squirrel-medicine-card-1Greetings frens,

Squirrel is the totem for this week, bringing great mirth to the good people around the world as we celebrate God’s victory over evil in America.

We’ve turned the corner, so children of the light, I hope you are ready to “get sick of WINNING” as our President promised.

Even though the light has broken through, Squirrel is also reminding us that it’s important (always) to be stocked up and prepared for shortages. It’s also a great time to be planning for fall canning or freezing.

And, after more than two years of these crazy lockdowns, acrobat Squirrel is a fantastic role model for gym class and promises us a happy little performance the next time we meet – so get outside and get moving.

In addition to reminding us to prep for tough times, Squirrel represents abundance. Anyone who has seen all those nuts these guys store every year knows exactly what I mean.

And, the abundance many of us are seeing right now is truth – but not so much cash for most of us.

If you’re frustrated at the state of your plans or pocketbook, remember that truth always precedes change, so use this time to get to the bottom of your financial truth, what scares you about money, how you can be a better steward of God’s provision.

Save the ChildrenWe’ve got an acorn avalanche of truth hitting us right now in the political and spiritual realms.

In fact, there’s so much going on right now – it’s clear to see the storm is most definitely upon us.

I am having trouble condensing it all into one post, so guess what? Abundant Squirrel is going to drop more acorns in a second post coming up . . . 

Lots of people are going to feel like they’re being pummeled with truth bombs in the weeks ahead, and that’s a good thing because the sooner everyone is onside with what’s going on, the sooner we can get on with recovery and reconstruction.

I was looking at my 2019 article about Squirrel Medicine, “Resurrecting the Spirit Child,” and have been struck at how political my posts have become.

As I work to integrate the totems into the story we’re all telling together, it seems the political is really becoming personal for all of us, especially at this moment when the evil Roe Vs. Wade decision has been overturned and prayer is again allowed in school.

It’s never been more important to raise our voice in the political sphere, and it’s easier than ever to see the state of a person’s soul and spirit through their response to these decisions.

The demonic outrage is mindbending as the Satanic cabal has finally lost their primary source of ritual, food, and power – and adrenochrome. If you still don’t believe the world has been controlled by a Satanic death cult, check out what Lara Logan has to say. She’s a world-class war correspondent and journalist who has covered the issue for years.


When you see the depth and breadth of power Satan has assumed over this world, it’s impossible to deny how corrupt and damaged the church has become to allow it.

The church has become a part of Satan’s system rather than a faithful watchman for Truth and Light. The institutional church participates in and enriches itself through the Babylonian money system – the same moneychangers Jesus ran out of the Temple, and the same system enslaving God’s people.

Over the past two years, we have seen how most churches and lukewarm leaders  bow the knee to the merchants of death in exchange for a paycheck and a tax exemption.

BaphometWe have watched in horror as the “progressive” church flies the Satanic flag and invites Satan’s ministers to lead “drag queen liturgies” in churches before heading out to Pride parades where perverts and child molesters strut, dance, strip and mimic orgies in public – for an entire month.

Remarkably, most of the church has gone along with the celebration of deadly sins like lust and pride (with all their accroutements) in the name of “tolerance.”

Those of us who have eyes to see understand the fall of this church has occured because Ministers are now trained to be CEOs of businesses rather than Spiritual Leaders. They don’t want to miss bank by actually calling out sin.

Jesus and Kek Driving Em OUTInstead, they’ve gone the “Jesus, Jesus, meek and mild route,”  being “open and accepting” of all, which really isn’t happening either because virtue signalling is the name of the game where there is no morality.

And that’s a shallow faith

So – after several decades of systematic removal of God from pubic life in the west combined with a Marxist infiltration and the failure of the clergy to Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus. . .

Here we are. . . Sodom and Gomorrah Redux

A point in history where the church has completely failed to protect her people from Satan.

But, this time it’s going to be different because there are many standing up for righteousness, led by a pack of weirdo prophets, backwoods preachers, evangelicals, Salty Pariots, conspiracy theorists, and a huge crew from the Spiritual Not Religious community who are using all their tools to bring light and truth to the people.

wp-1656431097722You know you’re living in a prophetic time when millions of former liberals including independent journalists, Tarot readers, Astrologers, and Comedians are leading the people and keeping them connected to God through the Apocalypse, while the institutional church greases its palms with the blood of dead babies whose very DNA is in the vaccines they’ve pushed onto their flocks.

Literally eating their own children as prophesied.

