Good morning, Happy Canada Day and God Bless America!

Hope you guys are all doing well and are gearing up for fantastic feasts and parties to celebrate freedom and the Victory of the Light over the most evil systems pushed by the most ignorant and corrupt individuals on the planet.

wp-1656765725403All honour and respect to our wonderful truckers who drove from Sea to Sea to Sea and across the Prairies last winter to kick the entire world into a global awakening in our fight for freedom and truth last February.

Their work continues to this day with many still being harassed by the Nazi/CCP controlled Trudeau government, falsely accused, imprisoned, stripped of their rights and economically disenfranchised.

If you don’t think this wouldn’t happen to you if you got out of line, you don’t know your history very well.

German EU MEP Christine Anderson knows her history and is one of the world’s most outspoken supporters for freedom, one of the few leaders standing up for the rights of the people.

She was supposed to have come to celebrate Canada Day with our Freedom Movement, but was banned from entering the country because she refuses to participate in the medical experiment – which, of course, enriches Trudeau’s family and friends.

Could you imagine America banning you from entering unless you were staying at a Trump Hotel or property?

This is exactly what Trudeau is doing to travelers wanting to come in or out of Canada.

In spite of the fact that our truckers opened the eyes of the world and made the Guiness Book of World Records with this winter’s Freedom Convoy, it seems that the majority of Canadians are still sleep-walking their way through this time when a handful are standing up against a literal communist takeover of Canada. The good news is most have taken off their masks, outside at least.

wp-1656765725311We’re watching a Spiritual Revival happening in America in response to the horrific truths of the Democrats and their accomplices in the GOP, their platforms, their corruption and their now verifiable plan to remove God from our society and indoctrinate our children with Satanic, Marxist, illusionary garbage through the secular media and school systems . . .

This is the well-documented agenda of a Communist takeover.  And American Patriots have turned the tables.

Yet, Canadians are sleep walking as churches are torched, pastors are imprisoned, and their most personal rights are being slowly eroded.

The secularization of Canada over the last several decades (looking at you Pierre Elliot) has deadened the peoples’ desire to know Truth and many are no longer aware that they have a divine spark inside or that it really even matters.

Sadly, as I blasted out earlier this week, the church has failed in its reponsibility to stand against the culture – and in fact, has joined Babylon.

Mario Murillo is doing fantastic work in spreading the Gospel and showing the world how the church has been infiltrated with Communists pushing “progessive” theology.

two-squirrels-playing-chess-geert-weggenAs I wrote in “Mirth, Gathering, and Acrocbatics – The Medicine of Squirrel and the Victory Over Child Sacrifice,” we have won the greatest battle against Satan’s child sacrifice system through the overturning of Roe Vs. Wade.

The Supreme Court has demonstrated the way our system works, giving back the power over this issue of life and death to the people through the states they live in.

Now the people of each town and state have the opportunity to show the world where they stand on the question about where human life begins, and where they place the value of a baby’s life over the demands of a narcissistic society that comodifies everything – down to the blood and organs of an unborn child.

Now, the American people will no longer be forced against their will to fund the international baby body parts industry, fetal cell research, and the political arm of these Satanic systems – the DNC.

This week, Squirrel is showing up to remind us that, yes indeed we are living during a time of war, so while we’re awash in a tide-turning flood of truth, it’s still a good idea to stock up on dry goods and non-perishables every time you go to the store.

wp-1656765799688Here’s a great article by BCM contributor, Meghan Beaver, offering some tips on prepping.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m finding it a bit tough to stretch the budget these days.

Prices here in Toronto are starting to go up and the shelves in some stores are looking a bit bare.

Stocking up on non-perishables is also a good way to hedge against inflation until the market stablizes.

Many people are starting their own version of our Great Grandmothers’ “Victory Gardens,” that our Ancestors who brought America and Canada through the two great wars grew in their yards.

Others are remembering or learning about our Ancestors ways of planting crops together for the best yeild and nutrition.

No matter where you live, if you can plant something – even in pots – now is a good time to do it.

Abundant Squirrel reminds us to enjoy this time, to find pleasure in the smallest things life offers, for we have all chosen to come here during this momentous time. Make the best of it every day.

