By Cloud Spencer Eaglebear

If you maintain your land in a peaceful way, the Spirit of the Land will survive, and we all will

Live in a, peaceful way….

Pray and smudge before you hear these teachings. So you may cast away idle judgement and look deeply within and see how you have tipped the balance of harmony, so you may mend the error that just may save your life and the lives of MANY who are the next seven generations. To come…

Wisdom is given when arrogance has no soil within to grow.

For the only fruit it bears is ego, fear, and the notion of death….

The universe has a sound and that sound to many who listen call this sound a song – a humming that is also in our beloved MOTHER EARTH.

Cloud Spencer Eaglebear Spirit of the LandThe ONE WHO GOES BY MANY NAMES put that exact same song in our Mother to give all of us a grounding or a scale to keep in time to walk in balance within the confines of this reality. So we may know comfort and peace.

Your life is not your own.

Even the salmon has more maturity to give of itself so that the harmony of the Law can continue for others, and it has no shame to continue in the GREAT circle for all life knows that there is a beginning and a ending…. All aspects of creation are one…

…From this GREAT SACRED FIRE, that burns within the eternal core that has no prospective being in mind but only knows the Law that is natural.

Salmon Sacred Journey

This is sacred: to know the exact amount of understanding  in order to accept the fate and acknowledgement of staying within divine law and INVESTING EVERY STEP WITH CLARITY…

To fulfill your portion of the mission that was placed within you, to be the good stewards you are meant to be, you must learn to listen and follow these sacred instructions to move in silence and carry yourself with the maturity of the Salmon.

For we are the offer and we must make good on a promise that is known to give all life the essence of living in a peaceful way, and there is a song for this too….

If you only listen….

These are my thoughts….

Walk in beauty…..


Cloud Spencer Eaglebear is a Choctaw Healer and Teacher from the White Elk Clan, Traditional Ojibway, Eagle Clan & Osage Bear Clan who has learned traditional teachings from The Elders in his own family Clans, and is honored to have also learned from the Lakota Elders.


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