Greetings from behind the Canadian Iron Curtain, one of the few remaining hold outs of the Satanic Kazarhian Mafia – all of which are Commonwealth Countries. Isn’t that interesting?

During this month of the Holy Fool, anything goes as the criminals are throwing everything at the wall hoping something sticks to save their sorry hides. We’re seeing wild illumination, terrifying revelations, and global chaos. And, I have to admit I’m having a few tough moments these days. How are you all doing?

Fortunately for us, the folks who dance with the Crows and Coyotes (the grassroots comedians and analysists) are keeping us up to date and tempering the horror with laughter and mirth.

If you’re looking for some great independent coverage from both sides of the aisle, check out Rumble’s Battle Leaderboard here.

Pray for your kidsIt’s been a tough go the last few years, especially for those of us who have been awake for awhile, because that generally means we’ve been in exile from friends, family and community for a long time.

To those who are going through this global awakening alone, please stay strong.

The tide has turned and we’re going to be seeing big changes in the future.

Keep praying for the world and for those who have been deceived.

The greatest story of this week (which is actually Wolf Medicine Week), is the tale of the lowly yet powerful little pigeon who shat on the person claiming to be Joe Biden and claiming to be the President of the United States.

And the independent information world is having a field day with it. Ben Shapiro says it best in this great video: “The Poop Bird Comes for Biden” 

Pigeon Singing

The message of “bird poop” in the world of spies and mobsters is “stool pigeon.”

Considering the massive amount of evidence (documents, texts, photos, videos) that Russia is holding on Joe Biden and his criminal associates, it appears that the resident is singing.

The timing of this bird-bomb – the week between Palm Sunday and Easter – can only be considered divine, as Pigeon is the cousin of Dove, the sacred messenger of Peace, Love, and the Divine Feminine that Catholics and many others see reflected in Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

Remember the Fatima prophecies and the Pope’s consecration of Russia last month. The reason for the consecration is that in the Fatima prophecies, an apparition of Mary foretold that Russia would be the country who leads the way forward out of the darkness of Communism and corruption.

Pigeon Storm

And, that’s exactly what we’re seeing play out before our eyes. And the reason for so many bizarre false flag “mass shootings” and other attacks on innocent people. It’s a beautiful blessing of th:e internet and technology combined with massive grassroots activation, research, and reporting that we are now able to debunk these “terrorist attacks”  being pushed by our own government faster than ever before. This is a report from Salty showing how (like the Gov. Whitmer kidnap plot), Black Lives Matter and the FBI are behind the NYC terrorist attack and mass shooting. Below, Salty shows how Patriot researchers are debunking and exposing the Military Industrial Complex “media” machine’s propaganda about Ukraine:

As we are all seeing played out before our eyes, humanity has been misled and abused by a top-down system of government and management for thousands of years. Our Ancestors knew that this is not the way for people to organize and operate a healthy society.

And, that is why during this time of profound transition, we are seeing how those who claim to have the power of an Eagle or Hawk but have forgotten their origins as Pigeons, Seagulls, Sparrows or other unimportant birds, are falling from the sky.

The dirty ones at every level of government – federal, state, provincial, tribal – are being exposed, as they are ALL connected in some way to the material coming out of Russia. We’re talking everything from the Covid hoax, poison in our food and water supplies, medical malpractice, legal malpractice, taking kickbacks to destroy energy independence, sedition, treason, mass genocide, and a litany of crimes against humanity.

Jesus taught that during the end of the era, “…the last will be first and the first last, for the called are many and the chosen ones are few.” – Aramaic Bible in Plain English

What this says to me is that, during this time of great transition we are seeing the truth of all our prophecies coming to fruition. The Anishnaabe prophecy of the 8th Fire tells us that during this time most of the Elders would be sleeping, (spiritually, consciously) and would have nothing to offer the people. This is because the Elders have become corrupt through bad choices and walking away from the narrow path of the Great Spirit.

8thFire Prophecy

My Ojibwe teacher shared a great lesson he received from his own Elder and teacher about the power of humility offered by the “unimportant” birds. What we have seen in all our communities, including the Native community, is the loss of humility and service in favor of ambition and achievement.

