Rabbit 2TORONTO – Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. I’m back after about a month of time out of time, and have had some great experiences and some difficult personal ones as well while watching the Plan continue to unfold around the world.

As folks who have been following me for awhile know, my work is based on a 40K view and understanding of what is going on around the world – spiritually, politically, socially, and in people’s relationships and personal journeys.

The Animal Totems and Medicine Wheel are primary tools that I use to teach Native Culture and Wisdom, and integrate it into the teachings of Jesus, and the faith traditions of other cultures as well. This is a pretty complex job and it does take a great deal of time.

And, figuring out the best way to package this complex and sublime soup of truth that is attacked as “conspiracy” by those who are still sleeping, figuring out how to dodge the censors, is a full time job it seems.

My last post was during Fox Medicine week, reminding us that it’s okay to take time to just step back and observe. So that’s what I decided to do and strongly encourage this for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by the events going on around the world and in our towns and cities.

The Totems who visited between the Fox Medicine post and this week, which is when Rabbit has come to share lessons about fear, luck, and rebirth have been:

  • Squirrel – who has been reminding us to be organized and prepared for blackouts and food shortages.
  • Dragonfly – who is reminding us that we are in a time of great transformation of our Mother Earth and for all of humanity who choose the path of the light.
  • Armadillo – who reminds us about the importance of strong boundaries, at this time when the United States and many European nations are being invaded by military aged men claiming to be refugees. This is a very dangerous trend that the Marxist heads of the remaining globalist states are encouraging to destroy their own nations.
  • Badger – last week, Badger visited to remind us of the importance of being strong and even aggressive against evil when necessary. We are in a time of spiritual warfare that has been prophesied for thousands of years, and over this long period we have finally learned that evil is real and that it doesn’t relent to kindness. Evil doesn’t compromise, so we must stand strong and fight the dark ones with everything we have.

White Rabbit 1Rabbit is here this week, teaching us about fear.

Rabbit is a great teacher in all our Ancestors’ cultures and shows up either as a foolish character who is so lost in his own fearfulness that he draws the very thing he fears most into his life – or as a messenger of good luck and rebirth.

When we look at all the teachings together, we will see how Rabbit shows us that recognizing our greatest fears is the first step toward a life-changing journey that will demand every ounce of courage, patience, wisdom, willingness to accept help and the Grace of God.

Rabbit asks us, “What is your greatest fear?” Is it fear of loss? Abandonment? Poverty?

For many centuries, humans have been controlled by evil ones who thrive on our fear. And they have instigated and perpetuated terror upon us through wars, disease, poverty, forced relocations and many other tyrannical attacks that we’re seeing pop into the collective consciousness today.

The process of waking up to the truth of the world, our history and the truth that those we celebrated and trusted are not only disloyal – they want us dead!

This evil masquerading as good includes everyone from heads of state, business leaders and celebrities, to ministers and religious leaders (of all traditions) who use their platforms to lie to the people while collecting money from our common enemies. The FEAR they have generated is just impossible to comprehend.

Learning these truths is grueling and demands every ounce of our courage and patience to navigate between who and what is working for the light and who and what is working for the darkness.

This process takes us through understanding the big picture truths all the way down to the ugly truths about ourselves and those we are close to.

When I finally began to wake up to the truth of who I am and what I really came to do during this life, the monsters in my psyche started springing up and combined with the toxic environments I was living and working in at the time, created enough pressure for me to take the steps toward lasting change. It was not a pretty process.

War for Child HarvestingThat journey, which started in 2016 and really launched in 2018 led me waaaay out of my comfort zone and down into the tunnels and ravines of some of the darkest areas in our societies around the world, in Toronto and Southwestern Ontario and in the agencies and institutions that have come to control Turtle Island, and in my own life and relationships. It was harrowing, and forms the basis of the work I’m doing now.

And that’s the power of facing our fears and believing that our lives and our world’s reality can be different.

We all want change.

We all want world peace and communities based on shared values and love for one another.

The discussion we’re having around the world – and even in many of our own families – is about what exactly those shared virtues are and how to achieve world peace and loving communities.

Changing the narrative of the planet and in our lives can’t be accomplished by fear and choices made from fear, led by those who are paid to promote fear.

Our human narrative only changes when we embrace the fear inside ourselves so we can connect with like-minded others who believe in love, tradition, and the ways of our Ancestors. The teachings of our Grandfathers and Grandmothers – those of us who are of the light – contain the seeds for our own solid foundation to build a new life based on the old ways.

