Greetings from behind the Canadian Iron Curtain where apparently, we have been chosen to show the world the globalists’ plans to the very end.

Debauchery, one of Coyote’s favorite topics, is the name of the game these days, as we are seeing in real time the impact of forcing faith and tradition out of schools, government and society.

Spiritual teachers have been telling humans for thousands of years that pushing anything out will leave a void – and guess what the God void in the west has been replaced with?

Buying ChildrenLiteral card-carrying Satanists, pedophiles and Communists who are hell-bent on destroying everything good to implement their deranged agenda that preys on children and the most vulnerable people in society.

These people BUY children, most of whom have been trafficked, and raise them in “alternative lifestyle” homes where they indoctrinate them into Communism and the debauched value system of the demonically corrupt left.

Fortunately, one of my favorite totems is visiting this week – Coyote, that crafty, clever uncle who tricks and dances us along the path to truth, then drops the bombs to awaken us out of our delusions at the last minute.

April seems to be Coyote’s favorite month as he is the archetype of the Holy Fool who brings us mirth and messages while showing us the ugly truths about our world and usually even about ourselves.

We’re watching MOABs being dropped on the people who insist on sleeping their way through this incredible time in history.

The Pope, whom many believe is an apostate, performed the ritual of Consecrating Russia required in the Fatima prophecies last week. In this prophecy, the people of Portugal were told that it would be Russia! Russia! Russia! who would be leading the way to correct the ills of communism, since they have great first-hand knowledge of what that deranged ideology can do to a people. 

The global economic system, based on fiat (nothing) and oil is dying and transitioning to the gold standard and Russia is leading the way as rubles are now attached to gold and the only way for the western countries who are hell bent on pushing for WWIII to buy Russian oil, is to pay with rubles.

The Federal Reserve has no value anymore, and Russia, India, China and other nations are working together to destroy their system of financial enslavement and usury.

That’s why the deep state is so pissed off at them. They’re out of cash.

One reason, anyway.

We’re also watching the Biden crime family and all their associates being exposed as human traffickers and pedophiles through the introduction of Hunter’s laptop into the Congressional record, as well as damning information about the Covid fraud that has killed and maimed untold millions around the world.

The evidence is clear that the “virus” was a bioweapon and created for the specific purpose of killing as many as possible and opening the door to digital passports and social credit systems. Watch this little report on who is operating and funding the bio labs in Ukraine. The Bidens are directly connected to this operation.

That truth, along with the jaw-dropping body of evidence that those who have viewed the laptop claim is filled with the most heinous crimes against children we can imagine, will bring down this illegitimate “president” and the entire mafia associated with him.

If you’d like to see the news and information considered “disinformation” by the corporate & government controlled establishment media, join us on Telegram. 

It would be great to see more people up here waking up to the truth that their country is being run by literal Communists.

Trudeau is being denounced on the world stage as a dictator and he just keeps pushing the WEF agenda forward.

And, I’m willing to bet that most Canadians have no idea their tax dollars are funding human trafficking, sex slavery, and money laundering operations.

I’m starting to wonder how much it will take, how many deaths, how many destroyed lives, families, businesses and communities before these folks start to realize that they’re complying with a corrupt and dying system.

The longer people comply, the longer the tyrants will hold on to their power.

Trickster Coyote is showing up in a big way around the world, showing us that the people who have claimed to be our “leaders” are actually criminals and perverts, fighting to the end to protect their debauched and perverted ideologies and behaviors that are destroying our world.

Coyote is showing us how scripted and fake the “news” and “entertainment” industries have become through the cucked Will Smith pretending to be so offended about Chris Rock’s GI Jane joke regarding Jada Pinkett Smith, the literal WHORE who cheats on her husband and is destroying their family through pushing at least one child into mental illness and gender dysphoria.

Jaden Smith, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, 2010Hollyweird would have us believe that this is a role-model family, one that we should all want to emulate.

Some people are pointing out that it’s strange how “Jada Pinkett Smith” looks completely different now than she did only a few years ago.

Photo from 2003 –>>

She claims to be suffering from alopecia, which is why all her hair fell out – and even more interesting that the Democrats only last week introduced a bill that would make it a crime to criticize a Black woman’s hair.

And, even MOAR interesting that the Satanic Oscar Ritual was sponsored by Pfizer and just happens to make drugs for Jada’s condition.

Not staged at all.

But, Coyote shows us that all the world is a stage.

The ones who have captured the collective narrative know how to manipulate the show to make us believe their version of reality that is based on deception, violation of Universal Law, debauchery and a complete sense of entitlement.

Hollyweird is a great place for truth to shine on this creepy cult, as the film industry was essentially created as a propaganda machine to serve the war state. And now even liberal journalists are reporting that Disney is nothing more than a well-oiled child sex trafficking machine, hell-bent on indoctrinating children into the sick and perverted alphabet cult as early as possible.

Here, Tim Pool (definitely not “alt-right”) reports that Disney wants to overturn the recent Florida law that doesn’t allow sexuality to be taught to very young children – like Kindergartners – so they can continue brainwashing children into becoming sex slaves.

For many years, the world confused the American PEOPLE with the war and sleaze machine that has ramped up to destroy not only our countries, but our families and personal health as well.

Trump AllianceBut, thanks to the awakening brought about by President Donald Trump, those of us who have unplugged our cable are unified against the true enemy of humanity – the deep state puppets of the global elites who have controlled this world  for thousands of years.

Every day, more and more people are realizing that literally EVERYTHING coming out of the corporate media (owned by 6 billionaires) is a lie – intended to destroy America first then the rest of the world.

The millionaires who are paid to lie to their fellow citizens have no conscience or ethics – and would throw their mother under the bus for a dollar.

And, that’s exactly what we’re seeing. Now, they’re turning on each other. And no doubt, Hunter Biden will be their next sacrificial lamb.

The Coyote energy flying around is showing us everything: that it’s all connected, they’re all connected and the world is their stage. They’re all working toward the same conclusion – the complete destruction of anyone who isn’t in their little “club.” And believe me, 99% of us aren’t in the club.

The moment we each recognize this is the point we truly begin to awaken and take control of our own lives, based on the new understandings we gain when we earnestly search for truth.

That’s a tough but exciting place to be for anyone who goes through the process of awakening and walking out of the dying Matrix of the old age.

Coyote reminds us that huge changes always take longer than we’d like – whether on the global stage, in our own communities or families, and even in our personal lives.

That’s why it’s so important right now to realize when we’re becoming discouraged or overwhelmed and give ourselves permission to step back from the world and take a break, focus on our own needs and goals, and continue planning for our future. 

Edge of Madness

Coyote shows us the places in our collective society that have become so ridiculous and chaotic they’re collapsing under their own weight. Massive, prophetic change takes a lot of time, so it’s good to use the long season of destruction of the old system to focus on the aspects of our own lives that have become ridiculous and untenable. And consider how to rebuild them into something strong and beautiful.

Which relationships and habits do we need to get rid of in order to move forward?

Which memories do we need to revisit and RE-member in a different way?

These are important challenges for our healing, because as many stories of Coyote show us, it is the process of becoming aware and being humble and courageous enough to make changes that will redefine our future.

It is my honour to be your messenger

Thank you for being here with us.

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