Weasel is the Medicine Totem of the week, and we’re still in the month of the mighty Lion with a powerful Full Sturgeon Moon, also known as the Red Moon by Southern Tribes and the Green Corn Moon by others.

We have reached the end of a powerful cycle in which many people have begun the process of awakening, and many others are going even further down the rabbit holes of our existence here on Mother Earth.

Weasel is understood as a symbol of prophecy, a recon scout who was given the terrible responsibility of telling the Red People of their coming doom, which we are seeing at this time of great prophecy.

Weasel was the prophet in the Native story which completely aligns with the prophecies of other peoples happening before our eyes. Those who refuse to learn and understand those messages – and the nature and truth of this time – will be lost. 

And that is why Lion has joined up with weasel this week to give us strength and courage as chaos and false flags are hitting a fever pitch around the world as people stand up to the cabal and their deep state terrorists.

It’s important to remember that everything we see on the television or in the corrupt globalist “media,” is a lie.

They are running a literal psyop against the people of the world as they continue to push for their “great reset” agenda which intends to impose communist rule on the world and exterminate up to 90 percent of the global population.

If they had gotten their way in 2016 (through rigging the election for Hillary Clinton), we would all be goners.

Thankfully, we know that Donald Trump, the good guys in the global intelligence community along with the military members, veterans, law enforcement officers and millions of Patriots around the world are in control and are guiding us through this confusing time toward the truth.

We can already see the mockingbird media being forced to attack the imposter Biden regime as they are committing treason against Americans and our Constitution before our eyes.

Weasel Medicine gives us the ability to see beneath the surface and get to the truth about the big picture. This is very difficult medicine to have, as people with the gift of sight and prophecy are often ridiculed and exiled from their families and communities – and even attacked and killed – as we have seen over the past several years with the Patriot movement.

Weasel people are the early warning system for their communities. Their powerful medicine is often hidden beneath a playful, clever, or even introverted exterior. But, when these powerful communicators speak, it is important for everyone to listen and plan accordingly.

People with the medicine of vision usually know what’s happening well before the collective begins to awaken to truth. And, sometimes waiting for everyone to catch up with the new narrative, that we the people of this planet are walking together into the 8th Fire Great Awakening and away from the control of a handful of elite criminals . . . 

Well – that can get boring or frustrating for awhile.

Remember, understanding what is happening to us when we begin to receive any medicine, then learning its lessons and processing it into a new level of consciousness, a new way of being takes a lot of time. And the levelling up never ends for us on this planet, for that is why we all came to this place.

When we are walking between worlds after a powerful evolution in consciousness, it is often difficult to connect with the things that made up our old lives.

The radio gets on our nerves. Music is annoying. Videos are too depressing, too political, too ridiculous, too filled with propaganda.

And we just don’t feel like anything resonates anymore.

What in the world is going on?

That is where many of us have been over the last few months (if not longer), and we’re ready for something to happen!

It is usually when we reach this point that everything changes, and that is what we’re seeing in the collective at this moment.

The tide has turned and more people than ever before are waking up to the truth that Joe Biden is a puppet of China (thanks to his drug addicted, whore-banging, blackmailable son), who is literally taking orders from them.

He and the Democrats (along with most of the Republicans) have been stealing Americas elections on every level for a long time.

And, now that people are becoming aware of this, the CCP, their deep state goon squad and the squatters in the “white house” are freaking out and throwing all their spaghetti against the wall.

False flags are abounding right now as the evil ones and their leagues of demonic puppets in the media, medicide industry and governments are doing everything they can to distract and divide or keep the people in fear and ignorance. These are the actions of an army on retreat – destroying as much as they can in the process of getting off the battlefield.

Fortunately, Patriots are well trained in sniffing out and reporting on their false flags and we have the truth about them coming out almost immediately. Nobody is afraid of them or is really paying attention to them anymore.

This is what happens when you use an old, tired playbook – like the ones the cabal has been using against humanity for centuries. Create a crisis, a war, a plague to control, enslave, and kill the people. Rearrange entire societies. Make the people pay you for it. Blow up their homes. Destroy Businesses. Terrorize them with fake “domestic terror” attacks so they won’t recognize the truth of a real one. Do it all to take away more rights and freedoms.

Rinse and repeat.

Now that we know their playbook and have a global army of digital soldiers fighting their ridiculous plans for the world, we will soon be able to begin focusing on rebuilding our lives and communities. 

In fact, many people are already beginning the process as they’re able.

Weasel (the visionary prophet) and Lion (the fearless leader) are joining up to remind us that bringing truth to the people around us is never easy.

It requires strength, courage, and teamwork.

As the war rages around us and we wait for the inevitable outcome (God wins, Trump is the President, Arrests, Military Tribunals to come), it’s good to take some time each day to plan for the future and do at least one task toward our goals.

This is the magical part of manifesting a new life that many people miss.

We can sit and do vision boards and dream dreams about what we would like to be doing all day long, but if we’re not taking action – showing the Creator that we’re ready to go – then we can’t really expect much change can we?

So much confusion during this time. It’s hard to know what to do. I have many people that I love dearly who are being forced and coerced into taking those mad science injections for their jobs. I would strongly encourage everyone to stand your ground on this. Our bodies and our personal right to decide which medical treatment we receive is a line that nobody should cross. It’s literally the hill to die on.

Stand strong frens. The tide has turned and this injection issue will be off the table soon. Even the Taliban has banned vaccines. 

Walk through this darkness with courage. Trust the little recon weasel who lives in your heart.

And never forget, the best is yet to come.

It is my honour to be your messenger.

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