If that doesn’t convince you that God has an incredible sense of irony, nothing will.

There is no doubt in my mind this assorted crew of 8th Fire messengers is a direct result of Jesus’ work to launch the Picsean Age, which made the Christ a household name for most and showed us how to connect directly with our Creator instead of bending to the institutions of our time.

And that’s why this time, we’re going to get it right. We won’t allow ourselves to fall prey again to a false church that is nothing more than the religious frontman for the same evil that crucified Jesus.

Jesus BannedGod will use anyone whose heart is open to him to work his miracles on this planet and now that the church has failed Him, it’s up to those who are “called but not qualified” (i.e. those who haven’t been rubber stamped by the good old boys’ club) to share their knowledge and leadership with the people.

I am looking forward to the future, after this storm when we will be able to focus more on moving forward with our pre-war plans.

But, in the meantime, it’s an interesting experiment to weave our totems and ancient wisdom around these modern day cloak and dagger stories.

Especially when these issues affect our lives so deeply.

The prophetic ones are revealing that through the Roe v Wade ruling, a great curse has been lifted from America as our society has finally gathered the strength and moral conviction to end our national involvement in killing babies.

wp-1656345489185The lifting of this curse had to happen before we could move forward – any of us. It’s like the deepest sin of our lives holding us back until we acknowledge our error and make the necessary changes. It’s the beginning of great healing for our nation and by extension, the whole world.

As always, the totems are right on time for as we celebrate our victory over this seminal issue for humanity.

Squirrel, like all the tiny creatures and birds, reminds us of the infinite value of the least of these, of the smallest, most vulnerable in society – the unborn, infants, children, animals, birds, and creatures of the water.

It is a powerful sign of change that the majority of people are celebrating the end of the baby killing industry in America instead of continuing the lie that a woman should have the Constitutional right to kill her children.

wp-1656431097453While many believe this is about “a woman’s right to choose,” the world is now seeing that the issue is about money (as always), and control over the fetal cell research industry – which is now being returned to the individual states, most of which are banning the Satanic child sacrifice of abortion.

This will have enormous impact on the pharmaceutical industry which we will now watch die a slow and gruesome death – like they have been imposing on humanity since Rockefeller created his Satanic “medical industry.”

Additionally, the ruling is about ending the global market in baby body parts which many people are completely unaware of.

They have no idea the depth of evil their tax dollars have been funding.

The “women’s rights” protestors are the same mask-wearing, Ukrainian Nazi Flag flying, boosted up folks who always leave their garbage behind at “climate change” rallies, so it’s safe to say that the continued drag on humanity is the usual politically illiterate (white liberal) crowd led by elitist Communist politicians and terrorists.

wp-1656345489264Here, in Castreau’s Canuckistan, the little sock puppet and his frat house crowd have just shown the world (again) the depth of their hyposcrisy and depravity by offering to set up an abortion tourism industry in Canada for wealthy leftist women (while continuing to deny rights to unjabbed Canadians).

It is really something to witness, and the world is having another field day at our dear black-face loving leader’s expense.

It takes a hearty soul and a fantastic support system to walk through the absolute filth that’s being exposed right now.

But – as my beloved Grandmother taught me, we have to take the good with the bad, so here we go.

The subject, as Squirrel, our totem this week shows us, is the absolute power that comes to us when we honor the very least of these – the unborn.

Squirrel also symbolizes the childlike mirth we feel when our hard work and teamwork have paid off, and shows how all our little efforts lead to great victories like the one we’re celebrating now.

As most people know, the US Supreme Court has overturned the fraudulent Roe Vs. Wade decision that deceived people into believing women have a “Constitutional Right” to kill their offspring and forced Americans to fund the national baby killing industry which has been funding the DNC.

wp-1656431097615Of course, the Communist agitators in Congress and in the media have riled up their culturally illiterate troops to believe they’ve lost their right to kill babies, that “democracy” is in peril – when in fact, the Justices simply returned the power over the issue back to the people via the states.

In a democracy, law is made by the people and implemented via the states rather than through the Supreme Court, which is there to judge and uphold the Constitution.

It speaks volumes that the only people protesting, burning down property, and attacking the police and other citizens are in cities with liberal abortion laws – where their right to kill the unborn is not threatened at all.

These are the same fools who have spiked the searches for “moving to Canada,” again showing how completely ignorant so many leftists are of the law in their own city, state, and country.

As well, it’s clear the fact that Trudeau’s Canada is a communist stronghold intent on digitalizing every aspect of the peoples’ lives and forcing endless jabs on the people unto death seems to have escaped them as well.

