wp-1657037082411This is a historic time in human history. A time most of us never imagined we would see in our lifetimes – or in the future of our countries, and indeed the entire world.

A time when everything our grandfathers shed their blood for, to protect our rights and freedoms, has been derided by Communists who have infiltrated our societies – and for the first time in Canadian and US history, politicians are banning the flying of the national flag, calling the flag a symbol of “domestic terrorism.”

During the American Revolution Thomas Jefferson wrote that the tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants:

“What country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.

The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

And, it appears we have reached that point in North America.

There are increasing rumblings about Civil War from both sides of the aisle, and you can feel the tension in the air – something big is about to happen.

Hopefully, it will be a peaceful removal rather than a violent uprising.

Trudeau pollThanks to a small handful of good people who have been serving the light for generations, the public has reached the point of illumination about the criminals who have hijacked our countries.

And, this has finally happened in spite of the massive infiltration of our government and all our institutions, their repeated coup attempts, and huge censorship on their media platforms.

We have reached the point of critical mass where we start to transition away from the dark narrative the elites have been pushing for thousands of years.

And, right on time, Dragonfly is here to kick off a month of revelation, according to all sources.

The only thing that remains to be seen is how many of these people will continue buying the Covid scam and lining Trudeau and his pals’ pockets with the kickbacks they get for every jab, every test.

How many will volunteer their own children for this mad science experiment?

So at this point of clean up on aisle North America – the message to the high flyers who are worn out and impatient at the pace of this Silent War is to hold on and use this time in the mist to face those deep dark issues in your soul that are most definitely coming up during this trigger time.

dragonfly6Like the other creatures that move from crawler to flyer via a cocoon experience, Dragonfly reminds us of the power of timing and determination in bringing our light into the world.

Many of us have landed in places during this wartime experience that we may not intend to stay once the coast is clear.

So, the inclination is to just lounge around and watch the war – “ride the storm out and wait for the fallout” – instead of getting jiggy and planning for the future.

But, Dragonfly shows us that it’s not a great idea to spend too much time in the cocoon, especially if we’re feeling that nudge to get moving.

Dragonfly ChangeThe process of entombing yourself and undergoing a complete transformation while cocooned away from the world is a magical and miraculous experience often described as alchemy by those on the mystical path.


Dragonfly is symbolic of alchemy, which is interested in turning base metals into gold.

While we know that this is not possible in the material world, in the world of imagination (where all change begins), spiritual alchemy is the process of turning our leaden emotions into golden ones, through the fires of self-examination and doing the hard work to create a new narrative.

It is quite a feat to become aware of all the mind programming we’ve experienced from family, the media, schools, employers, etc. since the day we were born.

It takes a long time to untangle those old beliefs which can hang around down in the bottom of our psyches and buzz at us until we take a look at them.

Dragonfly mystic blessingOur Celtic Ancestors believed Dragonflies carry Faeries between the realms to do their magic for humans, which happens when the veil between the material and illusionary worlds becomes thin.

“The Dragonfly has been flitting about planet earth for about 300 million years fascinating humankind across the globe. Irish myth tells us that the “little people” ride Dragonflies as a horse to travel in the blink of an eye.

Some stories imply that the Dragonfly is actually a fairy in disguise that only can be seen from the right angle. (Interestingly, when dragonfly larvae hatch, they’re called “nymphs.”) The Celts connect the Dragonfly with the ability to see truth; with the sight of the ancient, powerful Dragons who were guardians of the Sacred Stones and magical wells.” – The Celtic Ranch, Missouri

People who are following the prophecies and understand the Ascension process we’re all undergoing have been seeing the reports that the consciousness of Planet Earth is splitting into two separate realities:

That of the continuing dark world of illusion, controlled by a handful of elite Satanists that depends on the continued enslavement and harvest of humans. . .

. . . And, that of the Light, the New Republic, the New Earth, the New Jerusalem – a free and independent human society of the people, by the people, for the people.