Vax DeathAnd that is what we need right now. The last thing Mother Earth and her people need is more technology, more digitalization, more AI running our lives. We don’t need more synthetic poisons being sold by snake oil dealers as “medicine.” We don’t need more poison on our food and in our water.

And, we really don’t need Satanic and Marxist indoctrination in our media, entertainment and school systems.

Once we begin to understand how deeply embedded into our culture and collective psyche these evil constructs have become, we start recognizing them and their impact everywhere – and it is at this point, we are able to rise above their death cult narrative of fear and replace it with one of Love and Truth.

Rabbit reminds us that what we focus on is what we will realize in our lives. If we focus on fear, death and poverty – that’s what we will get.

This is why so many Spiritual Teachers tell us not to feed our fears but to focus on the Spirit of Love.

There is obviously a reason that “Fear Not” or “Do not be afraid” appears 365 times in the Bible.

If we allow them to, our fears will take us to frightening places in our imaginations that can make us act out of character and scare ourselves and others.

Acting out of fear causes us to push people away, isolate ourselves, and hurt those who love us.

But, fear is also a powerful motivator for positive change.

When we awaken to the disillusions we’ve been fed about ourselves and our worlds, we gain the power to choose our own path – to weave the tapestry of a new destiny.

Fear is so hotAnd, once we’ve walked out of the fearful circumstances and given ourselves the time and space to sort through the lies and the hurts, our fears (maybe our true fears) begin to show themselves. And we realize that many of our fears are only figments of our imagination.

What if our greatest fear is really fear of success?

What if we’re not truly afraid of the same old path? We’ve done it for so long. It’s comfortable to stay in those old patterns and beliefs that allow us to stay “safe” and small.

Sure, we’re afraid of losing people we love or falling into poverty or being alone – or getting made fun of, ridiculed and exiled again. Because, for many truth-tellers – that’s just more of what we’ve always known.

But, what if we’re really afraid of success?

Rabbit 4That’s what Rabbit keeps asking.

What does success even look like?

For most of us, success means strong, healthy relationships, loving family, close friends and work that not only provides for our needs with some left over to share and enjoy, but also allows us to serve our communities.

Once we release ourselves from the fear that binds us to the beliefs and patterns that shaped our past, and begin to see the blessings the Creator and the Ancestors have dropped into each one of those lessons, we become free to write a new chapter and create a happier and healthier story that will become a legacy for those who follow.

Sorry Bird Clan, but there’s no magic bullet to this one.

People with a lot of Bird Medicine (visions, ideas, plans for the future) can get really excited once we hit that spot of knowing and run around in circles trying to make long-term projects appear at once. This is one of the challenges of life on 3D Planet Earth. We’re wanting to see that old “bippity-boppity-boo” that we may have experienced in another time and place, but down here – bringing beautiful, narrative changing visions to reality is a bit of a gritty slog – as we’re seeing play out all over the world.

Spirit of FearIt’s a long and slow process that requires us to show up and do the work every day – while we continue to work on our own healing, learning, and goals.

Rabbit’s racing partner, Turtle reminds us that it’s the slow and steady pace that wins the race – even though Rabbit may have gotten a better start. Without the slow, measured steps of Turtle, we will continue to have shot-gun starts and fall asleep in the middle of the race.

Making change is hard work. Facing our fears and rising above them to make a new story is the stuff heroes are made of.

But, never doubt you can do it. You’ve come this far! LOOK at what you’ve accomplished, how much your life and the world around us has changed in the past few years.

Remember that in spite of what we’re seeing on the ground, 😱😱 we have cleared the bottom of the V and are heading into the West (watch Arizona) where we will soon see the Truth arising from the darkness like a Phoenix.

The Ancestors told me that change is coming from the west, and indeed – like a Phoenix, we are rising from the flames.

Rabbit is the perfect teacher for the lessons of this time – release the fear, move through the darkness, burrow down into safety when necessary, be humble and grateful and kind, don’t let fear overtake your rational mind, logic, and factual evidence – and never forget the miracles of rebirth.

It’s so hard to be patient with both internal and external change, but never doubt change from is possible.

Our friend Eddie Rabbit 😁😘 (along with Turtle) agrees that making the journey from Fear to Love is a “step by step” process.

It is my honour to be your messenger.