The Ancestors have shown me how walking the Red Path will cost us friends and even family members, and they are now showing us all how money and power will corrupt people and destroy families.

And, because we are powerful beings of creation and intuition, it is the women who are called to lead the way into the the New Earth – which is the path of the heart.

Our society is currently witnessing the end of a very liberal era in which many governments and giant corporations have been doing the bidding of the Communist Party of China. Many of our agencies, churches, and Native communities have been corrupted by the ideologies of Lenin and Marx without their knowledge.

Conspiracy theorist starter pak

Many people have refused to do any research into the truth of what is happening in North America and around the world, instead calling the people who have spent hours and years doing this important work “conspiracy theorists.” But we are now beginning to see the truth that the “conspiracies” are the truth and what most people believe to be truth is actually a terrible conspiracy by the most powerful people on the planet to kill most of us and enslave the rest. Our Native Ancestors, Elders, and Relatives know this pattern very well.

The plan was to depopulate the earth by about 90% via the coronavirus and instill communism and sharia law for the remaining ones, who would then be enslaved to the global elites. Yes, this sounds strange as can be – but it is very well documented and we are seeing the results of this failed attack on humanity around the world at this time.

These communists and their agents of darkness around the world have literally assaulted the family through manipulating women and men to believe their only value lay in a paycheck and letters after their name. This would be a very good time to learn a trade.

The results of feminist groups like NOW and virtually all mass media, especially women’s and teen girl magazines, commercials, movies, theatre, workplace policy, the tax system, and the community itself encourage women and girls to think of themselves as completely independent, needing only themselves and their careers.


These outlets for anti-human propaganda have not only assured women and girls that their only value lies in a paycheck – but that they have even greater power through their sexuality. And they are teaching CHILDREN about sexual power at younger and younger ages.

We can see the results of these terrible ideologies on social media like Tic-Toc (all your info goes directly to China, btw), Instagram and other social media platforms where girls prance and pose for attention and consumer products.

We see it through the mind-boggling number of abortions women are having that not only destroy their sacred purpose and the little life within them, but also cause deep wounding to the father and relatives of a little soul.

Young girls and boys are being introduced (groomed) to sexuality at younger and younger ages via the mass media and even the school system.

Enough is Enough the Ancestors say.

Golden IdolWe’re at the crossroads of the 7th and 8th Fires – and we only have one shot to get this right.

It’s time for women to stand up and protect our children from the abusive influence of this globalist culture.

We’ve had enough of these disastrous consequences and the time has come to take back our power as the Representatives of the Divine Feminine here on planet Earth.

As it has been throughout our history, it is the women who have always been the heart and soul of community – the portals, the ONLY portal through which humans can manifest on this planet.

The ones Creator has chosen to nurture the children while they are young, to guide them as they get older, to care for the grandchildren and help the Elders.

Mothers have the spiritual power to pray for our children and this is one of our mightiest ways to protect the ones we have brought to this planet.

Women as PortalBIOLOGICAL Women are the only portal through which human beings can enter this planet and we are under great attack at this time in history.

The liberal/communist agenda promotes many anti-human programs, including allowing men who claim to be women to compete against them in sports and other women-only events.

This opens the door to attacks on women and girls in our most private and secure spaces – our washrooms and locker rooms, our women’s shelters and organizations.

These women-only programs and services have been created over generations of sweat and work by our Grandmothers and are intended to offer women and girls places where they can be free to be themselves, to connect with other women and do their craft, their sport, their dances in spaces that are free from testosterone.

The original feminists fought to protect the family from alcoholism and abuse, to gain legal rights for abused women and to win us the right to vote. These modern feminists are promoting personal liberalism and self gratification that flies in the face of everything our foremothers fought for.

The professions, community leadership and finance have all been taken over and terribly mismanaged by (mostly) men in a male-dominated society. Women who succeed in this culture are required to leave their children and behave as if they were males.

ServantThe impact that this has had on the children of the past two cohorts is horrific – as many have been raised in the institutional ideologies of academic “parenting,” communist ideology, and popular culture via the media which teaches young people to disrespect and denigrate their Elders. To prize material possessions. To dispose of everything rather than learning to repair and maintain. To waste money rather than to save.

We are at the time of the torch. The breath for maternal leadership is being passed from Generations 5 and 6 into the hands of the 7th Generation First Wave Blue Ray Indigo mothers and aunties who have been preparing for this time for many many years.

Many will not be able to make the transition back to the old ways.

But those of us who know the ancient wisdom and medicine of our Grandmothers and Grandfathers must join together and support one another to ensure this teaching gets to our children and their children.

This is our most important work at this time.

We must also work to reconnect with the men in our lives and in our children’s lives for it is the brokenness of our families – children without the leadership and guidance of both parents, and especially fathers (who have been shut out a lot recently) – that is causing the greatest harm to our society. Children are vulnerable to all kinds of terrible people and movements without the strength of a healthy family.

Cherokee Highest Calling

It is only through our actions that we create change. And the most important changes begin in our selves and in our closest relationships.

My healers have walked with me through many lessons personal power and the ways we give our power away by projecting our own pain issues onto others, rather than looking into ourselves.

It is true that what we say about another is actually the lesson Spirit has given us to learn ourselves, and this is why it’s so important not to attack others or gossip about them – it violates sacred bonds of friendship and trust, and brings down our vibration.

It also means we aren’t owning our own power, but rather are giving it away through an expression of hatred.

And that’s why it’s so important, during this time when we are under attack on all sides, confined, stripped of our individuality and personal sovereignty that we return to the old ways, listen to the lessons of the Elders and the Ancestors. And work on our healing so we can be strong for our loved ones.

For it is only through healing ourselves and the wisdom of the Ancestors that we – the women, the portals for human life on planet earth can guide our communities, our families and our young to the narrow path – the way. The one we call the Red Road.

It is my honour to be your messenger.


Bird Clan Messenger