Bird Clan Messenger


Walking The Red Road

The Red Road is a Spirit-led biim maa sii wiin (way of life) built on the Indigenous worldview that transforms us into students, teachers and companions to others who are also doing the hard work to heal themselves and, by extension, their bloodline ancestors and descendants, clans, communities and Mother Earth herself.

Bird Clan Messenger exists to serve our local and global communities through sharing what we have learned of the biim maa sii wiin through our Circles, Cermonies, Workshops, Storyteller gatherings, and consulting.

Our purpose in this work is to create jobs and training for our Native relatives who are living well below the poverty line in Toronto and all over Canada.

To learn more about how Bird Clan Messenger can walk with you along The Red Road, contact us here.

If you appreciate our work, please consider making a donation to help us with our expenses. Chi Miigwetch.


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