wp-1660689753702The great divide in America has never been so pronounced as it has in the past week with the lawless FBI raid on President Donald Trump’s home (believed to be the Winter White House by some Patriots), hitting its crescendo with an Obama Administration “historian” calling for President Trump to be put to death for “selling nuclear secrets” and the revelation they had even stolen President Trump’s passports!

We are walking through truly unprecedented times, as America has clearly devolved into a full blown Banana Republic with a dictator and controlling party targeting their political opponents on every level.

What a great time for Weasel to show up and remind us about the Medicine of “Stealth.” Because on the surface, things are jarring as a 67 Chevy pick-up on a washed-out gravel road.

wp-1660689753626There have even been suggestions the illegitimate regime would go so far as to arrest President Trump.

That would definitely shock the remainder of redeemable sleepers awake. Because if that were to happen, anyone cheering it on would show themselves to be a Communist who hates America and all our Republic stands for, or so severely brainwashed that there’s no hope for them.

The enemy still doesn’t understand that, like Obi Wan Kenobi, every time the deep state tries to strike POTUS down, he rises even more powerful than before.

Red Wave incoming!

Like Bat, Weasel can get a bad rap because like a lot of other stupid things humans do, they will use an animal name to define a negative characteristic, like being creepy or sneaky or dishonest.

But, the great thing about Animal Medicine – learning all the stories and observations about the animals our Ancestors left us – is that we can see the positive characteristics of the creatures too.

WeaselAgain like Bat, Weasel is a small but mighty animal who Native storytellers tell us was a spy who went on a recon mission to see what the newcomers were doing, and had the terrible job of telling the  people about the coming genocide and destruction.

Weasel shows us the often tough role of those charged with the responsibility of prophecy – sharing God’s warnings with others so all who take heed may be prepared for coming changes ahead – whether good or bad.

In that way, Weasel joins Crow, Raven, and other messengers of change.

wp-1660689753536Out in the public arena, we’re seeing the stealth investigations that have been going on for the past few years are starting to bear fruit, and are most likely the reason the deep state players are starting to freak out.

Great changes are coming, and the people who conspired to perpetrate a coup against the United States of America aren’t going to like them. The enormous pile of lies, cover-ups, Unconstitutional policies, and attacks on conservatives – along with the breathtaking level of the Biden family’s corruption – are overwhelming the people, who can no longer ignore reality.

Weasel reminds us here that stealth goes both ways, and at this particular time, the good Weasels are winning the war against the bad ones.

Weasel 2Those of us forced into a tight, quiet spot thanks to the tyranny or insanity of that particular place we find ourselves, have learned the power of silent observation.

I regularly walk around my neighborhood here in Toronto to survey the scene, see which businesses have gone under this week, and how many people are starting to put those silly masks back on.

It sometimes seems that Canada is stuck in an endless cycle of lies and deceit as the public here is finally learning that their “leaders” sold this country out to the WEF back in the 1990s, around the time the Clintons were busy setting up the “America for Sale” shop down in the States.

If you’ve been paying attention, you now understand that “Truth is a Force of Nature,” like our President has been saying for years. And we’re finally seeing the power of Truth blasting open the lid on the Pandora’s box of secrets the controllers of this planet have been hiding from us all.

It’s going to be a rough time for awhile still, because many people are just beginning to wake up to the horror show that has been our “government” for decades.

Weasel says, “now is the time to speak your truth.” If we’ve learned anything the past few years is that we must find the courage to stand up for truth, to stand against pseudo-science that would kill us all, trillion-dollar advertising campaigns intended to keep us enslaved, and corrupt politicians who would throw us all under the bus for a dollar.

The little ones are starting to speak their truth, thanks to seeing the excellent role-modeling of their parents, led by an amazing pack of courageous Momma Bears and Lionesses along with the firepower of our Conservative men.

186Thank goodness for Conservative men: Wolf warriors, Lions, Grizzlies, and lots of Cocks on the Walk now that the pendulum is swinging back to the right and Patriotism is sexy and strong.

We’ve all had enough of the whole “toxic masculinity” psyop being pushed by people who don’t even understand basic biology.

It might be a good time to get some of those folks out of the city, onto a farm where they can watch the animals do what all God’s creatures do.

Roosters and chickens would be a great place to start that lesson about the birds and the bees.

Enough of this predatory, over sexualization of our children already.

Even though Weasel is this week’s totem and he and chicken don’t generally get along since weasel likes to eat chickens, I decided to share some chicken medicine today because chicken seems to be everywhere lately; and last night I had the weirdest dream I’ve had in awhile that featured a hero chicken.

I don’t usually remember my dreams, so this one – in very vivid color – really caught my attention.

It was basically a dream about me chasing down a cockroach, which is not that strange, since living in downtown Toronto means having them show up every now and then.

Like chickens, bugs seem to be everywhere in the news lately too. This whole Klaus Schwab/WEF “You’re going to eat bugs” thing has kicked off with several test market cities in Canada rolling out cricket burgers and worm dogs. Of course the jet-setting, yacht-loving Hollyweird crowd is telling everyone not in their pay grade that we need to eat bugs because “climate change.”

