaders” are either too incompetent to understand that they’re literally giving up control of their land to the Empire they claim to hate, or they’re a part of the system and are reaping great rewards from betraying and helping to exterminate and imprison their own people while flying their “Indigenous Rights” flags for cover.

Ant 2Ant reminds us that good things always come from exercising patience and restraint, even in the face of odds that seem hopeless.

Even though many of us have been censored and are constantly fighting against having our rights to free speech, bodily integrity, and medical privacy challenged, we’re still in the fight bringing truth to our people as well as possible.

The “tolerance” that many have been bullied and manipulated into offering dark entities that would strip our rights and turn our children into eunuchs and whores seems to be working itself out as the good people simply stand up and say, “no.”

Watching the Libertine meltdown in the face of sane and moral people standing up to them is quite entertaining. The folks who bring the insanity of these people to the fore with ridicule and humor are a powerful army indeed, and they’re like a safety valve helping to reduce the righteous rage that we are all feeling these days.

If you’ve been around here awhile, you know I love the politically incorrect railings of The Salty Cracker who digs into the very dregs of libertine culture to reveal the depths of their depravity and to deconstruct their system with truth, logic, and a lot of fun poking. Here, he tells us that the leftovers are actually calling to dig up Ivana Trump’s grave to search for “classified” materials.

The most bizarre thing about “strategies” like digging up a dead woman’s grave is that the people suggesting them seem to have no sense of how deranged they sound to the average person.

wp-1660318787384And, this is the power of turning the other cheek, standing back and allowing evil to reveal itself.

Jesus knew there’s nothing more powerful than the truth, and that the most powerful thing any of us can do is to learn and embed the Truth, the Absolute Truth into our beings. We know this pursuit and application of truth in our own lives isn’t easy but it’s the basis for our strength in the face of every challenge we face.

And, Jesus also knew that those who are here to bully and hurt others, to lord over other human beings with a false sense of superiority would always reveal their hearts given enough space and a platform.

That’s what we’re watching around the world during this time of great prophecy and revelation.

I’m thinking a lot these days of our Native prophets who received and shared visions of great snakes and spiderwebs crossing Turtle Island. We now see the snakes of highways and train tracks, the webs of hydro lines and communications cables stretching themselves across the land, often entangling people in intentionally set webs and damaging the land in the name of progress.

wp-1660314417246The Biblical prophets as well as Native American prophets and visionaries told the people that there would be a time like this, when children no longer respect their elders and in fact turn against them and their traditional teachings.

When the Elders are asleep due to their own untended wounds and the resulting corruption. When men dress like women and vice-versa and a great madness takes over the lives of those who aren’t connected to the Great Spirit.

And, there are many young people who aren’t strongly connected to a Spiritual foundation because they weren’t raised in the church or any traditional form of faith. These are the folks I love to talk with.

I was blessed this week by my son Peter and his friends who cooked up a fantastic barbecue to help celebrate my birthday.

Most of these kids were raised here in Toronto, under the guidance of a godless system infused with progressive programming and propaganda from birth. 

They are some of the sweetest and most profoundly talented young people I’ve ever met, but unfortunately, they’ve been groomed to accept virtually anything, any immoral or anti-social behavior in the name of “tolerance.”

Jesus BannedThey don’t mind the destruction of the English language in the service of the Marxist/Pedophile driven “personal pronoun” fad because their teachers failed to teach them the importance of language in maintaining a cohesive society.

Of course, that’s by design as we know that the majority of teachers are Marxists who support the invasion of female spaces by mentally ill men, who support the “black face minstrel” treatment of women, reducing us to nothing more than whores and strippers who perform for a dollar in the waistband of a g-string.

These are kids who grew up in the time of participation trophies, trying to learn in a failed government school system that cares more about grabbing tax payer dollars through pushing Cultural Marxism than actually forming strong, productive individuals who are capable of managing their own lives. 

Many are now experiencing the confounding impact of extreme progressivism, too much tolerance on their lives and those around them and it’s beginning to make them question.

wp-1660314417210Questioning is good. Discussion is good. And helping our young, indoctrinated youth out of the quagmire of pseudoscience and government propaganda is the best thing we can do these days.

But remember, it’s a delicate task.

The issues we’re dealing with today as a society are a direct result of feminism and the sexual revolution. The “sins of the father” is a very real thing (mothers too), as we are finally beginning to understand the long-lasting impact of generational trauma and belief, passed down through the generations.

wp-1660314639204We’re seeing the products of the liberal boomers – latchkey kids who had no guidance other than school and the television, and parents who taught them to hate the church, hate what is traditional and life-giving in support of a corporate system that demands the time, energy, and lifeblood of every human in order to exist.

Humans are a predominately tolerant species as the past few hundred years have shown us. But, there is a tipping point.

A precipice where we all agree together that enough really is enough.

And, as we stand back and watch the evil ones throwing punches and spewing lies to keep their libertine values in play and their corrupt system in control of our society, we’re being joined by ever greater numbers of people who are finally, finally beginning to realize that what’s happening isn’t about Orange Man Bad at all.

It’s about the rights and freedoms of all people around the world and protecting our most vulnerable from the greatest evil this world has ever seen.

The Donald – probably the most patient man on the planet – is about to call in his army of Ants for the final destruction of the cabal.

AntAnd we’re all out here, patiently waiting.

Tolerantly allowing the predators and bullies to expose themselves, and doing the hard work to rebuild our lives.

Ants, like all creatures God created, have stamina.

They know that good things take time and that every single one of us is valuable and has a great purpose, even if it’s just gathering and carrying food back home to keep our families alive through this crazy time.

Great things are always the end result of many little tasks and details tended to regularly, like a beautiful garden. 

Or a thriving ant colony.

So my friends on the ground, have patience and have faith in the power of the tolerance boomerang hitting the bad guys square in the head. The end is in sight, and we know that things are going to get worse for them as time moves forward.

Be strong, Wayshowers. Be Patient. And know your tolerance is much more powerful than you ever imagined.

It is my honour to be your messenger.

** I have made the difficult decision to move back to the US to my home state of Oklahoma and have begun getting organized, making plans, and saving up my pennies. If you like my work and would like to see it continue and expand, please consider supporting this life-changing endeavor. As always, I am so grateful that every one of you are here with me. Thank you so much for reading. — Kandace

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