Swan Lake - Russian Embassy UKLike many of my friends, I am having a hard time getting motivated to do much of anything except watch the global transition from dark to light.

Even though life on the ground looks chaotic and frightening, people all over the world have begun to rise up and join together to stop the globalist push toward a one world, Communist style “New World Order.”

I’ve gotten off track over the last few months, as I work to find balance between the grand visions I received during my walk with the Spirit world a few years ago, and what is actually happening in my life.

Between figuring out how to bring those heavenly instructions down to Earth, and managing what is happening in my life and the projects I have already begun while continuing to process the massive changes in my life amidst the raging chaos outside – it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. I’m sure you feel it too.

Spiritual Awakening Melissa Teague 5For many truth-tellers, this “Time UnTime” feels like being the Ugly Duckling lying exhausted on the side of the pond after fleeing from the farmer’s house where she didn’t belong.

Many of us have had to make the hard choice to leave environments that weren’t good for us, remove ourselves from people who don’t understand and support us.

And, at this particular time, many issues are coming to a head that leave those who are genuinely searching for truth more and more isolated.

There are costs to flying ahead of the flock. Running ahead of the pack.

But, never fear. As the Ugly Duckling shows us, if we wait out the long cold lonely winter, spring will come and we will find the ones we truly belong with – in spite of ourselves and without even being aware of it, we will have become Swans.

As I shared last spring, Swan is a high flyer who flies even higher than the Eagle, and to me she is a reminder that after we have delivered our messages to the Great Spirit, after we have gone through the difficult transformation that Eagle demands of all of us at some point if we’re truly on the Spiritual path. . .

Mountain Lion Medicine Catit is really okay to rest!

During this time out, I am seeing the lessons the creatures are sharing with us every day. Each day, I’m reminded of teachings already shared here on Bird Clan Messenger, and am amazed to see how each time I am reminded of a totem, I look up the story here and find the exact teaching we need for this particular time. Lately, in addition to Swan I’ve been thinking a lot about Mountain Lion.

Mountain Lion reminds us that it’s good to take a break. Taking a pause really refreshes us.

Many people tell of their post-awakening experience as a time of feeling scattered, unable to focus, feeling like they need to “relearn” how to be in their lives.

At first, this really bothered me because, still operating in the mind-set of the old paradigm, I was determined to use my newfound consciousness and all the visions I had received, all the new information I had learned to make vast changes in my community.

Unfortunately, my community and most of the Elders have shown that they are sleeping and unable to understand the teachings of this time. This can be a huge setback for those of us who have come to share our experiences to help others and create change.

Crow LandThroughout my life and particularly after my awakening experience, which has coincided with the past several years of the Great Awakening, 8th Fire transition, I have kept approaching those old institutions with new ideas – based on the traditions and teachings of our Ancestors.

And, regardless of their mandates to serve the people, I have discovered that they are not places who intend to maintain our traditional ways. They exist only to further the Marxist ideological takeover of our communities and cultures. They follow the path of the death cult rather than the path of life.

We are seeing a continuation of the Trail of Tears in North America that now includes everyone.

It is heartbreaking and truly shocking to learn how deeply infested our societies (including virtually all Native Tribes and Bands) have become with Marxist, Satanist indoctrination. If you know of any band or tribe in North America who is not complying with the globalist mandates, please contact me here.

Thunderbird 1After we have gone through a shattering experience that completely changes our understanding of our own identity, our role in our own families and communities and of the world and all our history, it takes awhile to integrate a new level of consciousness into our everyday lives.

It takes awhile to apply (consistently) that new perspective to old memories so we can change those old, deeply embedded wounds and ugly messages that we came to believe – and which caused so much damage.

One of the things I’ve noticed since my own “great awakening” is that my mind makes lightening fast connections, and I’m much more aware when those old, negative messages pop into my brain so it’s becoming easer and easier to nip them in the bud before they blow up into something dark and sinister (which is really just a figment of my imagination).

We don’t usually understand how much energy and time processing the experience of a spiritual awakening takes. Tribal people around the world have always understood spiritual awakening as a sacred process, with those most affected being recognized as potential Shamans and healers.

Free Range HumanThe people most profoundly affected by a spiritual awakening are labeled “mentally ill” by the western system, which is the very system that claims changing a child’s gender through drugs and surgery is a completely normal thing to do.

It is clear that the western system has lost its way and likely has never been truly based on healing, but on a way to enrich the powerful ones while keeping Spiritual leaders and teachers sick and dependent on their system, to enslave and lock up truth seekers rather than truly understanding and supporting the nature of an alchemical psychic, emotional, spiritual and physical evolution toward a higher level of consciousness.

Indeed, the western system is to catch people in the act of becoming conscious, appropriate their experience to exploit for marketing, and tie them more firmly to the death cult that has established their system.

This is a great teaching that explains the difference between psychosis and Spiritual Awakening.

SpiritualAwakeningHumor4It’s important to remember that when we are truly on the Spirit path, we will have to go through the darkness, into the caves of our own souls and deep psyches to root out all the negative programming and festering wounds that are still waiting to be blessed and released.

Only by going through this process of shedding our old skin, our old ways of being, which truly looks like mental illness to those who are used to us playing a particular role, can we face our deepest fears by digging beneath the anger to sit with the grief and pain that we have pushed down and ignored for too long.

It’s hard for Bird Clan people to feel grounded during times of chaos because we have come here to learn and share the messages of truth to the people in our worlds.

Clinton CommunistMany people around the world still don’t understand we’re literally living and walking through World War III, which would have been much worse if the Clinton cabal had been allowed to steal the 2016 election.

And every day, we are watching more and more people learn the truth about the depth of evil and corruption that Hillary Clinton and everyone associated with her dark career have been involved in.

During this time of Apocalypse, we are truly seeing the revelation of truth about the world we and our Ancestors have lived in for a very long time.

We are seeing the truth about the “leaders” whom we have mistakenly given our trust.

And many more each day are beginning to understand that the only way our communities and countries will change is if we route all these criminals and liars out of office or any position of power, arrest them and remove them from society.

There are already Nuremberg Trials starting in Europe with more than 1000 lawyers from around the world joining forces to bring justice and true consequences to those who have tried to depopulate and enslave all of humanity.

Great AwakeningAt this time, what we are witnessing is exposure of the deepest depths of depravity being revealed by the highest levels of Military Intelligence and Spiritual leadership this world has to offer.

And, of course we know how this story ends: God Wins.

So, keep that in mind when you start feeling overwhelmed, like you aren’t “doing enough.”

Sometimes the best thing we can do is step back, reflect on what’s happening, shake out our ruffs or feathers, make a cup of tea, cue up the movies, and enjoy the ride.

There are many things happening outside of our awareness and control right now, so Swan has shown up to remind us that it really is a good time to practice patience and have faith in the coming Spring – where we continue to believe we will find our flock, the ice will melt and we will begin to find our way once again.

It is my honor to be your messenger.

KK – #BirdClanMessenger

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MedicineWheel1The Medicine Wheel is an Ancient teaching tool used throughout history by Indigenous peoples of all nations. Native Turtle Island People use the Medicine Wheel to organize and understand our lives and as a visual aid to help us learn and teach our Traditional Culture.

Because I follow Native Turtle Island and Celtic Traditional teachings, I have found using the Medicine Wheel and its many teaching tools along with daily practice – and especially Medicine Walks in my community – are powerful healing forces that help me demonstrate surrender.

If you’re interested in learning about the Medicine Wheel, Totems, and how these tools can help you understand and better organize your life, contact me.