By Kandace Keithley 

Osiyo Family,

It is my honour to offer you this message from the Ancestors, especially directed to the young Starseeds who are telling our messengers that they are feeling down and disconnected.

One young soul described this feeling, “I felt like a Starseed feeling really homesick. Very lonely and had the thought ‘Made to understand but not to be understood.'”

This describes perfectly how we feel when we are processing old hurts and feelings. And, how when we become aware of that processing on a deep level, we are then able to ask our Guides to help us out of the pain.Our Starseed friend asked for sign and a few minutes later, a beautiful rainbow triangle cloud began to form alongside the car she was riding in. This is so beautiful – and a great demonstration of how our Sky Family is always right there waiting for us. We are the ones who disconnect through not being aware of those dark thoughts and feelings (which lead to actions) that are the origin of what is known as “sin.”

One of the most distressing teachings that Jesus shared is that all sin is the same. Humans wonder how a dark thought can be the same as murder, and this is indeed disturbing to us on every level.

But, to understand the beautiful pearl of essential Truth at the heart of this teaching, we must first understand the concept of “sin.” Our modern society balks at this word – sin – because it carries such heavy weight of judgement and suffering. But, the original meaning of “sin” is from Ancient Greek. It’s an archery term that means “error.” When we think of sin as nothing more than an error that causes us to swerve away from our chosen path of the heart (like leaning a little too far left makes the archer miss the bullseye), it is much easier for us to understand sin as a mistake – and this leads to forgiveness of our selves and others.

So, as we observe our thoughts and actions, we find that one dark thought can lead to another which leads to ugly words, ugly actions and darker and darker times on our journey. All sin comes from the same root, and that is through being cruel to ourselves through allowing those unchecked sad and angry thoughts and emotions – which then takes us down the wrong path and takes us farther and farther away from our source.


In the Spirit World, we can see how quickly the darkness will overtake the light – always. We are reminded of this teaching from the Great Spirit each day with the setting of Grandfather Sun, in the sudden darkness of a Cherokee Nation Tornado.

The descent into darkness can be a slow drift, on sad, despairing, lonely thought at a time or it can come in a flash(!) like when someone turns off the lights at night.

And, if you are very very lucky and have a great deal of Crow Medicine, you will experience both, probably several times during your journey here on Earth.

“Crow Medicine: Where There is Sorrow There is Holy Ground” is the story of my descent and return to the light, which drifted along into the soft fluffiness of the dark – and then SHOOK ME AWAKE with an explosion of weird life events and spiritual awakening after spiritual awakening. This is definitely not for the faint of heart, warrior people.

Now is the time that you must guard your heart, for everything you are flows from its health and protection. The most powerful thing we can do to guard our hearts is to become very aware of our thoughts and feelings for it is the very second we allow ourselves to fall into despair and loneliness – that disconnect from Spirit – that opens the door to more dark thoughts, energies and even negative spirits if we don’t protect ourselves.

Featured art is by American painter Craig Kosak.

But, the good news is that it only takes one spark to rekindle the fire of hope that will lead us back to the light. One flicker. One bright thought. One prayer seeking a clear sign of the Great Spirit’s love and support.

Sometimes, when we are feeling particularly low, it is hard to kindle that spark and this is where our Spiritual discipline must kick in. We remember what we have learned – the music, mantra, prayers, plants that make us feel better, baths, drink plenty of water. We show our Selves how very beloved we are.

And we remember our Elders. They will remind us that we are here for a purpose – the most important of which is being here to clear the way for and guide the future generations.

FB_IMG_1575063420188It is so important during these times that we know the wisdom and teachings of our Ancestors, for even though we have arrived with much clearer knowledge of our mission than many others, we are dependent on the Elders of all Nations to show us the pathways our people have walked, and to teach us the wisdom and medicine – the Old Ways – to help us clean up and restore our Mother Earth and our communities.

As we move along the medicine path of ascension, we are aware of those old dark thoughts and feelings much faster, and are able to do whatever it takes (like asking our Star Family to show us they’re here with us) to reconnect and get our vibe back up.

Dont Own DiseaseI have found that the entire mood of my day depends on this awareness, and protecting my heart from those sad and lonely feelings – unless I am consciously doing my own healing work to process old junk that comes up.

It is the stuff we haven’t yet processed and accepted that is lurking around in the dregs of our psyche – and this is what pops up through those sad moments. As we become aware of them and do our healing consciously, they come less frequently and don’t hurt as much.

