TORONTO – April 28, 2021 – By Kandace Keithley, Bird Clan Messenger

Mountain Lion 2Mountain Lion, Whale, Snake, Crow

I have been feeling the need to withdraw lately, telling myself I need to unplug to “focus on my business.” But, when I did finally give myself the time to step back from the chaos outside, I found myself watching “happily ever after” movies. Today, I’m feeling the need to watch “Breakfast at Tiffany’s again.

I am NOT feeling the need to do grown up stuff. It seems my inner child (and the good wise mother) have taken over and put me in a timeout until I make some pretty serious decisions.

This is the powerful medicine of Mountain Lion – who comes to us when we are walking in the high mountains of our spiritual journey. Mountain lion watches from the high places and reserves his energy while watching the scene and making his decisions about what his next move will be.

Big cats take our breath away with their powerful presence.

They are the leaders of their world, warriors, stealthy spies who use all their senses to get a read on where they are and where they need to be.

And as every leader knows, this is a powerful Medicine walk and certainly not for everyone because when we step up to make change, to challenge injustice and human error, we become a target.

Every animal knows more than youIt’s human nature to project our own darkness onto those we see as “different” from ourselves. And when a person is still asleep, following the old narrative, they will be triggered by anything that strays from their beliefs.

It is only when we awaken that we begin to find like-minded souls who are seeking the same kind of life and share the same values.

This doesn’t mean that we give up on people we love who aren’t yet awakened to the truth. No indeed, these are the people we have asked to be a major part of our story here on planet Earth, and we must use this time to prepare ourselves to help our loved ones as they go through their own awakening – which we all know is a pretty grueling process.

Mountain Lion Medicine CatMountain Lions shows us the issues of this time – primarily the use and abuse of power. We are seeing chaos all around the world as the good military leaders in many countries are beginning to gather and talk about taking control of the globalist governments that are destroying the nations and our planet.

The primary issue that is facing us all is Freedom. What is our freedom worth?

We must ask ourselves this question as individuals, as families, communities, states, nations, and even as a planetary society that is a part of a greater cosmic community than just our little globe. Many people have forgotten that we come to Earth from other places, and that we are each a part of the universal community designed by the Creator.

We are seeing people reveal their own alliances to the path of the dark, old ways by complying with tyrants, working for globalist corporations, lying, attacking, and censoring others, and continuing all forms of perversion in their lives.

We see this on every level of government, in Tribal communities and in virtually every institution created by those who serve the dark: Entertainment, Banking, Religion, Politics . . . the list goes on but you get the picture, right?

Here in Toronto, the severe lockdowns continue. Many items are “off limits” in some stores but available for purchase in others. The rules are random and every day we see more police standing up against the tyrants who have taken over the governments in this country. We are seeing more people standing up for people’s Constitutional and Human Rights, lawsuits challenging the legality of the lockdowns and oppression, the beginning of class-action lawsuits against the criminals who are holding Canada and the entire world hostage.

Prez Trump Inaguaration SpeechOver the past few weeks, I have seen more and more people saying they feel like we’re on the edge of the precipice. That something big is getting ready to happen. And something big is happening – many many big things are happening around the world.

We are watching a great deal of military activity on a global scale which strongly suggests there will be a war or simulated war of some sort. We understand this is occurring to allow the implementation of martial law around the world. This is a time of great danger, so it is strongly advised that everyone be prepared with emergency supplies and food for a few days at least. Be prepared for communications to go out for a brief time.

In America, all eyes are on the Arizona Election 2020 forensic audit, which is a comprehensive examination of the entire election infrastructure and personnel, the processes used, equipment, voter identification, and every single ballot that was cast.

We expect the results to shock the world and start the beginning of a chain of events that will change the course of history.

Mountain Lion WomanWe are at the precipice with Mountain Lion – sitting up here above the tree line, wondering what is the most important thing?, what do we need to do next? He’s like that wise old Grandfather reminding us that we might need to step back and consider the difference between reacting and responding.

