By Kandace Keithley

#GreatAwakening #8thFire – Never ever lose sight of your dreams. Keep walking and writing stuff down, and you’ll be amazed what will pop up and surprise you. This just happened to me this Full Moon Monday (!) 👇

Oh my gosh! I went outside to see the full Moon and she gave me a total slideshow! (This isn’t it, I was  too busy staring to take any photos – but wow is this ever a great shot by Nicholas Dory.

Northern-Lights-and-full-moon-Yukon-1 - Nicholas DoryTotems changing and flashing and shining in the moonlight, changing in the clouds as they drifted past. It was just beautiful.

I felt really called to write a Medicine Wheel post this morning and went back into my drafts on the blog – and holy crap (!) I wrote 2 YEARS ago the EXACT thing I’m working on now – and I’m talking about the projects, my mission of bringing heaven to earth.

It’s the intro paragraph of my new website page.

Seriously – I wrote it two years ago. Took awhile to bring it down to earth.

Check it out.

It is my honour to be your messenger.


#BirdClanMessenger 🙏🦅🌝✨💥