James said, “Everyone automatically thinks they are an important bird like a Hawk or an Eagle. But, a long time ago my teacher told me it’s more important to pay attention to the Seagulls. You need to pay the most attention to the unimportant birds.”

Seagull is a very well known bird to James and his relatives, whose Ancestors are Ojibwe-Chippewa (Anishnaabeg) people and have lived in the Great Lakes area for thousands of years. Chi Miigwetch to them for sharing their ancestors’ home with us now.

Seagull is a common bird (but deceptively powerful teacher) for Ojibwe-Chippewa Great Lakes people, like the Sparrow is for my great grandfather’s people the Cherokee, and Pigeon is for modern-day Urban people.

Because humans have forgotten that we are related and connected to all of Chi Manitou’s children of every form, we have begun to think we are superior to our relatives in the other families of beings.

We jeer at Pigeon and call her mean names like “flying rat” instead of taking the time to get to know her and to learn her lessons.

We elect leaders who allow their business friends to put cruel spikes on windowsills and rooftops so Pigeon has no place to rest up high, to build glass-walled skyscrapers that kill hundreds of thousands every year instead of learning how to build cities that provide sanctuary and nurture to our Bird relatives.

And so, at this time of many prophecies, we have reached the point of such ugly disregard for all of Life on lovely Earth that as a species and planet we are now literally faced with the choice of life and death.

If humanity is to survive, every single person on this planet must be helped to remember that we are utterly and completely dependent on the wisdom and medicine, the health and well-being of even the littlest crawlers, the trickster coyotes, and every relative of the sky.

ChiefDanGeorgeWe must listen to them and follow their teachings.

At this time, new leaders will arise from the people. And, they will come from all four directions of the great wheel. They will take back the sanctity of God’s most beautiful sign for miracles – the rainbow – from those who have tried to take it to serve their dark agenda.

And, the Wolves are starting to return. Those who hear the call of leadership have already begun preparing to help lead their communities through the long months of recovery to come.

Many millions around the world have found their voices, found their grooves and are standing up to tyranny on every level.

Every day, we’re seeing more businesses refusing to enforce the ridiculous mandates still being pressed by Canada’s illegitimate leaders.

Every day we’re seeing new Patriot businesses built from the ground up – out of people’s homes, from their farms and small communities – to form the foundations of the parallel society we’re creating for the masses who are awakening and walking away from the Great Reset agenda.

If you’re in Canada and looking for Vax Free Employment opportunities, check out the groups, Employers Looking to Hire Non-Vax Staff.  

Jabless Jobs is another group on Telegram, but it’s private and you have to be a member to see their postings. For more information about them go to their website here.

This process is like a roller coaster. We have good days and some very bad days – both collectively and in our personal lives. There may be moments when we just want to check out and take one of our exit points off the planet.

These are times when the darkness is threatening to overtake us, and we must remember that we’re in a spiritual battle for our lives and for our future generations.

Rat Pigeon Bee Kathryn M SantosWe never know what is going to happen tomorrow, and Pigeon reminds us to think about the little things.

When you’re feeling down and like you can’t continue, look around for someone to help.

People are going to be really struggling in the months to come.

Make sure you’re stocked up on non-perishable foods because literally everyone I follow agrees that we’re looking at either food shortages, huge price hikes, or both in the months ahead.

Take care of the creatures around your homes and make sure they have clean water and nutritious food.

Hip Hop PigeonsHere in Toronto, the streets are filled with trash and masks and the sidewalks covered with salt – that is terrible for our bird friends. Remember, they need seeds and berries, veggies, etc. much more than they need bread or donuts. Just like humans. 🙂

Pigeon reminds us that no matter how small or alone in the world we feel, in truth we are loved with the passions of thousands of Ancestors, our mighty clouds of witnesses who are looking down upon us with such great love and pride.

No matter where you are on your journey, no matter how many times you feel you’ve failed, remember that you can never for one moment be off your path. Give yourself the grace and deep compassion to remember and reframe your visit to planet Earth.

Change your perception of this trip through daily connection with the Creator, who will give you eyes to see your experience as the beautiful efforts of an eternal soul who is in the process of evolving.

The work is never done.

And don’t forget to laugh at the little things – that may actually mean something much, much better is one the way.

It is my honor to be your messenger.