Greetings Frens,

Hope everyone is doing well and things are starting turn around in your neck of the woods. Here in Toronto, it’s still locked down pretty tight but those who aren’t playing the game are finding great ways to connect with each other and work around the system. Lots of parallel society work starting up.

I have updated this article, Thunderbird Medicine . . . ” that I wrote last February. I’ve been pretty surprised and dismayed at how long this fraud is continuing to play out, and the sheer number of people who are still playing along. We’re still watching those who play with the dark being exposed every day, and some of what is being revealed here in Toronto is included in this update.

Young people who resonate with the idea of being Starseeds – those who have come from other systems to help the Earth at this time may find some words of comfort here along with links to other material to help you along the way. We recognize that our youth are our greatest treasures and the future of this place. And the smart moms and dads understand the ones the old system calls “different” or “troublesome” are here to create a new paradigm on our planet:

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“Being different is a key lesson for this great time of transformation – and it is the foundation for understanding the difference between sickness as “disease” and sickness as an opportunity to grow and change.

So many children are coming to earth now with incredible gifts, talents, and abilities.

But, because these gifts are so powerful and they are very courageous in wanting to share them, these kids are often seen as – first, “troublemakers,” then as sick children who need big-pharma medication to “function” in society.

Literally all of these children have a profound impact on their parents and families – and those who are walking a path of love, no matter the culture or tradition will come to understand the beauty and power and the utter grace they have received through these special angels that have chosen their families.” — kk

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