Can we all just stop for a moment and think about how very little Klaus, Justin, and all the celebrity creeps pushing bugs as a viable “protein source” for humans must think of us?

wp-1660689753753Can you imagine building a bug protein company thinking that you were going to clean up on selling bugs to your fellow human beings and then going bust because everyone on the planet realizes it’s a gross and disgusting idea for anyone but birds? How unbelievably stupid an investment is that?

Within days of the stories about the WEF plan to “convince” us that it’s a great idea to eat bugs, the uncorrupt science crowd was giving us the goods – telling us to stay far away from this latest “trend” created by the depopulation mafia.

Because, as it turns out, human bodies can’t digest insect protein after all.

Who knew? Certainly not the great leaders who tell us that if we just “trust the science,” everything will be fine!

To be fair, the Old Testament gives some guidance on what kinds of insects are okay to eat, and John the Baptist was hanging in there eating locusts and honey. But seriously, unless you grew up in a culture where bug eating is a thing, it’s doubtful you’ll be appropriating that little food tradition.

If you want a great laugh, check out last night’s episode of Gutfield where they bring the whole subject to the table and share some of the disgusting videos of Satanists like Nicole Kidman and “vagina candle” merchant Gwyneth Paltrow gobbling up the crawlers. Yummy.

Thank goodness the sane people of the planet are starting to see the celebrities promoting mealworms and crickets for snackage as the Satanic lunatics they truly are. As if they actually eat bugs and worms when they’re not on camera. You have to know they’re all laughing at the people who do as they say.

That’s what psychopaths do.

But I digress. Bigly.

Back to the dream, I was chasing the cockroach, really trying to take him out – and chased it into this hole.

Well, as I was poking into the hole, trying to jab the cockroach out of existence, out popped a HUGE, Grandaddy of all roaches, blue with red stripes, standing up like a human and waving his legs at me. Like a cartoon cockroach.

I was frozen in fear and amazement at this unusual and creepy challenger standing up in this hole on the threshold of the door. . .

. . . and, just as I was beginning to wake up. . . a giant Bantam Rooster popped around the doorway and bit him in half. 😱

It was a shocking ending, and woke me right up. One of those one-scene, thirty second (maybe) dreams that you never forget.

wp-1660689753578But, it made me start thinking about Chickens, and how this humble bird has saved the day for humans for hundreds of thousands of years. Most every cuisine on earth includes traditional chicken or some sort of domestic fowl.

Chickens and humans have lived together and helped one another survive for a very long time, and it’s time that we return to those days where we know where our food is really coming from.

The days where more of us are raising chickens, who give us eggs and meat while they also EAT THE BUGS that the demonic globalists would serve to us.

And that leads us to the very (dark) weaselly, diabolical purpose of the bug-eating plan.

It goes beyond their hatred for humans.

They hate all of God’s creation.

Imagine what would happen if we ate all the insects that birds need to eat, that pollinate the flowers and veggies, that scavenge the carrion and carcasses and pick them clean like the Creator’s cleaning crew.

DurhamIt wouldn’t take long until we had the dark, cold Mad-Max style world they’ve been dreaming of and would have imposed on us all if not for the stealthy crew backing Donald Trump – who disrupted the Obama/Clinton 16 year plan to destroy America. If you haven’t learned about it yet, check it out.

We’re living it, and even though it’s tough for sure, it’s also a blessing.

If all these injustices, eliminations of rights and freedoms, unbridled tyranny, and genocidal plans had been allowed to continue on their 16 year plan, most people wouldn’t have woken up because of the slow and draining nature of the roll out.

Thanks to Donald Trump, their plan had to be sped up by four years to meet their goals (which seem to be immoveable), and that’s why people are seeing the evidence so much more clearly.

As I was thinking about how to weave some Chicken medicine into this Weasel post, I decided to see if they ever work together at all. Not usually. Chicken is tasty to Weasel, and will turn up as dinner if there are no small rodents around.

Weasel and Rooster 2018When looking around for information about Weasels and Chickens, I discovered this Chinese proverb:

“The weasel pays respect to the hen without the best of intentions.”

What a great reflection for pretty much everything the elite controllers are doing to the families, the children, all living creatures on this planet.

Paying respect without the best of intentions isn’t respectful at all – as the Hollywood bug pushers are showing us.

Humanity will be learning that the “politically correct” “tolerant” and “respectful” dialogue we’ve all been tortured with over the past decade is nothing more than a veneer for deep seated hatred of our society and all that is good.

For, as the good Weasel shows, and as we learn through our Spiritual Journeys, there is no respect where truth is hidden beneath a veneer of meaningless words.

We’re seeing that truth played out before our eyes every day.

Pray that as a species, we will learn to have more respect for ourselves, others, and this beautiful planet God has given us that we won’t be fooled again.

It is my honour to be your messenger.