Little Prince & Fox
From the book, The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Grandmothers remind you that this is a time of darkness in our year. There are many things going on in the universe with the planets and the other peoples on them that affect us and the Energy of our Mother Earth.

Many of you feel tired and unwell, and that is okay. This is a sign from your body to honour this time out of time, think about how your precious Grandmother would have treated you when you were sick.

Courage Loretta Gould Mi'kmaqThe Elders teach that this is a time for all our relatives, families and communities to go inside, take this time of darkness to examine ourselves and our thoughts & memories. To heal what needs to be healed and to release in forgiveness what we are ready to let go.

This is a great time to do research, read a good book, watch a movie that makes you cry . . . for it is only through the water of our tears are our souls healed, my strong relatives.

Gather around your family, for you chose them while you were in the Spirit World. They are the ones in all the universe who love you the most, even though many are unable to show it here on Earth because they haven’t yet begun their healing journeys. For this reason, it is so important that you treat your loved ones with care and compassion – even if it means staying away and praying for the highest good of Chi Manitou to come to them. Protect yourself, but always pray.

cropped-8th-generation.jpgA major cause for concern that we are seeing is the anger that so many have toward the institution of Christianity. Much of this anger is well and truly deserved because of the terrible behavior of those charged with guiding that institution in the past. The church is getting a good clean-out, and we are hopeful that it will soon be led by those who are walking as close to alignment with the Great Spirit as they can every day.

Many young ones weren’t raised in a local church community, so have missed out on the love that a loving church family provides, as well as the wonderful education in deep spiritual truths about love and wisdom, pride and anger and many other great topics including the first written records of the oral histories of the people who lived more than 6,000 years ago.


Many Starseeds have come to Earth with this powerful, innate spiritual knowledge and have chosen parents who have chosen to live away from church or a spiritual tradition, most often due to the influence of the government indoctrination programs, the education system, and the cabal controlled media. Everything on this planet is intended to divide us – and the  most insidious is dividing the young ones from their Elders through the use of our faith.


It is so very important for you to respect the truths and traditions of your Elders and all who walk their chosen paths. Your parents generation may not be comfortable with the traditions of their own parents, but it is in our Grandparents’ faith, their wisdom, ways, traditions and teachings that we will find our great comfort and healing.

When we attack another soul’s faith path, we are attacking their relatives, their ancestors and their cultural traditions. And, we are attacking the Great Spirit who teaches us through our Medicine people that we each have our own spiritual path.


Christianity has been a powerful protector of the most vulnerable on this planet, offer life-saving communications tools to people fleeing terrible circumstances for a very long time. The songs of the gospel were a life-saving tool for American slaves who were fleeing the south on the underground railroad, as lyrics were actually instructions for traveling North by following the stars that the Original People of this land had shared.

Ursa Major – The Great Mother Bear

Teachings about sky guidance following the Great Bear led slaves north to freedom. These teachings and instructions, like many others were embedded into the old Gospel Spirituals that the people sang to tell one another the way.

And, they helped people keep their spirits up, like in this beautiful version of “This Little Light of Mine,” by Odetta. It was this music that led to the eventual creation of rock and roll.

We are all born into the generation that we have chosen, and the beliefs, music, art – culture – of our generation is to be loved, preserved and respected. This is the only way humanity can move forward.


For, no matter how powerful in spirit we may feel, it is only through being humbled and learning to respect the ways of the ones who have been here, holding this land – this culture for this very time and place in history, that we will be able to move forward.

StandingRockBabyThese people love you. They want all that is best for you and your children and grandchildren into the infinite future.

The New Earth will not be built upon the destruction of the old, but through the careful sifting of the good from the bad. For as our Grandmothers teach us, we must take the good with the bad.

This is the Medicine of Grandmother Bear. Use this time to heal yourself, love yourself – and love your relatives. For you have chosen them long before you came to this planet and they are your greatest teachers. Even the ones who are still struggling.

Stay AliveYou are powerful. You are beautiful. And, you have agreed to come beautiful Gaia for this purpose at this FANTASTIC time in human history. Never give up.

It is my honour to be your messenger.


Bird Clan Messenger 

It is my honour to receive and share these teachings from my guides and the Ancestors. These are messages received and written to the best of my understanding. If I have made mistakes, I would be grateful for your input. If these messages don’t resonate with you, that’s okay. I wish you well. And if these messages do resonate with you  – welcome to the family.

— kandace keithley, namadaki aandeg miimiiwe gekek kwe (woman who sits with crows & dances with hawks) ~ Tsa-La-Gi 


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