raccoon-spirit-animalI have been stuck between watching the fast moving storm awaken millions of people every week and thinking about the current circumstances of my life – which have been put on hold like many others are still experiencing.

As we know, we have agreed to come to Earth during this time of Great Prophecy, and for many of us here, the earlier we have awakened to this truth, the longer we’re going to have to wait for others to catch up.

It is an excruciating exercise in faith and patience to watch millions continue in the folly and error of their delusions, as most of us are cut off from loved ones who have chosen to “trust the (mad) science” and perpetuate the fraud and terror in their lives and by extension – for all of us.

High flyers have known truth for a long time and feel so deeply the pain and confusion of those we love, for we have all been through the process ourselves. It feels like we’re stuck in a holding pattern – circling around and around above the airport, waiting for the all clear so we can land and get back on our paths.

And, to a person – the messengers, all of us little canaries in the coal mines of our communities – are feeling pretty misunderstood, and are frustrated that others can’t see truth. In fact, most of us have felt this way our entire lives.

So – this point of hovering, watching and waiting – brings us to the point where we can hang out with Racoon for awhile.

A couple of years ago, I had a family of raccoons for neighbors. One night, I woke up to a terrible family brawl as it sounded like they were shrieking in fear and pain. I went out to check on them because I thought one had been hit by a car, but learned that the mother was running off her son. And he was freaking out at being thrown out of the family on his own.

Raccoon 2This pushing the largest male out of the nest when they reach near adulthood is the way Racoons protect themselves from interbreeding.

The males go out and find mates to start their own families, and they won’t do this if they still live with their moms.

I was really hit by this little Racoon family drama, as it reminded me of scenes from my own life – time when I have been exiled for reasons I didn’t understand at the time.

But, as I thought about it, I began to see the medicine that Racoon and their ways offer us.

We must leave behind what is old, relationships that won’t work or further our development in order to create a new path for ourselves. This is a hard process and often requires us to make hard choices.

And then – it’s hard to know what to do once we’re finally out there on our own.

SpiritualAwakeningHumor16Most of us who have come to be truth-tellers have lived through may cycles of the same conditioned relationship patterns – where we are usually the scapegoat, the black sheep, the problem child, because we see the naked emperor and speak out against the injustice and hypocrisy embedded in our communities.

And, after years or even decades of disappointment and disrespect, it’s hard for us to find the motivation to reach out again, to try to sing our songs, dance our dances, share our visions with new friends or old ones who are finally able to see.

When we’re dispirited, we will often shove our dreams to the back of the old kitchen junk drawer, and just resign ourselves to getting through each day with minimum conflict.

How do we move forward in this Jell-O quagmire?

The best place to start (our day, or a new project) is by spending time with the Creator and giving thanks for all that we have been given. The Ojibwe know this medicine as “Chi Miigwetch,” which I have discovered to be a superpower with replicating benefits.

For when we begin with gratitude, our heart expands, and we are able to forgive and continue to extend our truth to others – even in the face of their projections and their need to remain unconscious.

Raccoon 1It’s disappointing and can even feel denigrating to try to bring truth to people so many times only to be ridiculed or ignored – or even attacked.

I’m seeing many people beginning to lose heart, but Racoon reminds us that in times of fear, if we look around and see who else might need our help – a prayer, a favor, a nice comment on their post, a phone call, an errand – it will take our mind off our worries and help us refocus on the present.

Remember, things aren’t getting worse. They’re being revealed.

Not everyone has the stamina to stand strong and hold the line through this time, and it’s important to rely on one another as much as possible – whether this is through connecting with people locally or online.

For many, truth-tellers are few and far between. And in some places, it’s still dangerous as we are seeing every day.

So – in the meantime, what do we do? Still waiting for people to wake up, still waiting for arrests, still waiting for the coast to be clear from the crazy cult running around with their blow darts and chemicals . . .

Many of us are still recovering from our own red pill experience while continuing to learn and share information as well as wake others up.

Remember that what we have learned over the last few years is MASSIVE and takes a long time to process.

The Red Pill experience has caused many people to go off the rails for awhile – even the strongest and bravest people have been sent into depression, anxiety and many have even suffered PTSD from learning this material at the same time all of our old and ancient wounds are being brought to the surface for further healing.

SpiritualAwakeningHumor4It is imperative that we remember that we’re still in recovery from a terrible and extended period of shock, and all of human society will be going through this process for quite awhile. So – healers, start your engines because no doubt you’ll be on deck soon.

In the meantime, Racoon says, “sit back, relax, and make sure you’re all set for the winter” – and think about how best you’d like to look back and reflect on this period of your journey.

Maybe you’re thinking of writing a book about your WWIII / Great Awakening experience.

Maybe you dream of starting a business or moving off grid.

There’s no time like the present to begin envisioning your dreams and writing down some plans for the future.

Take this time to become more aware of those negative thought patterns and yank them out before they take root and shape your day.

Raccoon is great at digging out the grubworms in the garden, showing us how important it is to tend that fertile garden of our mind and soul every day.

Raccoon portrait native american hand drawn vector illustration

Once you root out those grubworms in your psyche, you’ll begin to believe that your truth is real and your gifts that you’ve come to offer are valid – no matter how small.

This is the starting point for all new pathways, and in his nonchalant way, Racoon says, “Just do it – who cares what they say?”

As I have written, it can take a long time to regain our focus and integrate our new consciousness (some would say 5D reality) into our daily lives.

It’s good to remember that this time out of time is allowing us the opportunity to continue that process of integrating our higher perception of reality into the 3D surroundings that we’re still living in physically.

While we wait and plan, sort and organize, Raccoon says, “don’t climb too high or you’ll fall out of the tree.”

Balance is the name of the game these days, so don’t forget to visit each of the four directions throughout your day: Spirit, Heart, Body, and Mind. If you’re interested in learning about the Medicine Wheel or having a Medicine Card Reading, check out this page.

Remember the good stuff is on the ground, and even though it may take us longer than we expect to climb back down off that mountain of Spiritual elevation, all that we have envisioned is still where we left it – waiting for us to bring it to life.

It’s hard to accept it, but as soon as we learn to truly believe that we are the truth-tellers – the ones who have been calling in the new reality as it has been changing and unfolding while those who have scoffed at us have been wrong over and over again – then, it becomes easier for us to take our visions and our purpose for being here seriously.

And that is the first step for Sacred Fools to begin changing the narrative on the ground from shrieks of dismay, to the happy trills and chirps of a Raccoon calling his frens and family together – to just do it. Git ‘er done.

It is my honor to be your messenger.



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