We will be seeing this happen around the world in the months to come. It’s going to start happening quickly now.

Some of our Native relatives believe the dragonfly symbolizes swiftness, illusion and change. According to our friends at World of Birds:

dragonfly totem“The Zuni regarded the dragonfly as possessing supernatural powers and it was a taboo to kill one. In the Navajo Legend of Creation, the First World was a small island inhabited by insect people – the insects were of different types, including dragonflies.”

As you can see, our Ancestors from various cultures tell us that Dragonfly has been around a long time, faithfully demonstrating the cycles of nature and the process of life, death and rebirth.

Folks who’ve been in this truth-telling game for a while understand the cabal’s ancient cycles of plague, famine, and war.

We are no longer paying attention corrupt politicians and yammering propagandists who spew ever crazier lies to keep the public distracted from their impending exposure and arrest.

Still, it’s fun to pop in and watch how they’re all starting to turn on each other.

If you’d like to see the real life version of “Evil begets evil,” just check in to the corporate news.

Like Dragonfly reflects, we are now able to see beneath the surface, through the veil of illusion these criminals are still spinning.

When we’ve experienced that needle of truth piercing through the illusions we held about this place and our experiences here, it’s impossible to “un-see” actual reality.

As I write about a lot, the awakening isn’t just limited to the external, political world.

The illusions of the past centuries have affected every one of us through our family bloodlines and the intergenerational trauma those who have pushed them have caused to all of us.

IMG_20220201_145829_348For one group to stand up and say they’re due “reparations” or special treatment because their Ancestors were oppressed is ridiculous because there really isn’t one person in North America today (who isn’t part of the elite club) whose Ancestors weren’t oppressed.

Many came to Turtle Island as child slaves or indentured servants. And, ask anyone who’s done it – nobody immigrates if their life was great in their home country.

This time around, the elites want us to believe “white people” are the cause of all the world’s problems, when only a decade ago it was all the brown people over in the Middle East.

Before that it was the “dirty” J _ Ps and other Asians, and before Asians, it was Black people who they claimed were no better than animals.

And, of course, let’s not forget what they did to the original occupants of this place. After centuries of living together and even marrying into each other’s bloodlines, newcomers and Natives were propagandized into fighting one another when the Queen’s Agents showed up and started their plan to take over this entire continent.

And, oh look! They’re doing it again.

WokeismThese are the same people driving the CRT/Intersectionality agenda against the white race, and incidentally the same people whose minions are now calling a Black Supreme Court Justice the “n-word” and “Uncle Tom” for his correct interpretation of the Constitution regarding abortion.

These are the same people who insist that it’s “inclusive” to allow men to compete against women in women’s own sports leagues, and “misogynistic” to stand up for biological women’s right to even exist in our own right – apart from mentally ill men and literal perverts who are appropriating women’s culture for their own benefit.

The Feminist movement of previous generations has deteriorated into a full blown mouthpiece for degeneracy and Marxism. It bears no resemblance to the women who stood up and fought for Women’s right to vote, or for those who worked to protect the family from the flood of alcoholism and vice the elites were flooding society with in the 19th Century.

These modern “feminists” have no knowledge of their own history and are actually onside with the great violators of women, women’s rights, and our children throughout history.

FeminismThese are the same people inviting pedophiles to strip for children and share their sexual information in the classroom. I wonder how many people know that Ontario’s Sex Ed Curriculum was written by a convicted pedophile.

These are the same mouth-breathers demanding a woman’s right to murder her unborn child on demand while withholding sex to get their way.

They’re obviously not seeing the point of this exercise.

Like all the small creatures who have been around us lately, Dragonfly takes us to the very heart of what is ailing humanity – the loss of respect for life, the loss of passion for truth.

We have at least two generations of people who were essentially raised by the media and the school system to deprogram from all the lies they’ve been fed their entire lives.

