March 26 – 2020  In last night’s fantastic Reeeeeeee Stream, General Cracker warned his army of Salty Mad Lad Patriots to remember we’re the Law and Order crowd and not to get swept up in the “need to know” push surrounding Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Salty told the Army that the already shocking and incriminating photos we’ve been seeing around cyberspace since the Laptop from Hell first dropped in October 2020 are NOT from the laptop, but are from other sources.

The material on the laptop is so depraved and vile that anyone found possessing or distributing it will no doubt be tracked down and arrested. This is important for Patriots to remember. Because downloading or sharing child porn is a federal offense. At this moment, your intent doesn’t matter. They want to arrest as many of us as possible and will use any reason to do it – even looking at the evidence of their own evil and criminality.

Here’s a clip from last night’s Reeeeee Stream where Salty explains the situation and offers his great advice:

If you haven’t caught Salty yet, you can learn more about him and his great work at

As always, it is my honour to be your messenger.

Chi Miigwetch for being here with us.

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