Abortion Industry CanadaTough lesson for all of humanity to be sure, but we have more than 50 years of brainwashing to undo in these poor generations who were taught that their only value lies in their sexuality, sexual “identity,” and blind compliance to authority and peer pressure.

If you’ve ever watched and heard a Squirrel standing up on a branch and barking at you if you come too close to the nest, you have a pretty good idea about what’s going on down on the ground.

wp-1656514188991.People who read the Bible will understand the reality of child sacrifice to Moloch/Baal and people who truly believe in the Book know it has continued to this day.

Nobody ever said dismantling an ancient death cult that has been controlling the world for thousands of years would be easy. But, they are now showing themselves and their fruit speaks for itself.

PedoThe barking Squirrels are the Patriots, all the good people of the earth who have risen up together to speak out, team up, and stand up against the slaughter of the unborn, the sexualization of children from birth, the grooming through the schools, libraries, and children’s media, and the massive trade in children and baby body parts.

We cannot move forward as a society until this issue is resolved.

So you can see, we’re in another chaotic time down in the States, where the jackals are braying and howling as they’re hungry for innocent blood that they’re being denied increasingly every day, and cornered as they know it’s only a matter of time before they’re arrested and finally held to account.

While the leftovers are writhing in pain over the destruction of their depraved, communist agenda for our countries, little Squirrels are having a field day celebrating the victory for life, preparing to anhilate them once and for all in the mid-terms, and making big plans for their own futures and the future of our nation.

Why does this matter to our friends around the world?

Because, as we have known for a very long time, America is the last bastion of freedom for humanity on this planet.

If America falls, the world falls.

Fortunately, America has not fallen, and what is happening there marks the beginning of the turning tides for the rest of the western nations.

It’s all about returning to our traditional ways, respecting our Elders and Ancestors cultures and teachings, and protecting our young ones to create a better future – no matter what color our skin may be this time around.

march-for-life TrumpOverturning Roe Vs. Wade has taken the teamwork and faith of countless heroes – both women and men for five decades – and was finally given the great push needed to catipult the issue into the national discussion through the promise of Donald Trump when he was a candidate to appoint Pro-life, Pro-2A, Conservative, Constitutional Judges, and when he became the first US President to attend and speak at the National March for Life in 2020.

President Trump made his intention to end abortion and crimes against children the top plank in his platform, and the people who actually listened to him rather than buying the hit job narratives for the past six years, know that to be true.

Ending the child slavery, butchery, and trafficking racket is what put him in the crosshairs of the most evil entities on this planet, along with their paid minions in government and the media.

Great AwakeningAnd, because we are still in the time of Raven, Crow, Coyote and all the creatures of transiton, we see that Trump is a great creature of transformation – positive transformation.

One need only review his life’s work to know that. The prophets have said Trump is annointed to destroy the old system and lay the foundation for the new earth.

Again, those who were paying attention witnessed this miracle during his first term when he put the corrupt leaders of all nations into submission (thanks to complete evidence of their crimes provided through military intelligence), including the corrupt religious leaders in the Vatican and in Jerusalem.

Here is a video of the fantastic thread by 3 Days & 3 Nights from before the great purge of Jan 7 2021 showing the evidence (easily cross checked) of world leaders’ submission to President Trump in 2017.

It has taken quite awhile for enough people to understand the truth of what has been going on and we’ve finally hit rock-bottom down on planet Earth where humans are being given the opportunity to really learn about and discuss the meaning of life, the beginning of life, and who has the power to determine who lives or dies.

Squirrel 1And this week, Squirrel is showing up to remind us that, yes indeed we are living during a time of war, so it’s a very good idea to stock up on dry goods and non-perishables every time you go to the store.

Make sure to support your local merchants and bleed the corporate goons dry.

If you’re in Toronto, check out the Chinatown markets where you can get fresh produce and meat for nearly half the price of the big stores.

There are lots of ways you can prepare and take back your power from the big corporations right there in your own home.

Now is a great time to dig through old cookbooks or ask the older women in your life how they, their mothers, and grandmothers preserved food before these fast-food, meals-on-the-run, factory-processed times. We need to remember the old ways.

Like I wrote earlier, there is so much going on this week and it looks like the flood of information will continue through the summer. So, stay tuned for a bit more Squirrel medicine and get ready for next week when Dragonfly – an ethereal creature of transformation comes to visit.

Right on time.

It is my honour to be your messenger.

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