By Kandace Keithley

Child Abuse by globalist societyPerhaps one of the most difficult truths that we must accept during our time on planet Earth is that all disease and sickness is brought about through our own perception and our own activity on an individual, community and global level.

Whatever we accept as sickness is what will become disease. But when we view sickness as a sign that we have more to learn, whether it’s about plant medicine or spiritual healing, then it becomes a blessing and an opportunity.

It makes us sad to see that some of our brothers and sisters here on Planet Earth at this sacred time still have not yet awakened to this great truth – many are still clinging to illusions.

And, so this article is a little on the long side – offering a few insights and messages about different ideas of sickness versus health.

As I write, the Earth is gripped with the story of a new virus that has been unleashed by the powers of darkness on this planet. Those of us who have Native relatives and Ancestors are the ones in North America who are closest to this form of mass genocide, and it would be wise for all people to hear our stories.

Many families were destroyed and many others remember learning of the horror of the diseases brought to Turtle Island by those who wanted to steal our land and her resources.

natives-smallpox-everett-clra001_bz063Smallpox laden blankets were given to those who made the mistake of trading with these agents of evil.

This experience of hundreds of years ago shows us how long the dark ones have been creating sicknesses and spreading them among people they intend to conquer.

The history of biological warfare is as old as humans as described in this article from Ancient Origins:

“Acts of ancient biological warfare generally fall into three categories: deliberate contamination of water sources and food supplies with poisons or contagions; the use of toxins and microbes from plants and animals on a weapon; and the purposeful infection of goods and people with disease.


Added to the horror of this introduction of diseases of the mind, body, heart and spirit to our land, the evil ones controlling the show down here put out a bounty on the heads of the royalty of this land – the most sacred of our people, the Medicine Men and Women, Healers and Prophets. The people who could heal the sicknesses.

They paid more money for Chiefs and their children. It is easy to see how powerful these relatives are and why we must all do everything in our power to protect them and respect their guidance.

Ghosts of our Ancestors

And as we can see, this genocide is now happening to people all around the world as we see our Natural healers and truth-tellers being murdered along with the Indigenous leaders who are protecting our Mother Earth and all her creatures

The great evil – with agents in all nations is now attacking all the people of the Earth by polluting our food supply with toxins and chemicals, selling off huge quantities of our natural water supplies to global corporations and poisoning the rest so we will be forced to buy water from them – in plastic bottles.

Every year for decades humanity has been terrorized through invented “flu” strains and other terrible maladies that are created in a lab.

It is easy to see the patents for these diseases are controlled by billionaires and pharmaceutical companies, and this information is protected by the mainstream propaganda outlets and governments.

The “medicine” created in a lab for these made-up sicknesses is not only expensive and intended to make money for the producers and investors, but is also intended to further destroy our immune systems and keep us sick and dependent on their products for our entire lives!

The long-term effects are always unknown, as these substances have only been around about a hundred years – but we have seen countless babies born without limbs and essential organs because of them.

Child victim of thalidomideAs humans with limited understanding, our first instinct is to decry and pity these children born of their mother’s suffering as “disabled” or “diseased.” But, if we understand the story of life on planet earth from the Mohawk perspective – they have come to teach us lessons, to help us grow.

And to help us realize how our perception shapes our reality and our future.

You see, it is through these children that we learn their Medicine of the Heart.

ADHDWe learn that in spite of their different way of looking, their “lack” of hearing or sight – they are powerful beings of light who inspire us to be grateful for our health, who teach us compassion and understanding. And they show us that, if we are blind we develop excellent hearing and other senses, if we are deaf we have a powerful sense of sight. Nature has a way of maintaining balance.

Being different is a key lesson for this great time of transformation – and it is the foundation for understanding the difference between sickness as “disease” and sickness as an opportunity to grow and change.

adhd (1)So many children are coming to earth now with incredible gifts, talents, and abilities. But, because these gifts are so powerful and they are very courageous in wanting to share them, these kids are often seen as – first, “troublemakers,” then as sick children who need big-pharma medication to “function” in society.

Literally all of these children have a profound impact on their parents and families – and those who are walking a path of love, no matter the culture or tradition will come to understand the beauty and power and the utter grace they have received through these special angels that have chosen their families.

They help us change our perspective on every aspect of our lives, so why would we deny them the right to exist?

We are leaving a horrific time in human history in which the evil ones began teaching children at very young ages that it is permissible and even “fashionable” to kill one’s baby in the womb.

Child Killing MotherAt the very highest levels of “success” in the material world, young women are rewarded for murdering their children.

And we are here to tell you now that this must stop now. Full stop. Our children are our future. They are the treasure beyond price.

The greatest blessing and honour that the Creator of the Universe could bestow upon a human woman and man is the responsibility of parenthood.

All children are a reflection of the Creator and we are grateful to the President of the United States for standing with us on behalf of the most vulnerable souls who are coming to earth – only through the body of a woman.

march-for-life Trump

The time has come for our young men and young women to begin respecting and loving one another again and learning to dance the beautiful dance of life together on behalf of our children and the seven generations to come.

And we are happy to see that it is the MOTHERS who are leading the way back to our traditional forms of healing, back to a world of balance, peace and compassion.

