TORONTO — I hope everyone is hanging on through this turbulent time. Even though I’ve been saying it for awhile, it really does look like those who are still sleeping have hit the bottom of the V as millions of eyes are being opened through realizing the bio-terror attack on humanity, the millions of unnecessary deaths it has caused and will continue to cause as long as people refuse to do their research about what they choose to put into their bodies.

This evil assault on our children continues through “child welfare” agencies that are literally conducting a “millennium scoop” of children to this day. They’re particularly targeting Indigenous people as they are the ones who have the most pure DNA, and when walking the Red Road, have been entrusted with the medicine to carry us forward.

Bird Clan Messengers are feeling exhausted by waiting and watching this terrible drama play out around the world and in our own families and communities.

We know militaries have been activated around the world and that the White Hats are now in control, but things are going to be dangerous for awhile as the evil ones try to cling to any last shred of power they have, destroying as much as they can before their arrests.

Crow and Wolf are here this week – the teachers of great transformation and leadership for those with ears to hear and eyes to see – for those who are here to dance through the great spiral journey from our thoughts to our actions, into the cave of our hearts and back up to our Creator.

Many of us are feeling a bit battle weary and even though we know that God Wins in the end, we are still worried and frustrated by the pace of the revelations on Earth.

Crow and Wolf PuppyFor me (Crow person extraordinaire), receiving the knowledge about this time was a truly shocking experience and it took awhile to process and integrate it all.

Crow came to me at the beginning of my personal transformation and is my primary Totem as she is a messenger of transformation and a generous teacher to those who are drawn to her lessons. She has been with us throughout this time of great prophecy and transition that’s reshaping our global and local communities, our families, and our own lives.

My Crow (who told me her name is Matilda after the Patron Saint of Unruly Children 😏😭😆💥) reminds us that times of great chaos in the outside world can mirror different aspects of our own lives, and that great transition always comes with confusion and suffering. In these times of crisis, we are given many opportunities each day to choose between the positive path of healing or the dark path of death. Discernment is so important.

So we must remember to be patient with ourselves and everyone in our lives. Remember our medicines and continue the alchemical work of transforming our lives from fate to destiny.

Wolf LeadershipWolf has come to remind us that it’s always necessary for leaders to learn to walk in solitude for periods of time.

Wolf is here to walk with those of us who have come with particular missions – of bringing the cosmic messages of heaven to earth and learning/teaching how to walk them out in creating the new earth.

And, I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but disclosure is well underway. It’s visible through the massive increase in “UFO” and “Alien” memes and articles we’re seeing every day.

This is just the surface reflection of the true story that’s brewing and – believe it or not – that we’ve signed up to help share.

The evidence of the coup against America and the legitimate 2nd Trump Presidency is very clear and more is being released every day. We understand the US Military is actually in control of the country, as Donald Trump gave the keys of the White House to his Commanders and left the building on the day of the Democrat-Communist insurrection at the capitol (January 6). The evidence that the FBI was behind the insurrection and used it to entrap and spy on US Citizens who were peacefully protesting the stolen election is being released.

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Although the headlines are still pretty terrible, our sources tell us that the militaries have taken control of corrupt governments around the world and this is a major signal for the beginning of GESARA.

In this time of great transformation, it can be hard for Starseed and Wayshowers, truth-tellers of all paths to tear our eyes away from the slow and deliberate demolition of the old paradigm. It’s a fantastic time to be here for sure.

K Keithley, Toronto July 2018But too much can leave us stuck in the present – watching what’s going on “out there” instead of paying attention to the important things in our daily lives and planning the next chapter for ourselves and our communities.

We’re here to help build the new earth, so we are going to need to trust that the political situation is under control and that our fellow Patriots around the world are on the ground and red-pilling people like crazy.

It’s okay to step back, take a breather and focus on the next steps. When we take a step back, there are always two Patriots to fill the void.

We’re starting to see the teachings of truth-tellers like Corey Goode and David Wilcock come to pass, along with the truths contained in the prophecies. It’s a good time to educate ourselves on the ancient knowledge that has been hidden from humanity by the dark ones for thousands of years. And it is a good time to learn more about our Sky relatives as well as the teachings of the Ancestors.

David Wilcock offers this great teaching on our ancient connections to civilizations on other planets, coming mass arrests on Earth, and Q You can see more of his work here:  David Wilcock on YouTube

ContactCrow and Wolf remind us that we’ve chosen to come to earth at this incredible and prophetic time, and that as those who were among the recon scouts – the first ones to see what was coming and what is coming – we still have some time on our hands to accept these changes, integrate them into our own realities, and figure out what we’re going to do with the information.

You never know, we may be called upon to keep people around us calm if the dark ones try to pull a giant “Alien Invasion” hoax like some truth-tellers have been suggesting.

It’s overwhelming for everyone right now because red pill medicine doesn’t just open our eyes to political and medical industry corruption, it opens them to the truth about corruption and perversion on every level.

Every facet of reality is being changed as we stand strong and work together to reclaim the narrative from evil the ones and return the power to the PEOPLE of this planet.

Many of us have hit a dry spell in our Spiritual Ascension leaving us feeling disconnected and wondering what the point of all this is anyway. The Ancestors say – always hold on for one more day. The truth is coming out, and it may not be happening as quickly as we want, but remember the universe is always on time and the trick is remembering that at all times far more is happening on our behalf than our physical sense will ever reveal.

PeaceWolfCrow says use this time as a gift to go deeper into our own heart. To root out the fears and dark wounds we’ve been avoiding. And to find the best ways to interpret and understand them.

Find helpers if we need to, and be a joyful participant in our own transformation.

Wolf reminds us that solitary is a good time to remember our roots, the teachings of our Elders and Ancestors and to think about our daily habits and activities.

What needs to change? What needs to be nurtured and strengthened to help us on the next leg of our journey? Courage and strength are some of the beautiful lessons Wolf offers to us.

Try to get outside and connect with people every day. This afternoon in Toronto, I am attending a sit-in at Native Child and Family services in Toronto to lend my voice and support of the efforts to end the Millennium Scoop.

Many people don’t know that government agencies (that often employ Natives to do their dirty work) still remove children from their families and encourage people to “snitch” on their friends and families.

These organizations are the latest reincarnation of “residential schools” – the same institutions that provided Native Children to the British Royal Family to be raped, tortured, and murdered as part of their Satanic rituals.

These horrific discoveries are just the tip of the iceberg as we will all be joining together in horror of what the dark ones have been doing to our most vulnerable ones for a very very long time.

Jesus and ChildrenThe prophecies make it clear that the children will bring us together. Everyone who walks in the light will reveal themselves as protectors of children and our legacy on this planet.

And those who choose to awaken and realize that we are ALL under attack, that we are ALL FAMILY who bleed red beneath the colour of our skin will create a mighty army of voices that will challenge those who would take everything from us.

Those who refuse and continue to walk the old path of hate, division and destruction will not be empowered very much longer.

Crow and Wolf encourage us and assure us that we are exactly where we need to be on our journeys.

So, Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you, Bird Clan. (Isaiah 60: 1).

Show the world what you’re made of – but remember to take care of yourself first. Courage, wisdom, and truth will get us through. We are so grateful to be walking the path with you.

It is my honour to be your messenger.

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.

1 Corinthians 16:13 (NIV) Read the Chapter