Squirrel is symbolic of youthful abandonment and joy, playfulness in gathering the details and sorting through the stuff of life that comes to us when we’ve been walking in faithful understanding of Universal law . . .

…when we truly come to accept that for every time there is a purpose under heaven.

Mirror SquirrelIf you have ever watched a squirrel defy the laws of physics and gravity as they leap from branch to ever higher (and more spindly) branch in the trees, it’s easy to see the good medicine of a light heart combined with focus, resourcefulness and balance.

Most of our Ancestors from our cultures around the world have stories of how the little squirrel is either seen as a hero and helper, a rambunctious and courageous team mate who helps bring fire to the people, or an irritating gossip who brings about the Solar Eclipse with all their chatter.

A West African teaching story tells how Squirrel laid claim to some land and planted a corn field but was challenged by a sly Spider who claimed Squirrel couldn’t own the corn because there were no roads leading to the field, even though Squirrel had done all the work planting the seeds and cultivating the harvest.

While the two were arguing, a huge storm came and stopped their fight, and while they were diverted, Crow swooped in and took all the corn.

The lessons in our Ancestors’ stories are so great and should be taught today. In the Squirrel stories, we learn how happiness, teamwork and just letting go can lead us to achieve new and exciting things, while gossip and too much idle chatter leads to darkness, i.e. the destruction of the ego/public persona.

We are watching this happen to the gossips and propagandists of the Fake News “media,” and the dark cult celebrities who have made their living off of deceiving the people. We are watching as they are all exposed.

Here, Stephen Crowder is showing the lies and insanity being pushed by the paid puppets of the CCP and other enemies of the people, who are revealing the black racism in their own hearts and even got racial slurs against the Black American SCOTUS justice Clarence Thomas, like “Uncle Clarence” trending on Twitter.

You may remember Justice Thomas as the Black Judge whose nomination Joe Biden worked hard to derail with lies and gutter level false accusations that could only come from the sick mind of a man who showers with his own daughter and raises a drug addled, whore banging son.

Clarence Thomas

As we have watched over the last few years, anyone (regardless of race, color, or sexual preference) who goes “off the plantation” away from uniparty control is attacked as a dissident and has their very lives threatened as the Justices’ homes, families, and lives are now being threatened.

But, Justice Clarence Thomas will go down in history as one of the greatest Patriots and Supreme Court Justices in American history.

He is a model for all people to aspire to, and a much needed strong male voice for the Black community.

We all need to stand up and support the Black community and especially the men who are leading their people back to the family and off the plantation where Democrats and their eugenics programs (Planned Parenthood, BLM, Affirmative Action, Welfare, Crime Reform), have nearly decimated the black community and young mothers are aborting nearly half of their own population.

New Orleans BLM StatuePlease note that the most vocal supporters of abortion are white, university educated (indoctrinated) females and their beta counterparts.

They don’t represent the vast majority of black people or care about their experience.

So when these highly paid leftist operatives tell you “Black Lives Matter,” they only mean their money laundering operation.

Not the millions of black lives they have intentionally destroyed through cultural appropriation, medical experimentation w/out their knowledge or consent, and targeted genocide through Planned Parenthood, BLM, ANTIFA, Sanctuary Cities, Defunding the Police, and working to disarm the populace.

Natives know these tactics.

These Communists intentionally destroy the histories of abololitionists and great statesmen of all races who worked together to eradicate slavery from the beginning of America, and replace the record with absolute shit and racist symbols of their perception of “Black Culture.”

Many of the people howling the loudest against the massive pendulum swing will be jailed, many executed and Hollyweird and DC will never be the same. You’ll notice that many of the celebrities and politicians of the past have gone radio silent lately and that is because they have destroyed their public personas. No longer do they have the power to control people’s beliefs and choices.

As we’re seeing on the Earth, the Squirrel story of our West African Ancestors shows us how fussing and fighting will distract us from the changes that can steal all our hard work.

Conflict is by the design of the powers of this world, and is intentionally weilded as a weapon by the wealthy and powerful in their system. Their engineering of people’s lives and geographic movements is as old as time, and has drastically affected humanity in our ability to sustain our Ancestral cultures, understand our connections to our family bloodlines, and interpret the knowledge and medicine of the land in the place we were born.