Like the narrator in “Thomas the Tank Engine,” Mountain Lion says, “take your time.”

And this is good medicine because it is through peace and stillness that we align ourselves with the Great Spirit and the Ancestors who help us hear the lessons embedded in our souls.

Those of us who have come to teach are often compelled to run out and share everything we learn the minute we receive it instead of allowing ourselves time to process and savor the new material – keep it for ourselves for a while.

This week, Whale is in the Eastern Quadrant reflecting our connection to the cosmos. Many people are discussing our Sky Family lately and many are receiving prophetic messages regardless of the particular faith path they are walking.

We are blessed to be living here during this sacred and holy time of transition. It is difficult for many people to understand the enormity of this time because they are disconnected from their culture and have not learned their own prophecies.

Rainbow Prophecy of Chief Crazy HorseIt is up to the newcomers – the Warriors of the Rainbow – to learn the messages about this time shared with us by the prophets, visionaries, Seers, and true Medicine People. Take the time to understand them. Digest them. And share them with your people when the time comes, for everything happening now is based in these prophecies.

But we must always remember that this work requires great humility and compassion, for the people will be learning that their leaders are corrupt and even their spiritual leaders have betrayed them for money. Compassion, water medicine, and lovely words are much more healing than anger and “told you so.”

Snake has returned to her home in the South, reminding us that many of us are still in a time of hibernation.

Many of the planets are blocked and we are still under the influence of this week’s Pink Super moon. People will be tired and need to take time out to regenerate. The colour pink is the fresh, clean colour of the divine feminine. The return of the Rose to our beautiful planet.

Mountain Lion BlanketTogether, Snake and Rose, show us how beautiful, powerful creatures and flowers that stimulate our senses can also be dangerous. Every rose has its thorn. Through Snake we see the need to shed our skin in order to experience a new phase in life, to leave the old behind. And Rose shows us the beautiful cycles of life – the tender bud, the blooming young adult, and the beautiful blossom in full bloom at maturity . . .

When we are in Mountain Lion time, we truly are being given the signal to take a PAWS (pause). Step back, smell the roses and shed that skin. We have all been working hard on healing at every level – personal, political, social.

So the creatures remind us that we all need to take the time just to be still and enjoy ourselves at some point at each day. When we are overwhelmed by too many demands on our attention, we must take as much time as we need to restore our souls and psyches for the next leg.

FB_IMG_1556966027443Crow is back with the Grandmothers in the West reminding us that – no matter how impatient we are, no matter how badly we want it to be over, for life to return to “normal – there is no returning to the old “normal.”

We have come here at this time to create the “new normal.” The New Earth that is based on truth and peace and freedom rather than enslavement, terror, and control.

Crow remains as a symbol of powerful transformation, reflecting the enormity of what is happening to our world and our lives at this time. She asks us to think about the attitudes and habits we have that we may be using to sabotage ourselves.

What do we need to prune, what bones do we need to pick clean in order to fly again?

The creatures remind us that we are blessed with this time of stillness. To take time each day to entertain that little child without guilt, without the nagging voice in our ear telling us that our own value lies in “producing” something of “being of service.”

Mountain Lion 3Sometimes, the greatest service we can offer is loving ourselves. Producing a better outcome for our own futures and for those we love.

This is the medicine of the Mountain Lion who comes to inspire the leader, the warrior, the messenger in each of our souls. These are the ones we need to help us build our New Earth communities.

It is my honour to be your messenger.

Chi Miigwetch,


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This is the year of the Great Mother Bear who teaches us that the New Earth will not be built upon the destruction of the old, but through the careful sifting of the good from the bad.

For as our Grandmothers teach us, we must take the good with the bad. Use this time to heal yourself, love yourself – and love your relatives. For you have chosen them long before you came to this planet and they are your greatest teachers. Even the ones who are still struggling.

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