Wolf teaches us about character, leadership, humility and how to survive and be joyful – either in a pack or when we’re on our own. Visit Bird Clan Messenger on YouTube to hear the complete discussion of this post. 

Wolf lives in the Red Quadrant of my Medicine Wheel, which is where my male relatives and important relationships stay. The Red Quadrant represents the Earth, our Root Chakra and when the creatures of this part of the Sacred Hoop come to us, it is to remind us to take good care of our selves. To walk in balance.

Wolf Leadership

Wolf is the one we need to call on after we’ve had a spectacular crash and burn in life, and have stood up, walked out of it and made the decision to live . . .

During my own spectacular crash and burn – my Great Spiritual Awakening of 2018 – 2019 – I learned that while I am deeply connected to my Spiritual and Medicine path, I am not strong enough to completely give up all the comforts of life on this planet: a peaceful, stable home, enough food, a garden, decent clean clothes, a regular schedule…

So that meant I had to get to work figuring out how to bring all the messages and visions I had received during this Spirit Walk down to Earth. How to not only walk out all the lessons and live with the healing I had received, but also to use the experience to serve others and support myself.

It is a massive undertaking, and one that many of us on this path will be either still recovering from (I’m thinking of that 2018 cohort), in process (riding that roller coaster of LUV), or just getting ready for some serious trauma . . . and the descent.

Red RH & WolfThe entire world has stopped for a time – to allow our Mother Earth to catch her breath, give the creatures, flyers, swimmers and plant relatives time for a break from the constant activity of humans. But we can see that time coming to an end.

As we poke our heads out of our tiipis and take off those terrible masks – it is so important that we pay attention to the lessons that the regenerating Earth and all her beings have taught us over these past long weeks.

And we must call on Wolf to show us the way.

We must learn to walk softly. To pick up our garbage. Seriously – if you must wear one of those masks, make sure you put them in the garbage and don’t just leave them on the street or lying around in your house.

Mindfulness of this kind will extend to the other creatures. Be aware that you are living in their habitat. They were here first and it is our responsibility to look after them. There will be many babies, and they will be hungry because humans haven’t been around feeding them for the past two months.

Crow and Wolf PuppyIt is through making these kinds of heart choices that benefit not only ourselves, but lead us down the path of healing and reconciliation with all of Creation that we begin to integrate Heaven onto earth through our character – one choice at a time.

This is Wolf Medicine – the path of leadership. For those of us who have chosen to walk The Red Road must learn the power of solitude. It is in the solitude, the darkness that we meet our deepest fears, our greatest dreams and the essence of our missions.

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As we are more aligned with our Spirit, we are connected to the wisdom of the Ancestors and the grace and power of the Great Spirit. When we are aligned, it becomes easier for us to hear the holy messages, the guidance we need to do our work here on the Earth.

And our mission is to bring heaven to earth in whatever form that takes in our lives at this moment, in our families and in our communities.

It is so tough right now for those of us who are missing family. But, even in these dark times, even when we’re alone and nobody is watching us, we must remember that how we act is a reflection of where we are – how we are choosing to express our spirit. How we are bringing heaven to earth.

cropped-divinefeminine14.jpgWe must use this time to take better care of our Selves. Our bodies are holy vessels that we have agreed to empower with our Spirit during our time on earth at this powerful time of transformation.

We need connection and physical nurture of ourselves and our loved ones. Hopefully, everyone has learned a lot about cooking the past several weeks and won’t be so quick to bomb through the drive-through. So wasteful and expensive – and unhealthy. . . no matter how tasty – sorry 😦

We have agreed to come to this beautiful planet during this powerful time of transformation, and we each have a mission.

We learn more about our mission as we walk our healing path, as we become hollow bones – cleaned out of the fear and emotional trauma that hinders us from hearing clearly. And as we heal our trauma, we want to take better care of our bodies – to eat healthier food and cut out the sugar and other junk.

Because the planets are very busy right now, it is more important than ever for people to get as much rest as possible – particularly because we are nearing a time of great awakening for many people who have chosen to sleep until these last days. We will need all our strength to be present for those who are just beginning to walk this path of truth. This life-death-rebirth cycle that we’re walking through. Drink plenty of water. Exercise. Go outside!! Breathe.

If we are enclosed and unable to take much action in our walk during this strange time out of time we have reached as a global human collective, then our best work is to pray.

Pray for our world and her people, for the creatures, birds, trees, land and water. The swimmers – and all the ones who sacrifice their lives so we may live.

Pray for our nation and our leaders to be guided by the hand of the Great Spirit, for hating them and slandering them is like sending curses against the pilot of a plane you’re riding on. We all know the power of those curses.

So keep your thoughts high and pure – for the very best outcome for all parties at this important time.

For the best way to bring heaven to earth through our vessels, guided by our choices, expressed through our character is to spend a LOT of time with the Great Spirit and the Ancestors.

Spirit, Mind, and Heart will all work together for the good of the body – the root, our foundation that we will build our Wolf packs on.

It is my honour to be your messenger.


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