The constant disruptions to natural human social development caused by intentionally engineered and repeated cycles of plague, famine, and war are, I believe, the single most significant element of human conflict to this day.

IMG_20220130_145802_399Here in Canada, one of the more disturbing and sensitive struggles we’re facing right now is determining whose land we’re all sitting on.

Which people are “indigenous?”

How long must ones’ Ancestors be in a place to be considered indigenous to that land?

What treaties are still being violated and how do we address that?

This is an important issue for us to discuss, because on one hand, it would appear that many of the folks who are most ardent about protecting the land are actually controlled by the Federal Government and are ultimately working for the same globalists who took the land in the first place (most without their knowledge or consent in violation of the UN Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms for Indigenous people).

IMG_20220130_152215_703While the people standing up against the complete globalization of Turtle Island, standing up for property rights, are being labeled as “settlers” and “colonizers” by the very people claiming to want to protect this place, who incidentally are being funded by George Soros and his vast network of NGOs and government agencies.

What a terrible, tangled mess they’ve created (like wiley Spider in the story) through appropriating the peoples’ culture and resources, and enriching themselves off of it while continuing to keep the people themselves dependent on the government and its agencies.

Fortunately, more and more Natives are waking up to the world-changing truth of the American experiment which has shown that independence, hard work, self-responsibility, and very small government is the best path to success – freely offered to everyone living in a Constitutional Republic.

It is my great hope that those principals will be coming to Canada in a more formal way in the weeks, months, and years to come.

Check out the Native Conservative’s channel for great livestreams from a Conservative Native Dad and Uncle’s perspective. He’s always joined by grassroots folks who tell it like it is. Natives who know their history understand the insidious nature of Communist infiltration into the communities.

Teamwork is one of Squirrels most important medicines, and for many of us, beging a part of the Great Awakening has connected us with wonderful people around the world.

One of the most fantastic things I have ever seen or been a part of is to watch the focus and unity of the world-wide Patriot movement on standing our ground and pushing back against the dark agenda, and it’s obviously having a great impact.

wp-1656345489354It’s been a long time coming, but now we’re watching with mirth and reveling in our great victory as the demented weirdoes in politics, entertainment, and business continue to show their true nature.

One of the best father figures and alt media analysists around, Matt Walsh is reporting on this entire sick movement and the wailing and gnashing of teeth by the demons is revealing.

People who believe they can no longer murder unborn children up to the day of birth, push the delusion that there is no gender, that men can give birth, and that children should be exposed to naked perverts for a the month of June in the name of “tolerance” are being stripped of the corporate power they’ve amassed.

The massive numbers of arrests related to Pride and these Drag Queen grooming events, along with the shocking videos and photos of children being exposed to naked perverts and sexual acts in public, and the massive backlash against corporate sponsorship of depravity and grooming, are increasing indications that we may be watching one of the last “Pride Months.”

Salty Cracker believes the solution is to flip it. Make the entire month of June “Dad Month.”

Squirrel has shown up to remind us that is the least of these we are here to protect and advocate for. That it is the smallest creatures who can make a difference in the world, and that the smallest of details can change the game for everyone.

It is a terrible topic to discuss. I think the right to live issue triggers everyone on a very deep level, and that makes it hard for us to talk about.

But, like preparing for the winter, we have to do this. We have to gather and distribute the facts about this thing.

Because, the heart of the issue facing humanity right now is whether or not the convenience and reputation of a mother is more important than the life of her unborn child.

We have begun to see God’s answer to the millions of hours of prayer and action that people around the world have taken to expose the darkness.

If you’ve been involved in this work, you know that this is truly humbling work and can probably tell jaw dropping stories about your shock of learning the horrific truth. Sharing our stories with others is healing for them and for our own souls.

Learning the truth about the millions of babies murdered over the decades, their bodies ripped apart and sold in service to a system that worships Satan will humble you to your core, especially if you are still unaware that the issue of infanticide is the very thing that has decided the fate of our society – of humanity.

6 “…God opposes those who are proud.
But he gives grace to those who are humble.” (Proverbs 3:34)

So obey God. Stand up to the devil. He will run away from you. Come near to God, and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners. Make your hearts pure, you who can’t make up your minds.”- James 4: 6-8

It’s my honour to be your messenger.

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