Good morning everyone from behind Castreau’s Iron Curtain where every day more people are beginning to realize that their lush-haired leader is an WEF puppet, working to continue the genocide and land grab that his relatives have been working on since they got here.

Keep up to date with breaking news and info from around the world through the great Patriots in the Bird Clan Patriot Chat.

Screenshot (3)Things here at BCM have been busy this week as I’ve been doing a lot of ground work, laying the foundations for our own community over on Locals where you will be able to find the Bird Clan Kitchen Party – weekly news roundups, private Zoom circles, and content that the commie platforms would ban.

Join the community for FREE for the next thirty days using the PROMO Code BCKP811

Trump against communismThe other huge initiative I’ve just launched is Operation Repatriate – a crowd-sourced project to get me out of here! 😱🙏🦅🇺🇸 – and then to help other stranded Expats get home through establishing a private charity.

Check out the campaign here.

And please share with your communities – AND your elected officials!

It is unconscionable that, while there are  more than 6 million American citizens living abroad, the US government offers no tangible support or resources for those who are struggling and need help getting home. Meanwhile, they’re authorizing billions of dollars for the import and settlement of foreign criminals.

This has got to stop! And, the Operation Repatriate project is one way we can all work together to begin rectifying this, along with the countless other injustices we have been dealing with at the hands of literal traitors and criminals.

WeaselThis week, Weasel is our animal guide, who reminds us that there is a lot of stealth going on – always something happening in the background. So, don’t let the crazy stuff happening on the ground freak you out. The best really is yet to come.

I had a CRAZY dream about chickens (a hero Rooster) last night. One of those that really sticks with you, so we’ll be talking about the Chicken totem this week too.

I’ll write a big update and have it out later today, but in the meantime, have a look at “Weasel and Lion Medicine – Courage in a Time of Prophecy.”

ICYMI here’s a great refresher from last year – on the eve of the final defeat of the Cheney Dynasty. Go Wyoming!

Thank you as always for being here.

It is always my honour to be your messenger.

K Keithley, Medicine Wheel Night, 10 (Redemption Song) Sanctuary Toronto 14 July 2018If you would like to book a private session or circle for your group, check out this page.


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