It is the mothers who are gathering and teaching, standing up to the old systems and protecting their children.

HopiProphecyThis is as our great prophets have told us it would be during this time.

Because, rather than simply accepting the latest story about the big, scary “coronavirus” the evil ones are using to terrorize humanity with (as they do every year), the Mothers – with loads of help and support from great dads, brothers, uncles, and male cousins – are using this “health scare” as an opportunity to educate themselves, their families and society about truth and about traditional plant medicines that heal people much better than lab-created chemicals ever will.

Disease or opportunity?

Looks like Moms have chosen opportunity – to create new paths to healing and protection of our babies.

Human Trafficking TrumpThis is an angry and chaotic time for humanity as the evil ones who were working to enslave us all are desperately fighting to cling to power, to continue the plunder of our land, our money and our very souls.

We are so hurt when we wake up to the truth of what they have been doing to us and our Ancestors of all cultures for many generations.

We are so confused as to how members of the human family could commit such atrocities for money.

Screenshot (809)We are shocked, hurt, and dismayed at the behavior of those we were led to believe were our “Elders” and Tribal leaders – even  some who claim to be “medicine people” but who have given up the power of their traditional teachings and the Creator’s medicine for security and a paycheque.

Why haven’t they stood up for the people?

Why haven’t they walked away from the government-funded system instead of continuing the cultural and physical genocide and Marxist indoctrination of their youth? Instead of attacking Elders with poisonous cocktails created specifically by big pharma to kill off as many as possible? Why are they pushing masks that block our connection to the creator? Demanding the use of commercial “hand sanitizer” that causes cancer?

Why are all the programs closed down, but trucks are driving around forcing the agenda on street people?

Why haven’t they created new clinics to protect the people from this latest round of genocide and offer true places of healing that are accessible to all people?

These are the actions of true leaders and medicine people – which seem to be few and far between during these dark days of sorting the wheat from the chafe. Many of those who we believed had our best interests at heart, have turned out to be nothing more than Indian Agents who betray their own people for money, tools, livestock and land – as the Trail of Tears traitors did.

Those who know their history know how it ended for the criminals when the remnant arrived in Oklahoma Territory. They were executed. 

It is difficult for those of us who don’t really fit in to the material world these days to understand why or how people who are graced with profound gifts of healing and Ancestral wisdom that stretches right back to the origins of humanity would deny the power of their own medicine – and instead serve the system of their own oppressors.

But, we have seen this in many of our own beloved ones and teachers, and it is their choices which cause us to question the sincerity of any of their teachings. It is a time of grief for so many messengers. Remember that.

During this time of great prophecy and revelation, many of us are experiencing high spiritual awakenings that turn our lives upside down; and some are being forced to make hard decisions about leaving toxic relationships and jobs as we become healed and in need of higher purpose.

Sometimes anger is the only fuel we have to go on. Anger can be a great protector and motivator for awhile if we are wise enough to honour the lessons of the wounds that lie beneath.

BearHugsIf we use our anger to inspire us to make a new way for ourselves and our societies while continuing our healing work, then we will eventually find our perception changes from one of fear to one of love.

And, this is the essence of all healing. Because as we keep walking through the anger to the heart of the wound, processing the emotions we feel as we walk into the dark corners of our heart to where the wound began; and once we touch that wound with the light of our own compassion, forgiveness and self-love we begin to heal and walk again in the light.

The Ancestors teach us that it is best to go within during times of chaos.

This not only allows us distance, safety and peace to gather our thoughts and protect ourselves, it gives us the space and time to connect with our own heart, the voice of our intuition, and the bloodline connections that allow us to remember the teachings of the Elders.

And, these difficult times offer us the chance to learn about Grandmother Bear and her deep healing Medicine.

It is a long process and we have to do it over and over again as we walk along the Red Road of our spiritual journey.

CrazyHorseProphecyWe, as a human family, have reached the turning point – away from the dark times of corporate control of our lives, and we are walking back to a simpler, family and community based way of life.

All over the world we are seeing people and communities coming together in the name of health and healing rather than fear and war and disease.

Those of us who are graced with the vision to see far and deep can see without a doubt that humanity has made the beautiful transformation from fear to love.

We are cleaning up the last bits of debris, taking back our water and food.

Protecting our children and working on our own healing and spiritual development.

This is a very beautiful place to be – even though it may not feel like it at the moment.

Eikhert on MysticsHave hope, dream big dreams – and never forget that our perception shapes our reality, because it is our perception that determines how we act, and our actions are what create the meaning and shape of our lives – our world.

And this is the most powerful medicine of all. The change of our perception from one of fear and disease to one of love and healing. The medicine is inside us all. It lives in our hearts.

It is my honour to be your messenger.

S’gi (thank you in the Cherokee language)

kk – Bird Clan Messenger 

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MedicineWheel1The Medicine Wheel is an Ancient teaching tool used throughout history by Indigenous peoples of all nations. Native Turtle Island People use the Medicine Wheel to organize and understand our lives and as a visual aid to help us learn and teach our Traditional Culture.

Because I follow Native Turtle Island and Celtic Traditional teachings, I have found using the Medicine Wheel and its many teaching tools along with daily practice – and especially Medicine Walks in my community – are powerful healing forces that help me demonstrate surrender.

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