So, like Moth and Butterfly and other creatures who undergo the caterpillar to flyer process, many of them are still on the ground, just about to enter their cocoon.

cropped-k-keithley-3d-medicine-wheel-4-june-13-2018-1-1.jpgHealers will need to be standing by with their medicine bundles.

Truth-tellers should be prepping the meme cannons and getting those ducks in order for the next chapter in our stories.

How are we going to write what comes next?

Of course, Patriots know how this story ends for us.

All that remains is for each of us to continue building the foundation for our own contributions to the New Earth project.

Now that each person is feeling the pressure of the economic collapse, the unnecessary “war” that the Biden regime and his puppets in the failing G7 are trying to push on the rest of the world, and the fraud of the last two years, they are finally (!) beginning to wake up.

Remember, it all begins with feeling that something is wrong.

Dragonfly reminds us that it only takes a spark to ignite into something wild and raging, so be on the standby because some people might be pushed into making bad choices when they finally accept the truth.

Electric Car lieDuring this time of monumental transition – the first Pluto Return since the American Revolution – we are truly at the precipice of a New World.

One that offers freedom and justice for all.

Dragonfly shows us that the spark of truth has pierced the veil, and those clinging to their lives of illusion will either awaken and turn back to the light, or they will go down with their own ship of fools.

The choice to know is an individual one.

And, knowing isn’t easy. Everyone reacts differently when they learn the depths of evil and depravity the creatures running this planet have been involved in.

The impact of these revelations are life changing. They affect us on every level – from the food choices we make to the car we drive and where we work.

wp-1657037013792The criminals lecturing us about “global warming” and “climate change” to justify taxing the very AIR we breathe are busy jetting around to seaside resorts all over the world for their own private parties.

The hypocrisy is right out there for everyone to see, so again – there’s really no excuse.

I think the enormity of learning the ugly truth is one of the reasons the Alliance has allowed the shut downs to continue as long as they have.

Not only does dragging the exposure out create maximum stress (and mistakes) for the enemy, it wakes more and more people up along the way.

After the terrible weekend of violence in Democrat controlled US cities, the False Flag Warnings to stay inside and away from large events is proving solid.

I’m really quite amazed that so many people refuse to accept how volatile the US, especially in Democrat controlled areas, is right now.

It seems best for folks to stay on the down low and just do family gatherings until the swamp is drained.

We know there are rogue federal agents and literal Nazi terrorists masquerading as “Patriots” who are trying to instigate a ground war and pin it on Conservatives who disagree with the Communist takeover.

The best ammunition against these lunatics is to reveal them for the traitors and terrorists that they are.

Once we discover who they are and who they work for, they’ve lost all their power.

In the meantime, Dragonfly is flitting from place to place, shining that light on all the dark places in our psyche and in the collective that still need to be brought out into the light.

During this month of Revelation, what a great totem to have. If Dragonfly resonates with you, it may be an important guide for you at this time – and maybe for your entire journey. According to the Hindustan Times:

LifeFlapper1922“The totem of a dragonfly carries a sense of identity. It ensures the virtue of living freely. It unmasks the real personality that lies dormant within each individual.

They remove any element that is not a part of real life. Often, people suffer from self-doubt. That may hinder their ability to move ahead. Here, a dragonfly urges people to get rid of their doubts and live life fully.

A “wonder animal” is the spirit animal of the dragonfly. It also represents the purity of being. The spirit animal urges people to take chances and realize the potential within them. It helps them understand that they can fully realize their potential.

Many mystic people consider a dragonfly to be a messenger from the spirit guides.

Their purpose is to reveal the magical path to people.

The totem of dragonfly prevents people from falling into the trap of deception and false hopes in life.”

Remember, in the land of illusion, everything is not as it seems on the surface.

So – use this time wisely.

If you have lost your spark, tear yourself away from the war and sit in the silence for a while.

Take a break from it all if you need to.

Spend some time creating your own life of illusion and learn how to bring it into being.

And remember, it only takes one spark to rekindle that flame.

It is my honour to be your messenger.



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