By Melissa Teague

There is a new type of fatigue sweeping “First-Waver” Empaths.  A First-Waver empath is someone who has been awakened awhile and gone through the Dark Night of the Soul -usually more than once. The Dark Night of the Soul is a difficult and significant transition that deepens your perspective about life, love and/or self- usually through loss, heartbreak, forced change etc.

This particular fatigue that many First-Waver Empaths are feeling will hit you suddenly or upon waking and makes it difficult to do the simple things you may normally do. You may get waves of exhaustion and suddenly must nap or fall asleep sooner or after eating and you may sleep longer/harder.

Melissa Teague Empath Fatigue 3This is actually a process of building up of your psychic endurance so that your vibration can reach its full power and hold space for the collective and planet effortlessly.

While you build this endurance within your vibration, its going to be normal to feel the opposite of the high energy hitting the planet right now. You may feel very fatigued, emptiness, bored or utterly exhausted.

Melissa Teague Empath Fatigue 2

Should your human/ego side internalize and identify with ascension symptoms such as these as some thing “wrong” with them, you may also experience: grief, guilt, shame, depression, various waves of anxiety, fear, loneliness, or just feel very emotional.

You must let these symptoms pass through you, understanding they are mostly from the collective and you are simply transmuting them and they are simply energies of transformation and are temporary. Understand that the feelings are NOT evidence you have lowered your vibration regardless of what your mind or ego tries to tell you.

Melissa Teague Empath Fatigue 4We are currently processing for the collective in many layers, of lower vibrational energies. While we process these we are also building our endurance of the higher energies so that we may begin to empower our abilities and higher vibrational light.

We are in a major part of the Ascension process so your endurance as the First Wave to 5d must be built through the incoming waves. It can not be done all at once.

If you have hooked into your higher vibrational self and endurance level you will not easily be pulled into the major triggering energies hitting the collective. You will not react in fear or with negative emotions and reactions.

Walk Strong through hellYou will see many be triggered and acting out of character because the energies create a giant magnifying glass for those asleep to see the TRUTH of this world and most will resist and fight it and fight those speaking the truth.

Stay grounded, take care of yourself and rest as needed. Remember staying in the truth about what’s happening to you will ease the symptoms and help bring in the New Earth for the collective!!

Melissa ❤

Melissa Teague is a Spiritual messenger and teacher of Cherokee, Choctaw and Irish descent, a psychic who uses Tarot as one of her major teaching and healing tools, and an animal rescue hero living in the Southeastern United States. 

We are deeply grateful for Melissa’s contributions to Bird Clan Messenger and to all of humanity. A’ho. – #BirdClanMessenger 

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