sQuirrel Medicine: Resurrecting the Spirit Child

By Kandace Keithley, Bird Clan Messenger

Osiyo relatives,

It is our honour to bring you this teaching from our Thunderbird relatives about some very powerful medicine that will help you on your path.

Squirrel’s Medicine is the stuff of Joy of reconnecting us with the Spirit Child that lives inside us all. Jesus taught that unless we become like little Children, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

What that literally means is taking our healing journey seriously in an effort to return to that lost and little child, re-parent him or her, and set them free to live through our grown-up bodies.

Squirrel is Mother Nature’s acrobat and shows us how to leap from place to place either when necessary to keep us safe, or just in play with our friends and family. Squirrel teaches us the importance of play in everything we do, as we gather our  medicines and prepare ourselves for our next chapters.

When we return to our childlike state of mind through working with our Angels and Guides, we begin to have a deep relationship with all of creation.

As our Grandfather, Chief Dan George of the of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation teaches:

“One thing to remember is to talk to the animals. If you do, they will talk back to you. But if you don’t talk to the Animals, they won’t talk back to you. Then you won’t understand, and when you don’t understand you will fear, and when you fear you will destroy the animals, and if you destroy the animals, you will destroy yourself.” – Chief Dan George


And, Squirrel shows us how literally all of Creation is dancing together to PLEASE US!


When we see that all the little birds and squirrels, our friends and family members truly want is to please us, and that we only want to please them – we reconnect with our Spirit, the little Child who lives inside us.

Nurture that Child who still lives inside you, who needs your healthy attention every day and he or she will dance with you and help you remember how to talk to the animals, birds, and Angels.

It is my honour to be your messenger.


Bird Clan Messenger 

It is my honour to receive and share these teachings from my guides and the Ancestors. These are messages received and written to the best of my understanding. If I have made mistakes, I would be grateful for your input. If these messages don’t resonate with you, that’s okay. I wish you well. And if these messages do resonate with you  – welcome to the family.

— kandace keithley, namadaki aandeg miimiiwe gekek kwe (woman who sits with crows & dances with hawks) ~ Tsa-La-Gi 




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