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View From 40K – How the Great Evil Captured the Women’s Movement

We are living in a time of great prophecy in which humanity is literally redefining ourselves, our societies, values, our communities, families, and gender roles. The great evil has been relentlessly attacking the traditional family as the most important building block for strong, healthy children, adults and entire communities since the communist insurgence of the turn of the 20th Century. As we can see, the godless values based only on materialism and the tribal mind which has been indoctrinated in government schools have infested every part of our society.

The good news is that this is turning around slowly as more people are waking up and learning the truth. But, many need to relearn history – particularly the history of our countries and their beautiful Ancestral traditions, and also the history of communism, its gateway drug socialism and the history of feminism which has been taken over by the global elites and fed to two generations of young people in the name of “progress.”

In honour of our Ancestors – especially our grandmothers and mothers – and the teachings they have given to us, Bird Clan Messenger is republishing this article. Thank you for being here with us. – Kandace Keithley, M.A. Editor 


In the early 1990s, I began doing post-graduate studies in history at the University of Alberta. My area of study was women’s history, and I was entirely focused on learning everything I could about traditional women’s roles and work in our society.

Native WomenWhen I was in grad-school, Women’s History as a discipline was heavily influenced by and focused on telling the stories of women’s successes and power in the public sphere, rather than protecting and sharing Women’s Traditional Knowledge on many subjects like growing food, making a home, raising and nurturing children, cooking, sewing, and the other feminine arts and crafts.

I could see even then that the university was not a place which supported traditional womanhood, but (by the grace of heaven) in this very liberal place where women competed with men for publication and tenure, I was able to essentially create my own program with the help of some very supportive staff and faculty members.

I took classes & seminars to study the daily work and experiences of women who lived in pre-industrial capitalist societies: 18th Century British farm wives, Canadian fur traders wives, women who participated in homesteader land runs, and Indigenous women who were profoundly victimized by colonial expansion and settlement.

Over time, my research interests began to move into exploring the experiences of 20th Century American housewives – individually and as a collective.

My research began taking me to stories about women’s daily lives in the pre-war, interwar, and post-war eras; and I came to realize that World War II was a major, very significant factor in what appears to have been a planned strategy to destroy women’s roles and identity as makers and managers of our own productive homes, as nurturers and teachers of our own children, and as keepers of our ancestors’ culture and teachings.

Susan Strasser Never DoneOne of my favorite historians is Dr. Susan Strasser, whose body of work on the history of homemaking and household technology shows the clear trajectory of industrial capitalism’s horrific assault on women’s traditional identities and roles, on the traditional family, and on the private household via technology and consumerism.

Susan Strasser’s book Never Done explores the history of housework and the impact of technology on home making.
This research combined with my natural, instinctual belief in the immense power of Motherhood and Home Keeping, caused me to have a visceral and physical reaction when I read Betty Friedan’s “The Feminine Mystique.”

My deep psyche knew instinctively that Friedan was lying about the vague, undefinable malady that was supposedly causing American Homemakers to get plastered every day on booze and Valium.

And, my lived experience as a child in the 1960s who had grown up surrounded by strong, capable, and very wise Oklahoma farm women told me that Friedan was lying.

In 2007, for an ethics course at the Toronto School of Theology, I wrote a paper exploring how Friedan’s book appeared to be propaganda based on a false narrative, intended to manipulate women. While doing the research for this paper, I discovered Professor Daniel Horowitz’s book, Betty Friedan and the Making of “The Feminine Mystique”The American Left, the Cold War, and Modern Feminism.

Daniel Horowitz on FriedanTo tell you the truth, I was so triggered by finding Dr. Horowitz’s book confirming my instinctual truth, that I walked around in a combination of elation and rage for weeks.

At that time, I didn’t yet know about how the global elites are intentionally engineering our societies toward a one-world, “New World Order” dystopia, strategically dividing humanity through issues like gender, race, religion, and political party, and herding us here and there around the planet to instill fear, chaos, and hatred of one another through perpetual war and disease.

But, like millions of others, Election 2016 was a giant Red Pill experience for me; and I have now begun to apply the knowledge and skills I gained through working on Bernie’s campaign, and joining forces with Deplorables to wake people up to the big-picture.

At this point, part of my mission is to help people awaken to the shocking, insidious ways that the elites used media propaganda like Friedan’s book and globalist funded groups and associations like the National Organization for Women to manipulate 99% Women into voluntarily relinquishing their ancient, powerful identities and roles as the bringers of human life, as nurturers of humanity in body and spirit, and as wise keepers of culture, tradition, and healing.


Recently, I have discovered the Teachings of Aaron Russo, the Academy Award nominated film producer and director, about the true purpose of Feminism.

Many people will find this material shocking and disturbing. But, unfortunately, it is the truth and only the truth will set us free. In the video below, Russo describes how the Rockefellers provided the funds for Ms. magazine as part of the long-game strategy to destroy the family as society’s primary social unit.

As he explains, the plan had two purposes: increase the tax base by getting women into the paid workforce, and indoctrinating children via institutions like public day care and compulsory government (corporate) controlled education.

Since beginning my study into women’s traditional labor and roles in human society, I have been challenged by people who insist the Old Ways are evil and limiting to women’s power and experience.

But, my position in responding to them and for the vision and mission of the people of the 8th generation and beyond is that humanity’s true power comes from living close to Grandmother Earth. From making a life by hand and doing all the things that make us human for the sake of the ones we love – not for the sake of serving evil politicians, corporations and their masters.

Cheyenne Women

That means we have a lot of work to do to remember and teach the Old Ways to our young ones while we continue to find our ways out of the old paradigm that was leading to our total enslavement, and at the same time move toward creating the New Earth. (Look how amazing we are to be here at this time!)

To do this well, we must also have a deep understanding of our history. For history not only helps us develop an understanding of humanity’s big-picture reality, it also lets us zoom in on specific issues, like the historical roles and power of Mothers and Home Makers.

And, history is where we find guidance about growing our own food, knowledge of plants, trees, creatures of the water, earth, and sky – and the wisdom of our Ancestors.

I will continue sharing what I have learned through my learning, teaching, and healing journey with you here, and I hope you will share with your sisters and your children and their children to help others along this path of awakening and healing our world.

It is my honour to be your messenger.


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