By Kandace Keithley

Raven is a messenger of the void who comes to give us courage and vision as we walk through the depths of the most dark truths facing humanity at this time. Raven, like Crow and Coyote is a powerful creature of transformation, so this shows us that the dark and disturbing material coming into the collective is going off like a bomb. People who haven’t been doing their own research are going to have a very difficult time in the days to come.

The Earth is absolutely chaotic, and it is dangerous to one’s mental health and perception of reality to pay any attention to the CIA propagandists in the globalist media – regardless of the country they’re in. They have been ruthless in censoring truth-tellers and Bird Clan Messenger has been suspended from FB, Twitter, and YouTube just banned our first video – The Raven MEME-tastic Medicine show announcing The Great Awakening in Tulsa this weekend. You can see it on Rumble and on Odysee or via the Bird Clan Messenger website.

Bird Clan Messenger teaches the Prophecies of all people happening at this time of the 8th Fire Great Awakening. We discuss politics from a Conservative Native perspective, and share Native Culture and Traditional wisdom of the Ancestors of all people.

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This is the year of the Great Mother Bear who teaches us that the New Earth will not be built upon the destruction of the old, but through the careful sifting of the good from the bad. For as our Grandmothers teach us, we must take the good with the bad. Use this time to heal yourself, love yourself – and love your relatives. For you have chosen them long before you came to this planet and they are your greatest teachers. Even the ones who are still struggling.

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