Fox and bunnyWhen we’re overwhelmed and trying to figure out a solution to all the monsters peering out at us from under the bed and around the corners of our psyches, we will often ignore our intuition and our guides until we hit a roadblock.

Obstacles on our path are always a sign that we need to power down and take a break. And this is when clever Fox shows up to remind us of the power of observation, stealth, and strong boundaries.

I have been suspended from uploading to YouTube for another two weeks, and have realized this marks a good time for a holiday.

The past year for me has included a move (that I’m still not unpacked from) and all the worry about family, friends and our world that all truth-tellers and Patriots are feeling – along with working to start a business and continue writing and producing content. 

I am giving myself permission to take a holiday for the summer. To observe, learn new things, stay under the radar here in Commieville Toronto, and to keep working on those boundaries – Spiritual, mental, physical and emotional.

Fox offers us lessons about the power of silent observation. Fox, like Wolves and all creatures know that when we have lost the scent (writer’s block, creative deserts), it’s always best to stop, look around and just keep watch for awhile.

Boundary dollTruth-tellers are increasingly targeted at this time as every system in the old world is in chaos, self-destructing on the pubic stage or burning to the ground. The financial markets are in flux as the Central Banks are fighting to maintain their power over the economies and “human capital” of all the countries on earth even as new markets and economic systems are growing up all around us. It’s a great time to learn about the new markets, crypto, online investing, silver and gold.

Fox reminds us that we all need to pay more attention to where and how we’re spending our money as more and more globalist corporations are proving themselves to be traitors to the West, in cahoots with the CCP and other countries that use child slaves to produce product that enrich only the people at the top.

These corporations have appropriated our cultures and our issues to sell their products – products that are always deadly to our bodies, families, communities, and mother Earth herself.

The best way to destroy their power over us is to educate ourselves about what these evil entities have been up to and refuse to give any of them another dime.

Learning all of this takes time, but it’s so important that we know this information and be ready because so many people around the world are waking up every day as we see their genocidal plans being played out before our eyes.

Medicine Man PrayerWe have all chosen to come here for this powerful time of prophecy and transition for all of humanity. Truth-tellers remain ahead of the curve on the information that’s coming out, so it really is a great time to take a break, sit back and enjoy the show.

I’ll be posting here at times, but am taking a break from producing content to allow myself some time to get organized and build a strong foundational framework for the next chapter.

Hope everyone is doing well. I’m so grateful for all of you and hope you’re giving yourself a vacay too.

It is my honour to be your messenger.

Chi Miigwetch,